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India Takes the Lead in Milk Production and Dairy Equipment Manufacturing

India has for quite some time been known as the world’s biggest milk producer, representing more than 20% of worldwide production. What many individuals don’t realize, is that India is likewise a central part of the dairy equipment manufacturing industry. With a developing demand for dairy items both locally and globally, the dairy equipment manufacturing sector in India is flourishing.

India’s Dairy Equipment Manufacturing Success

There are various dairy equipment manufacturers in India that are leading the way in the business. From milking machines to butter churns to cheese presses, these organizations are delivering excellent equipment that is both proficient and powerful.

One such company is NK Dairy Equipment, which is situated in Punjab and has been in operation for over twenty years. The organization is expertized in the production of an extensive variety of dairy equipment, including milk processing plants, ghee plants, khoya machines, and more. Their equipment is intended to be durable and enduring, ensuring that dairy farmers and processors can depend on it into the indefinite future.

Future of Khoya Production:

Khoya, also called mawa, is a dairy item that is used broadly in Indian food. It is made by stewing milk for a few hours until it thickens and decreases in volume. Traditionally, khoya was made manually, which was time-consuming and laborious. However, with the approach of the khoya machine, the process has become a lot simpler and more proficient.

NK Dairy Equipment is one of the leading manufacturers of khoya machines in India. Their machines are intended to create top-notch khoya rapidly and effectively, while also being easy to operate and keep up with. This has assisted with smoothing out the khoya production process, making it more accessible for dairy farmers and processors.

Innovations in Ghee Plants Technology:

Ghee, a sort of clarified butter, is another significant dairy item in India. It is used in various dishes and is also a significant part of various Ayurvedic medicines. Like khoya, ghee was traditionally made by hand. However, with the invention of the ghee plant, the cycle has become considerably more proficient.

NK Dairy Equipment is also a leading producer of ghee plants in India. Their plants are intended to create great ghee rapidly and productively. This has assisted with expanding the production of ghee in India, making it more accessible for shoppers both locally and globally.


India’s dairy industry is a significant contributor to the nation’s economy, and the dairy equipment manufacturing sector is an essential part of that industry. With a developing demand for dairy items, there is a requirement for high-quality equipment that can productively process milk and other dairy items.

Companies like NK Dairy Equipment are leading the manner in which the dairy equipment manufacturing industry in India, creating top-notch equipment like khoya machines and ghee plants that are assisting with smoothing out the production cycle. By doing so, they are assisting with supporting the development of the dairy business in India and ensuring that customers have an approach to high-quality dairy products.

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Enhance Your Dairy Farming Business With NK Dairy Equipment

Are you considering enhancing your dairy farming business and taking it to the next level?

Well, you are at the right place! It is necessary to have trusted Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India that will help you maximize the production of any milk product.

Why Is It Important to Get Hold Of The Best Manufacturing Machine?

There are various reasons that would help you understand the need to install top-notch machines in your dairy farming business.

  • It helps you maximize the production level.

The only possible way to improve the profit is to supply the number of products that are quite in demand. And to make that possible, you will have to purchase a machine that efficiently produces milk products in bulk without any difficulty. Hence, you must invest well and opt for the latest technology that will only benefit you in the long run.

  • It is convenient and easy to work with.

With the latest technology, such as Khoya Making Machine, you would not have to worry about teaching all your staff members how to use it. It is quite automatic and easy to get a grasp on this function. Hence the operation is effortless and risk-free. You would not want to get hold of those machines that are extensive.

Where Can You Get The Best Dairy Equipment?

NK Dairy Equipment is famous for providing the best machines to its clients at an affordable rate. There are various reasons why we are the best.

Why Choose Us?

There are various reasons why you should choose us. Let us get into the matter in detail.

  • We provide quality equipment.

Our main motive is to sell machines that will help you maximize your production level. We are a well-known manufacturing company that focuses on customer satisfaction. If you are interested in enhancing your business model, get in touch with us to get machines for your Ghee Plant. The material we use to make the equipment is of premium quality with modern technology attached.

  • We are a reputable company.

People trust us when they want to purchase a machine for a dairy plant business. You can read the reviews and learn more from our previous clients. Our team makes sure to provide the best service to the clients to make their experience exceptional. It is a significant investment; we would want the best for you!

  • Cost-effective machines

If you are looking for a machine or equipment that is effective and provides the best production supply at a reasonable rate, then you must visit us. We provide equipment that is cost-effective and worth each penny. It is durable and requires basic maintenance and cleaning once a week or a month for proper functioning.

