Milk Cooling Tanks

Why do milk cooling tanks are used in the dairy industry and what are their benefits?

Milk Cooling Tanks manufacturers & suppliers India, When it comes to milk, the thing which immediately strikes in mind is how to preserve it in the best way. Preservation can be done by using various dairy equipment. But the concern is regarding holding the nutritional value of the milk. A dairy Plant aims at increasing the shelf life of the milk along with the nutritional content with the best apparatus.

Types of Milk Cooling Tanks

What is the implication of pasteurization?

 As we know, milk contains two genus of bacteria. One is considered as the good one and the other being harmful. This harmful bacteria is transferred to milk because it presents in the atmosphere. The cows or buffaloes are exposed to get this bacteria which is then transferred to milk. But the termination of the harmful bacteria can be done with a process namely Pasteurization.

How does this process work?

 Pasteurization is the ideal process for the optimum preservation of the milk. It is because of its goal. It does not aim at killing all genus of bacteria. The motive is to terminate only harmful bacteria. Before anything else, the milk is heated to a temperature that is ideal for the termination of the harmful pathogens. After the elimination, milk is immediately needed to be cooled down.

After the milk is cooled, next phase images, which aims at the preservation of milk to increase its shelf-life or service-life. Once all the stages are performed, the milk is stored or kept in the container so that it can be easily transported to needed locations.

It is quintessential to make use of cooling tanks for milk to avoid any deterioration.

What are the different options for milk cooling tanks?

Milk cooling tanks vary depending on the method of their control. Some dairy plants want to make use of manual tanks while others have faith in the automatic tanks.

  • This is not the only category of division. Rather, it also depends on the quantity. Depending upon the quantity size of the tank is chosen.
  • Due to space issues, the design layout is also different. According to the space available, one can choose whether he wants a vertical tank or horizontal tank.

What are the benefits of using Milk Cooling Tanks?

 There are various benefits of using milk cooling tanks:

  • First and foremost, it helps you to avoid any kind of loss which can happen to owe to the deterioration of the milk.
  • Furthermore, these tanks are easy to clean. So it becomes really handy to maintain hygiene for preservation purposes.
  • Faster cooling
  • Low energy costs
  • Environment Friendly
  • Facilitates with both refrigeration and Scroll Compressors
  • The milk collection system is easy because of the categorization
  • Smart level heating

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Final Thoughts

There is a need to cool down the milk to the required temperature for nutritional preservation. For the accomplishment of this motive, one needs to develop faith in the milk cooling tanks.