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Milk Processing Equipment for Small Scale Dairy Industries

Best quality milk can be turned into numerous other milk products. It is a significant opportunity for small-scale dairy businesses to increase their business success. Renowned Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturers have a big role in the success of dairy businesses. Small-scale businesses are capable of catering to the wider needs of their dairy customers with exceptional and personalized temperature control of heat exchangers. If you are confused about the ideal dairy equipment, then you must read a guide to choosing the perfect dairy equipment according to your dairy business needs. 

In this following blog, we will talk about every aspect related to small-scale dairy farms.

Small Scale Milk Processing 

You can get multiple dairy products through milk processing: 

> Butter

> Yogurt

> Ice Cream

> Buttermilk 

> Fluid Milk

> Cheese

> Pasteurized Milk 

> Cream

Connect with Nk Dairy Equipments, a renowned dairy equipment manufacturer that offers multiple pieces of equipment to fulfil your dairy manufacturing needs. 

Selling raw milk is mostly forbidden in many countries. To make milk pasteurized correctly, it is heated in special dairy equipment to make it ready to sell on the market. Plate heat exchangers can be a game changer for people who want to increase their dairy business profits without compromising the quality of milk pasteurization. 

Utilizing unpasteurized milk can create multiple adverse effects on people. Therefore, the government made it mandatory for dairy plants to be pasteurized. 

The actual processing that will turn milk into other products such as khoya and other dairy products includes some kind of churning or fermentation. There are many pros and few cons that might shock you related to khoya making machines. 

Fat Concentration in Milk:

Also one should need to make low or skin fat milk if the consumer is unable to digest whole milk. Whole milk has 3.25% of milk fat, low fat has from 0.5% to 2.0 % of fat. Skim milk contains less than 0.5% of milk fat. 

List of Few Milk Processing Equipments for Small Scale Dairy Farms:

> Milk Tank : 

Milk tanks, interim tanks, are the containers that are used to store liquid milk to keep it fresh for a long time. It is available in various sizes to meet your dairy business needs. If you want to buy some quality milk storage tanks, then connect with NK Dairy Equipments, the best dairy equipment manufacturer, for a variety of milk tanks. 

> Pasteurization: 

Pasteurization is considered the core of the milk production. Pasteurizers are the machines which simplify the step of milk processing for you. A modern milk pasteurization will heat the milk and set it at a certain temperature. With a stirring process to make it cool down. For further processes such as ghee making and other dairy products. 

> Cream Separators : 

These machines are utilized for making low-fat and skim milk & Cream. It separates fat from milk. You will get two products on time: Cream and milk. Which is low in fat. For variable fat percentage you can change settings in your cream separators. 



There are multiple other equipment, including ice cream makers, homogenizers, cheese presses, and more, that are included in dairy businesses. The dairy business is a very wide business, capturing an exposure of growth for every person. If you have an interest in the dairy business, then ask the experts of NK Dairy Equipments, dairy equipment, & Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturers. We know everything about dairy businesses. Connect with us today for proper guidance and the best-rate for dairy equipment.