Milk Bucket

When dealing with a product like milk which is likely to get spoil very easily, it is important to use the best quality products to preserve them. At Nk diary, we have steel buckets and aluminum bucket with high-quality material. It is imperative to ensure that the material which you are using to store the milk should not contaminate it and it should preserve its nutritional value.

Steel milk buckets are the best option for storage purpose. The material has great strength, hardness, and ductility. Milk bucket manufacturer ensures that you get a durable product which has longer working durability with lower cost. The milk also stays cool for a long time in a stainless steel bucket. Steel offers lower thermal conductivity. You will get the product properly polished. It the right choice for storing the milk between or during the diary process.
We make sure that during manufacturing the products should not get damaged as they pass through washer and conveyor system. If any product gets damaged we will change it so that it does not contaminate the milk products when you store anything in the bucket.

Aluminum milk bucket is another option available with us. Milk Bucket suppliers guarantee you best products which are hygienic, corrosion proof, easy to clean, and crack proof.
You can find a wide range of selection. The buckets are made using the advanced and latest technique. We provide you precise information about the size, height, and depth of the bucket.


Our Company manufactures and traders a wide range of dairy utensils that include Stainless Steel Milk Bucket of high quality as well. The milk bucket offered by us is fabricated using fine grade Stainless Steel. Evert milk bucket manufacture by us passes through stringent quality control test at various stages. In order to give fine welding quality to these buckets, we use tig welding process with purging. The mirror polishing is done with utmost care of hygienic parameter. Our Stainless Steel Milk Bucket is made from AISI 304 (S30400) grade 8/18 AISI Stainless Steel material only.

Reference your requirement of FOOD GRADE AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL MILK BUCKET. Below are the rates & specifications of product.


Capacity: 5 LTR, 10 LTR, 15 LTR, 20 LTR

  1. Bucket is useful for farmers for milking the cattle and for handling of milk.
  2. This can be use in kitchen to keep Ghee, Butter Milk, Milk, Oil, Food Grains, water etc.
  3. Milk-can made from food grade ss 304 stainless steel.
  4. This is joint less, crevice free, Easy to wash make it hygiene friendly



Diameter (mm) Capacity (ltrs) SWG Weight/Piece (Kgs.)
260 7.00 18 0.750
280 10.00 18 1.000
300 12.00 18 1.250
335 15.00 16 1.500
360 20.00 16 1.750

Product code: MB-1



Size In. Dia. (inches) In. Dia. (mm) Height (inches) Height (mm) SWG Weight (Kgs.) Milk Capacity (Ltrs.)
16 209 209 18 0.500 3.5
18 235 244 18 0.700 5.5
20 10¼ 271 10¾ 273 18 0.850 8.5
22 11¾ 297 11¾ 298 18 1.000 11.0
24 12¾ 320 12¾ 320 18 1.200 14.0
26 13½ 343 13¾ 349 16 1.500 18.0