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    Butter Block

    Butter Block Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers India, After making the butter from the sour cream by taking the help of the Butter making machine, the next step which will be followed is the cutting of the butter in the blocks with the help of the butter block machine. For the best output of the butter blocks, the following features are incorporated in the butter cutting machine:

    • Easily cleanable

    Every day, this machine has to be used which makes the cleaning a necessary condition after each use. Since butter is slimy, cleaning the condition becomes difficult. NK Dairy always looks for the comfort of its clients and on this account, it has been successful in installing the CIP Cleaning system which makes cleaning a convenient and easy activity for you.

    • Sharp cutters

    Special types of cutters are used in the make Butter block machine. The use of the wrong cutters will result in the disorganisation of the huge butter block and make you incur minimal losses. We always wish that our client does progress by leaps and bounds, so how can we take them to incur even 1 Rs. Loss. The cutters if got blunt is replaceable. You need to just call us.

    • A product for a lifetime

    Changing the equipment after a year or two because of rapid deterioration might be frustrating. But if you purchase the equipment from NK Dairy, we assure you that the equipment will be your slave until your last breath. Even after you, your children and grandchildren can enjoy its long-lasting benefits.

    • Best output

    If the output is a concern for you, then you will be glad to know that it can cut the butter of 19000kg in an hour. More than enough. Isn’t it?

    • Dimensions of the slice

    Standard machines which are structured to cut the slices of the 20*99 mm dimensions are available. But according to your requirement, we can customise it. But for that, you have to inform us about your specifications.

    • Replaceable components

    Sometimes the pressing plates become stuck. In those situations first of all count on calling the professionals. As a last resort, you should consider replacing that particular part.

    • Corrosion resistance

    Most of the butter block cutters available in the market do not guarantee resistance from corrosion. But we do. The material and the outlining of the product we have considered is ultimate and owing to that, no corrosion-related problems will come to origin.

    • Stainless Steel

    Who does not know the benefits of stainless steel? If the product is made with stainless steel and that particularly of good quality then you can have blind faith in the working and the structure of the project.

    • Amazing looks

    Most of the equipment does not look good after a month or two of use. NK Dairy has worked on this issue and has tried its 100% in maintaining the ultimate view of the good looks.