Gerber Centrifuge

The Gerber method is used all over the world to determine the fat content in milk; it is the most reliable method. The Gerber instruments founded by Dr. Niklaus Gerber are an epitome of quality when it comes to the determination of the fat content. We present here the Gerber Centrifuge, which is an instrument to determine the fat and extract the fat from milk from the exemplary company Gerber. The centrifuge is used for carrying out a number of tests. These include:

  • Fat determination.
  • Fat extraction.
  • Solubility determination.

We present here two types of centrifuges that are offered by our company

1. Axiom Mini Gerber Centrifuge:

This centrifuge is a famous centrifuge for the process of testing. The big advantage that it offers is that this device is a low-noise device which makes sure the testing is not disturbing. Other than this, the Axiom Mini Centrifuge offers the following features.


  • It has a stainless steel kettle which maintains the quality of the device.
  • Electronic soft start and a soft stop, which makes the device comfortable to use.
  • Butyrometer swinging
  • Electronic countdown timer, for perfection in testing.
  • Automatic lid bolting to enhance the ease of use and to maintain the security of the device.

The Axiom Mini Centrifuge device comes with the complete butyrometer disc and the holders. The price is inclusive of the complete set up.

2. Astor 8 digit- digital Gerber Centrifuge:

This centrifuge is a completely digital deviceto make sure the reslts are accurate to the decimal points. The Astor digital Gerber Centrifuge is in synchronisation with the state of the art quantitative techniques for measuring the fat content in dairy by the Gerber method. The p primary feature of this device is the concern for the user as this device has been designed in a manner to maintain the ease of its use, to make sure the process is less troublesome for the user. To add to the comfort of use the device produces low noise while in action and ensures the safety of the user.


  • It has been painted in an anti-acid paint for protection.
  • The lid has a round window to check the contents in the chamber the process is going on.
  • Electronic brake, for instant stop and perfection in testing.
  • Digital display showing all the details like active heating, open or close lid, the time set, the countdown, brake on and the end of the cycle. This display makes sure of the accuracy in the process
  • Backlit on-off switch in addition to the separate keys to open the lid. There also is the switch for the heating process to start or stop.
  • When the right temperature is reached it shows colored LED lights.
  • Capacity of 8 Butyrometers.
  • Pre-selected temperature of 65 degree Celsius.
  • Maximum pre-heating time of 20 minutes.
  • Safety locks on the lid when the process is going on, to make sure there is no damage while the process is going on.

Specifications of size:

Dimension: mm 49 *41*26cm
Weight: Kg. 18
Supply voltage: 220 VAC 50 hz
Power consumption: 840watts