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    Dump Tank – 100 LTR to 2000 LTR

    Get a wide variety of dump tank for your dairy business & plant from NK Dairy

    What is the need for a dump tank in a dairy business?

    Dump Tank – 100 LTR to 2000 LTR manufacturer and suppliers India, A dump tank is a vessel that is rectangular with a wide-open area. In the dairy plant, the need of a separate containment and collection vessel is needed to do emergency liquid discharge, slurries, or liquid reaction mass which is obtained from the vessel bottom or reactor. This is where the Dump Tank – 100 LTR to 2000 LTR can be beneficial to carry out the work. Its use will work as a balance tank for milk which is between the milk chiller and weight bowl.

    One of an integral part of dairy processing

    The dump tank has been of great use in the milk processing area. The dump can be triggered manually and automatically with a safety interlock system. The process vessel is discharged from the vessel content to the dump tank which allows the work to be controlled effectively. Within a short time, the process vessel will be returned. Here’s what goes behind the process:

    • Milk is poured in a weight bowl, and through that, it reaches the dump tank, from these it goes to the processing area.
    • This structure is known for its sturdiness and hygienic feature it can provide. The dump tanks have been of great use as their installation increases the amount of liquid to be stored.
    • Their use can be individually or in conjunction with a conveying system where there can be a bulk milk cooling system or just a single unit.
    • Most importantly, the liquid drainage is extremely easy as it has a slope on three sides. Along with that, it is mounted with adjustable ball feet.

    Product Description

    NK Dairy clients can be benefited as they get a wide range of milk dump tanks and we are engaged in trading, supplying, manufacturing, and distributing the product. With the use of modern and latest equipment and machinery the entire process will be completed on time.

    What are the technical features?

    The capacity of the product will be made as per your requirements. You can simply tell the manufacturer what you are looking for and they will ensure that you get a quality product.

    Get the best from the best

    NK Dairy is a well-known team of dairy products and manufacturers. We have made a name in the market and have become the top suppliers of dump tanks and many other products. Our team ensures that what product you get will be the best. Before delivering it to your place, we check it through different parameters and quality tests, to ensure it is safe to process the milk and milk products.

    Getting the product from the verified team of manufacturers with supreme quality. From the storage tank to all the improved dairy equipment is available with us.