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    Stainless Steel Storage Tank – 500 LTR to 10000 LTR

    What are the various features of storage tanks made up of stainless steel?

    Stainless Steel Storage Tank – 500 LTR to 10000 LTR manufacturer and suppliers in India, Dairy industry makes use of a lot of equipment in the automatic era. Daily inventions have come to origin to ease the functioning of the dairy industry. Moreover, NK dairy is resolute to manufacture the equipment which aims at increasing the productivity of the dairy plant. One of the most sold products with positive and good reviews is Stainless steel storage tank – 500 LTR to 10000LTR. Let us get to know the features of the product in detail:


    Dairy plants always require a piece of equipment that assists in the following:

    • Receiving the milk
    • Processing the milk to increase its shelf life
    • To contain or store the milk before it is packaged


    The structure of the tanks is designed keeping in mind that the space requirements are different among all dairy plants. That is the main reason, that the storage tanks can be bought under convenience as per the following:

      • Horizontal storage tanks
      • Vertical storage tanks
      • The designs of the storage tanks are based on the following requirements:
        • The requirement to install indoor
        • The requirement to install outdoor
      • The storage tanks are designed as per follows:
        • Conical bottoms or flat bottoms
        • Mounted on legs

    Corrosion Resistance

    The dairy industry is always in need of the equipment which does not spoil the milk. For this reason, it is indispensable that whichever equipment is used, it should have the capacity to do away with the corrosion.


    The product is so robust, sturdy and durable that you would not even encounter a thought to replace this. For many years, it will appear as it emerges now.

    Recyclable and Reusable

    We wish that your business progresses by leaps and bounds. And if by god’s grace, that happens then you will have to replace the storage tanks of less capacity with that of significant capacity, Even then you will not be required to cast off the equipment, you are free to reuse it. Because it is made up of stainless steel. This material is recyclable.

    Environment friendly

    Most of the products made at this day and age are not environment friendly. We are accountable for our environment as well. fOr this reason, we always bring environmentally friendly products.

    Retention of quality

    If talking about quality, then it is the only thing which is a quintessential matter of concern in the dairy industry. We have brought about the storage tanks that support the retention of quality of milk. Most of the storage tanks available in the market fail to keep the quality of milk maintained and end up deteriorating the same.


    The indispensable factor which helps the people to determine which company or brands’ milk should they consume is ‘hygiene’. For that reason, we have manufactured storage tanks which facilitate easy cleaning and hence ultimate maintenance of hygiene.

    Final Thoughts

    At first place, one will not encounter any problem and repair work regarding the storage tanks. But if in any case, it comes to light, then do not need to burden your mind, just make a call at NK dairy. Our professional experts are always ready to help you.