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    Ghee Plant

    Ghee Plant

    Essentially, ghee is prevalent in the South Asian nations, not just for food reason, it is used in many areas such as cosmetics, medicines, and customary religious ceremonies. In addition, ghee is actually known as clarified or purified butter. Moreover, the quality of ghee depends on the quality of butter or the source of milk.

    About Ghee plant

    This the equipment is used to convert milk from one state to another. This equipment is used to convert the milk from liquid to solid or semi-solid state. The machine comes with various storage capacities and the corresponding price. Here at NK dairy, we offer high profitability Ghee Plant that is fundamentally used for extraction of ghee from milk. This whole procedure incorporates separation, filtration, clarification, softening and melting of butter. After this cooling process is performed in order to pack the ghee in boxes. Our ghee plant incorporates below-mentioned units such as-:

    • Butter Melting unit
    •  Butter Oil Transfer Pump
    •  Prestratification Tank
    •  Transfer Pump
    •  Ghee Boiler
    •  Ghee Balance Tank With Filter
    •  Ghee Settling Tank
    •  Ghee Clarifier
    •  Ghee Storage Tank
    •  Ghee Packing System
      Let’s see how ghee plants work.

    Ghee plant Setup

    If you have a big dairy farm then you must go for large scale ghee manufacturing plant.
    Moreover, if you are leading a small scale ghee plant than, you should fix the small scale ghee manufacturing plant in a covered space. In addition, you have to select the location carefully where you actually want to set ghee milking plant. These are not only factors which you have to consider while installing this plant, additionally, you also ensure the good water resource there and must check the transport facility in order to deliver the ghee to other places. 

    Ghee Making Machine

    Basically, the necessity of ghee making machine relies upon the assembling procedure you pursue. In any case, for the immediate cream technique, you should go with the following hardware include-:

    • Pressure and temperature measures
    •  Thermometer
    •  Movable, stainless steel tube which is centrally bored in the kettle
    •  Weighing scale
    •  Agitator
    •  Steam heated the double jacketed kettle, which is normally made up of stainless steel or the best quality steel.
    • And Steam control valve


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