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    Continuous Flow Pasteurizer – 300 LPH to 5000 LPH


    Get the premium quality flow pasteurizer system for the milk processing

    Well-established Dairy System

    Continuous Flow Pasteurizer – 300 LPH to 5000 LPH manufacturers and suppliers in India, In the dairy sector, the need for dairy equipment and machinery has increased. The flow pasteurizers have the capacity of holding around 500 ltr/hour. With the installation of Continuous Flow Pasteurizer-300LPH to 5000 LPH, the work can be done with perfection and smoothly.
    Their installation is of great use as they maintain the safety and quality of the milk. The milk is processed through a continuous series of steps. After that, it is treated till the time the finished product is obtained. With the flow pasteurization, heat regeneration is possible for around 95% which helps in making the system environmentally friendly.
    Nk dairy is a specialist in various dairy equipment and machinery that can be put to the best use for your dairy business.

    Well-established Dairy System

    The integral part of making your business a success is through the use of quality standards. It ensures that the milk processing is in terms with the standards and all the norms are followed while manufacturing the machinery. All the necessary provisions will be followed which allows you to make the final product the way you want it to be.

    Working Mechanism

    The product is transported from the balance tank and then put to the plate heat exchanger. The product is heated with the help of hot water and regeneration energy. Following that, the product needs to be kept in the holding tube for the required time at the pasteurization temperature. Following that it is cooled down through regeneration.
    As per the outlet, the final product will be cooled or heated in regards to the cold or hot water.
    Through the assistance of the flow divert system the pasteurization temperature is reached and the equipment specialist ensures that everything is put to the maximum.


    In the regeneration phase, the cold product is heated by making use of the pasteurized product energy. This way it helps in recycling the energy up to 95%. In all, you can say that this method is energy saving.
    One of the important parts to do it correctly is that cold products and pasteurized products will not be mixed.

    All-inclusive dairy machinery

    We understand the need for getting one of kind machinery and equipment. To get all-inclusive products at economical prices NK dairy will top your list. For years, we have been serving the customers with the quality machinery which has been of the best kind.

    Before the product is delivered to your doorstep, it goes through stringent testing to make sure the quality of the dairy product is not affected.

    • All the dairy machinery and equipment are manufactured through the use of quality material. This way it allows them to get the most of their benefit.
    • If any of the equipment or machinery is to be found at fault, then it won’t make it to the delivery process.

    Our prime focus is nothing but quality. If you want to start a dairy business or want to expand it, then approach the NK dairy team for the best machinery & equipment for increased profits and premium quality.