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    Commercial Dairy Water Steam Boiler

    Commercial Dairy Water Steam Boiler Manufacturers & Suppliers India, The use of equipment in the dairy industry is done daily. Because the milk is somewhere that has to be stored before, after the processing. Besides, the machines which are used to manufacture the custard, cheese and other varieties of milk can only be used to prepare the second batch of a food item after it has been thoroughly sterilized. To take up the option of manual efforts to sterile will not only be costly but it will be full of flaws. Therefore NK dairy has understood the need for sterilisation and has come up with the Water steam boiler.

    Characteristics of the steam boiler

    • Types of steam

    NK Dairy has considered all the types of steams as mentioned below which may be used in the daily dairy activities:

    • Wet and dry steam
    • Superheated and sensible heated steam
    • Latent heat of vaporization
    • Enthalpy of steam
    • Mass

    From the mass itself, a maven customer can recognize the quality of the product. On that account, we have used a quintessentially significant amount of mass that can make it robust and sturdy. Besides, the mass is the determining factor of how long a water boiler will serve you. Therefore to ensure the long-lasting nature we have considered to install a double layer of the metal.

    • Stainless steel

    We all are aware of the benefits of stainless steel when particularly used in dairy equipment. The dairy o\wners themselves also consider the equipment made with stainless steel as their priority.

    • Easy to maintain

    The crucial aspect of the equipment to serve for a longer period depends on how efficiently it is maintained. For this reason, NK Dairy has facilitated its potential customers with the boiler that is super-skimpy to maintain.

    • High water volume

    Every size of the water boiler has the feature of high water volume.

    • Energy efficient

    The steam water boiler does not cause a load on your electricity bills. The efficient and modern technology used in it ensures that it is quintessentially energy efficient.

    • Less steam generation time

    The conventional steam boilers would take up more than half an hour to generate steam. But we recognized that this time can not only cause a load on electricity consumption, but it is inefficient simultaneously. We minutely focused on the design and eventually came up with the outline of the boiler which can generate steam in merely 5 to 20 minutes.

    • Low fuel consumption

    As discussed in the last point, if the steam generation time will be low, hence the consumption of the fuel will also be low. In this era where the prices of fuel are shooting up, we felt the need to incorporate this feature.

    • Easy installation

    The installation is the aspect which every dairy owner is concerned about, but if you are taking services from NK dairy then delivering the equipment to make you use it for the first time is our responsibility.