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    Butter Melting Vat

    Butter Melting Vat Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers India, With the increase in modern technology, it has become important for everyone to make use of those things. For every business type, it can be of great benefit to use the improved techniques and improve the business productivity. Specifically, for the dairy business, it is important to incorporate all these things. Whether you are running a milk plant or butter plant, you must have the latest machinery. One of them being the butter melting vat which is a perfect choice.

    Quality product with efficient working

    Our butter melting vat is of extremely quality material as the design is made with perfection. It has a hot water coil structure which makes the cleaning go with ease. The product works timber-based which allows the dosing operations to be carried with perfection. Also, it is best for making yogurt. From the NK dairy team, you can get in different standard capacities, which allows you to get the machinery in different configurations. Also, the technical specifications of the machine are what it allows to be perfect in every sense.

    Get from the best

    NK dairy is the leading and well-known name in the world of dairy machines and equipment. No matter which type of dairy product you need to make, we have got everything covered for you.

    The butter melting vat is made with quality materials which helps the product to last for a long time. It contains a rectangular vat that has a sloppy bottom attached to it. The top is open which also has a cover attached to it.

    Near the vat end top, there is a pipe grid that helps the hot water to go through the different parts of the melting butter blocks. The machine has a bottom and side jacket which makes sure the butter melts away easily and there are no lumps formed in-between the grid.

    Through the slow-speed mixers, it makes it easier to get everything in motion and heat transfer is done with much ease through the jackets attached on the side. Also, there is a recirculation pump and added accessories are attached with it. Moreover, it contains a temperature sensor.

    It is important to understand that the machine quality should not be avoided in any manner, as the final product is consumed by the consumer. This is the reason, every step needs to be completed with the utmost care so that there is no chance of error.

    Basic functions

    • The butter melting vat is made with stainless steel material which makes it the first preference for customers.
    • Double jacket for product indirect heating.
    • Gear motor is mixed with the blade.
    • CIP built-in washing system
    • The equipment is controlled with the panel which runs through electricity.
    • The machine as per the industry standards which allows to carry out the work with ease.