  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff members

It is natural to have various questions and doubts when looking for a business model product. Do not worry; our team will help you gather all the right information about the products in detail for a wise purchase.

Final Comments

Contact NK Dairy Equipments or visit our websites to get more information about anything and everything.

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What Are The Steps For Cleaning Your Dairy Farming Equipment?

One of the essential parts of dairy production is undoubtedly the dairy process equipment cleaning. Why?

Well, we all know that dairy farmers collect milk through the cooperatives that come out through many channels and containers. This is the reason why it is highly susceptible to dirt contamination and bacteria.

You can say the same for the manufacturing and production processes as well. This is why the Dairy Equipment Manufacturers highly recommend you clean the dairy equipment regularly for better function and operation. Be wise and choose smart.

 What Are The Cleaning Objectives?

There are at least four degrees attached to the cleaning dairy machinery. The four degrees involved:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Physical cleaning
  • Sterile cleaning
  • Bacteriological cleaning

If we look at it closely, we will notice that the cleaning methods intend to gain both bacteriological and chemical cleaning along with sterile and physical cleaning. This is why we subject the production equipment, such as the Khoya Plant, to chemical cleaning first, followed by other disinfection processes.

 What Are The Following Type Of Residue That You Need To Clean From The Dairy Equipment?

These are the following things that you should clean from the dairy equipment regularly in order to smoothen up its function.

  • Dirt

The dirt in the dairy equipment, such as the khoya making machine, is basically a milk product residue that generally settles down at the bottom of the machine. The residue also contains some sorts of bacteria in it.

  • Heated surfaces

It is a stone-like deposit that consists of phosphates, proteins, calcium, fat, and many other things. You can formulate it upon heating the milk at 60 degrees or above temperature. After eight hours, you would see that it generally turns from whitish color to a brownish color residue.

  • Cold surfaces

Your next immediate step should be emptying the system right after the cleaning. If you do not follow this trick, then you might notice a formation of white film at the base that will dry very fast, and then it will solidify itself. This will undoubtedly make it so much harder for you to remove. If you want to clean the surfaces physically, you will get a special kind of milking machine cleaning brushes.

What Is The Process Of Cleaning?

Step 1: Recovering product residue from the system

It is very important for you to remove the residue from the machines in order to minimize the loss of products. You must allow all the products to drain from the wall of pipes and tanks. In case the surface is coated with solid residue, then you must thoroughly scrap it out.

Step 2: Rinse with water.

The second step is to rinse the surface of the area with water to clean up the space. You should complete this task right after the production run. You can easily wash out the milk fat residue with warm water.

Step 3: Disinfecting

You should then adequately clean it with alkaline and acid solution. After this, the machines are physically, chemically, and bacterially cleaned. The process of disinfecting helps in enhancing the bacterial cleansing process.

Final Comments

Contact NK Dairy Equipments and book your dairy equipment to enhance your business.

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Which are the three most common milking robotic myths?

Milking Robotic Myths

When you wish to accelerate your dairy business, you can have different considerations on your mind. Most importantly, choosing the most advanced and well setup dairy machinery and equipment brings utmost ease. And with the updated technology and system, it has become all essential for the dairy business owner to go for milking robots. But, when something new comes into the market, people have several myths and doubts in their minds. And that’s where the role of the top-rated Dairy Equipment Manufacturers comes into play. Their assistance right from the start makes it easier to have proper management. And that’s why in this blog, we have mentioned all the necessary milking robotic myths to make you well-aware of every minute of information.

Busting the milking robotic myths

Myth 1: Robotic milking boils down to the automatic parlor

Choosing the perfect type of milking machinery lets you automate the entire process. With the most appropriate farm management system, you have the right insights to make better data-driven decisions. The milking robots make it extremely functional and well under control for the right management.

The invented systems make it easier to manage the dairy herd and give the dairy business much better reasons to have a higher return on investment. All in all, excellent results await you no matter the size of your dairy business. So, be it a khoya making machine, paneer-making machine, or any other inventive option, you should take advantage of automated functioning.

Myth 2: You cannot choose a box system for large farms

The rise in labor costs and various benefits has made it possible to boost cow health. The small and necessary steps are the key to better results and boosting herd health. Additionally, the herd will be less stressed and offer dairy farmers a desirable return on investment. Additionally, it’s also about making the practical experience much better for the larger farms to have more benefits. It’s about recognizing and managing every small factor with a different and better approach.

Myth 3: The robotic system is just for the happy few

The robotic systems are not just all functional and offer the best results. But these are also about the right transitioning that lets the system be right and better. So, it’s all about making an investment worth everything and allowing you a higher ROI.

