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    Milk Pasteurizer Plant


    Milk Pasteurizer Plant

    • Gentle product heating & cooling
    • Product savings with minimum product loss
    • Reliable Performance
    • Customizable Machinery
    • Environmental savings
    • Future proof design

    This plant is a critical component of the food processing unit, and with the right equipment, you will have increased productivity. The plant we offer can be used to process all different kinds of milk-made products.

    Milk Pasteurizer Plant

    As we all know, the milk has to go through a lot of processing before it is actually ready for consumption. One of the techniques used for its processing is pasteurization. The technique is named after Louis Pasteur, the scientist who brought out the fact that heating can render the unwanted microorganism ineffective in liquids. The process of Pasteurization is used in the processing of milk by dairies. Various food processing industries also use this technique to keep their products free from germs. The process of milk Pasteurization has been hailed as the ultimate process of keeping the milk germ free and fit for consumption. The process has used the world over for keeping the milk in a healthy state before supplying it to the customers. Hence there is a major need of Milk Pasteurizer Plant at every place.

    NK dairy proudly announces Milk Pasteurizer Plant which helps in the Pasteurization of milk. As we all know, NK Dairy has been involved in producing milk products and machines related to dairy processing. The next in line with our mission is the Milk, Pasteurizer Plant. It constitutes high-quality components that use modern technology under the supervision of highly trained professionals who ensure that the process is done with the utmost precision. The plant is available in various technical versions according to the client’s requirement. It also guarantees the superior quality and follows stringent global standards. Another advantage of this plant is that it is available at a very reasonable price.

    The milk is treated with mild heat which is less than 100 degrees. It makes the milk germ free and safe for consumption. It delivers superior performance. The finish of the product is excellent and the construction of the unit is quite sturdy.

    Mini Milk Plant is also available in a compact size and lower price. It is fully automated and comes with temperature senses. It saves up on space and of course, costs less.

    It has the following constituents –

    • Homogenizer
    • Storage tank
    • Tank dump
    • Control panel
    • Commissioning & installation etc
    • Filter and flow control values

    Technical features
    It has the following technical features:-
    Automatic Grade:- Available in Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic version

    Capacity:- Ranges from 500 litres/hr, 1000 litres/hr, 2000 litres/hr, to 1500 litres/hr

    Equipment Type:- It includes Milk Chillers, Milk Storage Tanks, Milk Pasteurizer, and Homogenizer

    Product Range:- It supplies milk in various forms: Toned Milk, Skimmed Milk, Flavoured Milk, Milk Products, and Full Cream

    Voltage:- It uses a voltage of 280 V