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    Ghee Storage

    Ghee Storage and Settling Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers India, We all do know that dairy products are not produced in the modicum amounts. These are produced in sufficient quantities and sometimes a quintessential amount is left unconsumed and unused. So the dairy owners can afford to let it get wasted. It needs to be preserved by containing it in some sort of equipment. So NK dairy has taken an initiative to provide the dairy wonders with the best equipment for Ghee storage to increase its shelf life.


    • Increase shelf life

    If the milk is preserved in the Ghee storage, then it can be used for a considerably longer period. Besides, it is the best option to use for future use. In the earlier times, it was falling very heavy on the cost that the ghee was to be made on each day.

    • Corrosion-free

    As the liquid substance is to be stored, then there is a need for equipment that is free of corrosion. Because corrosion could infect the ghee with abnormal properties. But NK Dairy knows the value of your health.

    • Long-lasting

    We have specially designed equipment that serves for generations and generations. It is because of this quality many potential dairy owners are approaching us to get benefited from the use of the equipment.

    • Cost-effective

    No doubt, we have incorporated significant features in the Ghee storage equipment. But keeping in mind the predominant factor because of which many buyers turn away from the sellers is the cost aspect. So we have quintessentially taken care of this aspect and have offered our product at a very cost-effective range.

    • Orientation

    Keeping in mind the space requirements, we have considered bringing about the design of the tank in a vertical orientation. But if your requirement is of the horizontal orientation, then we can surely satisfy you with our customised services. Just place an order with us.

    • Insulation

    Incorporation of the insulation feature was a necessity. So we have vitality taken acre of this aspect to avoid any deterioration in the quality of the milk.

    • Environmental friendly

    We know how important it is to bring about a product that is friendly to the environment. So we have made use of stainless steel that has a wide variety of beneficial features.

    • Flawless

    We have minutely observed its make and because of that, we can guarantee you that you will not encounter any flaw with its make.

    • Looks Good

    It will not give your dairy plant the rough look, rather stainless steel always provides the best aesthetics.

    • Fire resistance

    The male of this product is so durable and resistant that even fire attacks cannot harm the quality of your milk.

    • Recyclable

    If in the future you desire to mould it into some other thing, then you can surely do that as it is completely recyclable.