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    Heating Vat – 50 LTR to 5000 LTR

    Why is heating vat used? What are its preponderant characteristics?

    Heating Vat – 50 LTR to 5000 LTR Manufacturer & Suppliers India, For opening a dairy business, there is a requirement for the installation of variegated up to date equipment. A heating Vat -50 LTR to 5000 LTR is one of that equipment. It is used to process milk. The structure is designed keeping in mind the frequency of the processing & heating needs. So let us get to know the features of the heating vat.


    • Stainless steel

    As we know, a healing vat is a type of equipment that needs to be used frequently. For this reason, these are to be made up of the material which does not only support the maintenance of the quality of the milk, rather this material facilitates the prevention of reaction with milk and related products. Corrosion is something that does not emerge if stainless steel is used in its making.

    • Long-lasting

    Being a business owner, we do know that if there arises the need to replace the equipment too frequently, how much of a problem it creates not only for the owner but for the employees who are hired to carry out their jobs on that particular equipment. Moreover, we have decided to bring about this equipment to increase the productivity of the industry.

    • Insulated

    Because of the predominant use of heating, vat is carried out while taking up the pasteurization process. Pasteurization involves heating the milk to a significant temperature. If for this process, insulation is not used, then the whole vessel may become heated and it will be a tedious task to transfer the hot milk. So we have borne in mind this aspect. Based on that we have installed a triple-layered insulation system.

    • Easy cleaning

    Pasteurization needs to be performed frequently in the dairy industry. We acknowledge that it becomes difficult to clean the equipment because of the complexity in its design. NK Dairy always aims at the maximum convenience of its customers. So this equipment is manufactured in such a way that it becomes really handy to cleanse the same.

    • Less occurrence of faults

    Complicated manufacturing always results in the occurrence of frequent faults. Since we have kept its design and structure simple, you will be able to carry out the minimal repair work. Moreover, if any serious repair work comes to light, we are here to help you with our professional repairers.

    • Temperature setting

    We highly recognize the need to transform the temperature for variegated dairy processes. For this reason, NK dairy aimed at making the temperature setting system simple and easy. For this reason, even uneducated labour will be able to set the required temperature.

    • Space requirements

    Space concerns are sought in the dairy industry because of the installation of the heating vat since you have the choice to choose from the following:

    • Horizontal
    • Vertical

    Final Thoughts

    We acknowledge each need of the dairy industry, so we are committed to helping them with the technology that not only smoothens their work but also supports them with alleviated & increased productivity.