Milk Chilling Plant

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Milk Chilling Plant

  • Pre-Cooling process remove the initial heat
  • Easy control panel
  • Storage and agitation
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Cleaning and sanitization

This cooling tank is used for cooling and storage the fresh raw milk. This temperature helps to protect the milk from harmful bacteria. This cooler is used for dairy farmers. It is very less in Cost.

Affordable And Premium Quality Milk Chilling Plant

If you are looking to keep the milk and other dairy products of your business fresh for a good number of days, buy a milk chilling plant. As per your requirements, you can buy a mini milk plant or a big one to keep in your facility. With several years of extensive experience in the industry, we, at NK Dairy Equipments  make sure to offer the best solutions.

We understand the needs of every customer, and so the solutions are at times custom-made to suit the variety of needs. Throughout our journey, we have successfully installed several milk chilling plants for all scales of businesses. We have been upgrading our methods and knowledge so that we can come up something better.

Why Invest In A Milk Chilling Plant?

If you own milk or other dairy business investing in a milk chilling plant is something you cannot ignore. In the dairy industry today, maintaining the appropriate temperature of the products is critical to make sure that the quality of the product is not lost and also the safety of the consumer. Thanks to the advancement in technology to provide quality milk cooling technology to solve the issue.

The cooling systems are integral to ensure the dairy products don’t get stale and stay fresh till the time it reaches the consumer. The systems are used for cooling milk down after it is pasteurized with the help of releasing and capturing heat. The chillers we produce are fast and efficient for the process. It helps regulate the temperature and control bacteria growth.

Components Of Milk Chilling Plant

The milk chilling plant that we manufacture at our unit consists of several components to ensure efficiency during operation. A basic system consists of a refrigeration compressor, an air-cooled condenser unit, and a refrigerated bulk tank. Based on the requirement the chilling unit can be configured either as a water-cooled chiller unit or an air-cooled chiller unit. The setting is done based on the standard outdoor temperature in the locality.

Some of the additional components of the system are listed below.

  • Well Water Precoolers: The heat exchangers utilize well water to cool the milk when it is being passed to the bulk cooling tank. A well water precooler helps a dairy farmer save up to 60% of the actual milk chilling costs.
  • Refrigeration Heat Recovery: This unit makes the milk cooling system super effective by gathering all the heat that is otherwise lost in the air. The heat is then used for heating water.
  • Scroll Compressors: These compressors are being used in dairy farms and boast farmsessive results. These units are expensive as compared to traditional reciprocating compressors. This component is more efficient by almost 15-20% and doesn’t have more moving parts.

Premium Milk Chilling Plant Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturers of milk chilling plants and help a business install them for their operations. Nothing is more healthy than milk, and people of all ages can enjoy drinking it. Our entire team strives to manufacture the best milk chilling plant using durable components. The plant is a critical component of the dairy industry and is essential to keep the milk contained, at the appropriate temperature.

When there is a distance to travel between the farmer’s milking and the collection center, storing milk in a chilling container becomes necessary. Leveraging modern machinery and technology the plant is manufactured to make sure it is updated with the latest trend. The chilling plant that we supply helps maintain the quality of milk by keeping it intact. The growth of bacteria is stopped for several hours by keeping the milk chilled.