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    Stainless Steel Inline Filter

    How beneficial is it to install quality stainless steel inline filters?

    NK Dairy is a well-known team of dairy equipment and tool manufacturers

    Stainless Steel Inline Filter manufacturer & suppliers India, Stainless Steel Inline Filter Manufacturer & Suppliers India, The Nk Dairy team has gained huge demand among the dairy business owners. With each passing year, they have built a strong customer base by ensuring the business is benefited from premium-grade dairy equipment & tools.

    With the Nk dairy team, the dairy business owner is benefited through the Stainless Steel Inline Filter. These are designed with perfection and their operating mechanism is one of the kind.

    Stainless Steel Inline Milk Strainer

    What is its application?

    A Sanitary inline filter is installed to protect instruments, pumps, and other devices. It allows them to work properly. Some of the amazing features which it provides are:

    • Compact structure

    The stainless steel provides a compact structure because of the selected material used in it.

    • Strong filtering mechanism

    One of the best features is that its filtering mechanism is extremely strong. Even the tiniest particle will be filtered from it so that the product is safe for consumption.

    • Reduced pressure

    Its working mechanism is so smooth that the pressure applied to use the product is extremely less. Along with that, the pressure loss is less which is not possible with other options.

    • Convenient

    The use of this filter is extremely convenient, which means you do not have to make much effort to use them.

    • Maintenance

    Once, it is installed, you do not have to bother with the maintenance part. It won’t take much time and effort to get it cleaned.

    What is the material quality used in it?

    • SS304
    • SS304L
    • SS316
    • SS316L

    What is the available connection in it?

    • Welding ends
    • Tri-Clamp ends
    • Union ends
    • Male ends

    Just tell what your needs are and they will get it designed the way you like it to be. All the necessary specifications are kept in mind which helps you get of a kind product.

    Different availability of elements

    With our products, the option you will get will be of the highest dirt loading capacity. Also, the inline filters will provide a small envelope where size is extremely limited. The housing options are constructed through the use of stainless which is 17-4 and it contains different elements like:

    • Porous sintered stainless steel
    • Glass fiber elements help the dirt to be held correctly
    • Pleated stainless steel which has wire mesh housing

    What is the different Element of Media?

    • Glass fiber: 10, 5, and 3 micron ABS
    • Stainless Steel Mesh: 7, 5, 3, and 1 micron ABS
    • 304 Stainless Steel Mesh: 300, 150, 75, 40, 25, 18, and 10.

    How installation of this product is beneficial?

    • All the needed accessories with this stainless steel inline filter do not take much time for installation.
    • With each of the products, certain corrosion resistance properties help to last in for a long time.
    • The material is of the highest strength.
    • The product assembly and welding are not going to take much of your time.

    Whether you want to revamp your business place or want to start a new one, then get in touch with the NK dairy team for premium quality equipment & machinery.