Are you looking for dairy machinery?

NK Dairy Equipments offers you the most functional and automated dairy equipment, Additionally, it’s also being functional and choosing the options that stand apart in all possible regards.

If you want something specific or in terms that offer a much more functional state, then tell our team and get the necessary service accordingly. No matter what concern you have on your mind, feel free to discuss the same with our team.

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What makes high-tech milking equipment the future of the dairy business?

The technological strike is difficult to hide from any scenario or area. Indeed! Technological advancement has allowed every business owner to put forward the best in everything. And same goes for the dairy business. As new and updated technologies enter the market, dairy farmers are in a better space. Suppose someone wants to set up the Milk Plant; they have a wide range of dairy equipment and machinery. Most importantly, the dairy business is growing, and how & the advancement do have an essential contribution to this.

Robotic milking machines allow control of everything

The world of automated milking equipment is ever-growing and evolving. The present working mechanism enables the dairy industry to be in a better headspace. Indeed! The world of technology will allow you to get hold of the renowned khoya machine manufacturer to set everything up better.

The technological approach brings the dairy farmers close to modern working. When you compare the working of traditional and contemporary dairy farms, the work is effective in modern dairy farms. So, whether you want to set up an entire dairy plant or add in new dairy machinery like Butter Churner, all that by seeking expert assistance from the dairy business. Indeed! The technological goal is to bring everyone together and allow the business to have productive & better functionality.

Automated post-dipping brings advancement

One of the significant areas of growth and advanced approach is automated post-dipping. The process might seem in the present space, but it will get greater attention and become a thing of daily use with time. The concept of automated technology reduces the need for labor and allows hygiene & milk quality to get much better. Automation limits the chances of contamination and other problems.

Automated function for cow logistics

Another big thing to look out for: Cow logistic. Automated functioning system is still new, and many people don’t know about the given area.

The critical factor is to bring effectiveness in every step and make the functioning as smooth and comfortable as possible. Additionally, one of the money-saving approaches is to include dairy plants in the present time.

NK Dairy Equipments – Brings you close to technology

The expertise and skills of our dairy equipment manufacturer are what you need to choose a better and more practical approach. It’s time to make a necessary change to ensure all your efforts are out to right use.

The present technological wave has a lot to do with the current time. If you want to add something latest and innovative to your dairy farm contact NK Dairy Equipments to analyze better what approach is required to make your dairy business functional in all possible manners. Discuss all your dairy equipment and machinery needs with the team to get started.

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Mawa making a vital part of daily business and Its benefits

Mawa (Khoya)- Provides several health benefits

Milk is one of the essential dairy products known for its different uses for various products. Milk as a dairy product is used in desserts because of the richness, creaminess, color, and moisture it offers. That’s not all; the increasing demand for males opens up an excellent opportunity for the dairy business owners to set up their own Mawa Machine at the dairy plant.

What is Mawa or Khoya?

For mawa preparation, there are given steps:

  • Milk needs to be boiled on a medium flame by using a wide-mouthed pan
  • It’s heated until the water evaporates and only solids are present.

The use of mawa making machine have a higher demand in the dairy sector because mawa in different food preparations like:

  • Gujia
  • Halwa
  • Kheer
  • Barfi
  • Gulab jamun
  • Kalakand
  • And much more!

Are you thinking of installing the maw machine or any other dairy machinery?

It would help to get hold of the leading dairy plant and Ghee Plant manufacturers to seek quality equipment and machinery for better results.

Nutritional value of Mawa

The given table breaks down the nutritional value of mawa to include in your daily life.





Measure (Daily Value)









Total fat



24 gm (37%)



Saturated fat



15 gm (75%)






84 mg (24%)






286 mg (12%)






1019 mg (29%)



Total carbohydrates



30 mg (10%)



Dietary fibre



0 gm






30 gm






20 gm



Vitamin A






Vitamin C 10%















 What are the potential benefits of mawa?

Mawa offers several benefits, just like milk consumption. It’s a good source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. The nutritional value is exceptionally high, challenging to get from any other source. Some of the topmost benefits of mawa consumption are:

  • High in protein
  • High in calcium
  • May strengthen bones
  • Could prevent the formation of kidney stones
  • Good for bone health
  • Good for muscle development
  • It May benefit cardiovascular health
  • May boost brain health

Including maw into your daily life benefits your overall well-being better. And here are some of the reasons that point towards the same:

  • Mawa is an excellent source to boost cardiovascular health because of being a low-fat dairy product. Additionally, the presence of different nutrients in it, as mentioned in the table, plays an essential part in boosting overall strength.
  • Not just the bone and muscle strength get increased with mawa intake.

Are you ready to set up a mawa-making plant?

Considering all the given benefits, setting up the mawa-making plant is worth considering. Now, all you need is to manage the entire process. And begin your search for the top-rated dairy equipment and machinery for effective working. Reach out to the team of Nk Dairy Equipments to help you choose a reliable choice and get a quality product.

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Dairy Farming: Its Advantages, Limitations, And Selection Of Land

What Is Dairy Farming?

Dairy farming is a type of industry related to agri-business that involves the production of milk from domestic animals. A dairy plant or dairy is typically a plant that involves processing milk and then producing some milk products like khoya with the help of a khoya making machine. At the same time, the domestic animals used in the dairy farm are called dairy animals. In India, the most popular dairy animals involve she-buffaloes, cows, and female goats for milk production for dairy farming.

Many factors dictate the success of dairy farming. Given below is some information about it.

What Are The Advantages Of Dairy Farming?

Here are some advantages of dairy farming if you think of opening one to grow your farming business.

  • Compared to other businesses, the initial investment in dairy farming is low. Thus you would not have to shed a lot of money before your business starts booming.
  • Another factor that is great not only for you but for the environment too is that it is environment-friendly. The risk of pollution from the dairy farming business is very low comparatively.
  • The demand for milk products would never decrease no matter the situation.
  • Cow dung is an excellent source of manure as it increases soil fertility.
  • Cow dung is also very beneficial in producing biogas. People use the slurry from biogas for vermicomposting.
  • You can reduce the risk of animal death by ensuring cows in the dairy farming business.

What Are The Limitations Of the Dairy Farming Business?

As we have already discussed the advantages of dairy farming, let us begin with the limitations of dairy farming.

  • Milk is a perishable product that requires early preservation or marketing.
  • You would require to hire trained and skilled managers for the management department. The initial success of dairy farming mostly depends on promising strategies for early heat detection, proper feeding, timely breeding, and disease control, which could be controlled by a good manager.
  • Due to the increase in the price of the feed ingredients, the cost of milk production is also escalating in recent times.
  • To keep the animals free from any diseases, you should install proper biosecurity measures.

How To Select A Land For Your Dairy Farming?

The selection of land is an essential factor that you must keep in mind before installing your dairy farming business.

  • You should select land for your dairy farming business that is upraised from its surroundings.
  • You should avoid any land which is low and is in the water logging area.
  • The soil of the opted land should be fertile for a significant part of the land as you can use it for fodder cultivation.
  • You should check if there is a good supply of fresh, soft5a and clean water.
  • Good communication with the farm is also a necessary point.
  • You should search for land nearby a veterinary hospital or artificial insemination center.
  • The authorized must supply the electricity to the proposed dairy farm site.

I hope this will help you gather as much information about the dairy farming business as possible.

Final Comments

If you are starting your dairy farming business, contact NK Dairy Equipments for your dairy production equipment manufacturing. A reliable source for your growth.

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How is Artificial Intelligence transforming the dairy industry for the better?

Did you know?

In 2020, the dairy industry touched the mark of Rs 11,357 billion. Moreover, the Indian dairy sector is expected to grow by around 4.9% every year.

The above-given stats are clear proof that the Indian dairy industry is growing at a fast pace and every year thousands of dairy farmers go down this road to make the business reach that height. All that is because of the appropriateness seen in the work and how they use inventive technology is increasing. No doubt, the Indian dairy sector is fragmented and several problems need to be dealt with properly. This is the reason the Indian dairy sector is getting that relevance through the use of AI & making all the operations work effectively. Bear in mind, the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the dairy sector will include the milk processing plant cost which you can better understand by getting hold of the known dairy machine suppliers.

How is AI making the dairy industry better?

  • Digital Identity

Every cattle present on the farm has its own digital identity which gives a better idea on checking the disease outbreak along with if government programs are effectively managed or not. The digital recognition system is used to identify the cows. This is one of the recent developments which is scientifically improving the way everything works. Moreover, the automated identification & testing mechanisms allow the process to go smoothly.

Important NOTE

Even if you are planning to set up the khoya making machine it does come with the latest functionality which allows you to get work done smoothly. Once the instructions are given it will work smoothly for enough time & then the further process is done.

  • Helps to better monitor health

It’s essential to check the cattle’s wellbeing, which is about milk production. Additionally, there are IOT sensors that make it easier to monitor the cattle’s health. Everything is achieved in terms of real-time which makes the entire workflow as smooth as possible. As everything is checked in real-time & some of the things which can be analyzed are:

  • Walking habits
  • Temperature shifts
  • Rumination Pattern

Everything is checked minutely which is the reason if there is any issue then it will be analyzed on time.

  • Cattle trading getting the attention

Well! This is one area where efforts are still needed. The cattle price is determined once a proper agreement is made between the buyer & seller. Additionally, there is the use of a machine learning model which makes it easier to analyze the live cattle market exchange.

Final word!

This is true that AI is changing the dairy industry dynamics for the better. It’s like a combination of effectiveness, feasible approach, increased productivity & much more. Feel free to reach out to the team to get all the necessary information.

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Everything you have to know about the dairy industry and business in India

The dairy business in India is gaining attention at a fast pace. Indeed, people have shifted their focus to setting up the milk processing plant or those who already have one, they want to expand the business. For example, the dairy business owners choose to expand their business by setting up the ghee plant as in India it is the most consumed dairy product.

Now! It is also important that you only choose what is best for your business and go for the quality machinery. This is why you must put your hands on the best machine and equipment. You have to contact the professionals to know in detail about the mawa making machine price as there are different models. If you are not sure which one to go for then contact the professionals to make the right choice.

Milk Processing Unit

While setting up the milk processing plant, it is essential to get the best machinery and equipment. For example, if you want to process the raw milk into processed pouch milk, ghee, paneer, curd, or any other dairy product, then proper setup is needed. Investing in the processing plant will go in the right direction when you have the right infrastructure for the same and every day the right amount of milk can be processed.

Cheese processing unit

With the cheese processing unit, your business will be able to expand your business in the right direction. In addition, you can get the full automated techniques that need only minimum intervention. Right from the milk reception till the finished product is not made, it is necessary to maintain the manufacturing process in the right approach. Indeed, you can set up a plant which can fulfill the requirements of the customers and thus your business can also get the benefits they are expecting. Just bear in mind the total output capacity at your place & you will be able to see to make a difference in the dairy industry.

Fascinating technology

With the increased demand for dairy products, it has increased the need of using the best and most effective methods. The equipment in your dairy plant should be of top-notch quality so that your business can notice the difference and serve the customers.

For superior quality products and to ensure the customer always gets what is best, the use of the right type of technology is important. Moreover, this will help the customers to get what they are looking for as there are some assortments available out there.

Proper safety of the cow

To make the dairy business a success, it is important to ensure the cows’ health is in the right state. It is important to keep them in the right environment. If not, then it is going to affect the final results which means the end dairy products are not worth it. So, make sure to check the health of your cows from time to time.

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What are the common myths about the opening of the dairy farming business?

Some people are there who love to purchase new technologies for their business and earn profits whereas some people use old techniques to run a business. You must be thinking why right. This is because of some myths they believe.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some myths which need to be debunked for the benefit of manufacturers.


  • Technologies are difficult to manage

This is the foremost myth that technology is difficult to control which is absolutely false. In fact, it is observed that people don’t experience any stoppages or gaps during production, unlike older machines. Older systems are difficult to manage. But the truth is after purchasing the latest dairy equipment the work of the farmer. It is easy to maintain and helps in producing good quality dairy products.

Technologies are expensive

This is another myth that people think that purchasing technologies are out of their budget. Only rich people and big companies can afford it. But this is false. Anyone can afford it as it is observed that the latest technologies increase productivity and help you in earning profits. You can open your business by selling milk and with the time you can expand your business by selling multiple dairy products. It will not make a big hole in your pockets.


Robots & Artificial Intelligence

AI and robotics is a hot topic in town. This is new for many people but let us tell you this is the perfect solution to your problem. Everyone is brand conscious. They want the best dairy product for themselves as it will help them in staying fit and healthy. So for that AI and robotics will come in handy. With just one click consumers will come to know everything. This will also help you in maintaining relationships with your customers.


Technologies are not studied properly

Some people are scared that what if they will end up buying the technology but their competitors will not. Then who will help them in solving the problems? But you are forgetting that innovative technologies provide the best technology to their consumer. Also, they will help you in guiding the technology properly because they want their consumer to use the technology properly.


It is too late to understand the technology

It’s never too late to learn how to use new technology. If you will not upgrade yourself with time, then how will you be able to satisfy the needs of customers. Customers are getting ahead with time. So it is better you should open your doors for new opportunities as it will help you in successful production.