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    Cows Urine Ark Plant

    The cow has been given the status of a mother in India. Cow’s milk has been a valuable diet supplement since ancient times. But there is another product which the cow provides. Many people have been ignorant of the fact that cow dung and urine occupy a special place in natural resources owing to their high utility. It is a pity that the farmers abandon their cows after they are past the milk-producing age. Worse still, they may send them to slaughter homes where they are killed mercilessly.

    • Many people are ignorant of the fact that cow dung and cow urine will fetch them much higher prices as they are valuable resources.
    • Cow urine or gaumutra has special medicinal properties. It is considered as a solution to many modern-day health problems.
    • Cow dung also acts as an excellent fertilizer.
    • While a bottle of gaumutra will fetch around any amount between rs .60 and rs .150 per liter. It fetches much more than beef would.

    NK dairy presents Cow urine ark plant which performs the function of making products from cow urine and cow dung. The plant is beneficial to those who want to set up a cow urine product outlet or those who want to avail the products for their personal use.

    • The expert team at our plant ensures that the product lives up to the high standards.They also take care that the products are devoid of any harmful chemicals.
    • The products which the plant produces are available at very reasonable rates.

    cow urine ark plant
    An overview of the Product :

    • The arc plant comes with an  Evaporator which  has a  working capacity of  50 liters onwards
    • The distillate obtained per batch is  up to 25% of the initial volume
    • Batch cycle time is for  2 to 3 hours
    • Processing of contact parts takes place in stainless steel grade SS304
    • The plant has a stainless steel condenser for vapor condensation
    • The Distillate is  collected  in suitable drums/carboys
    • There are Interconnecting piping and  fitted  valves for equipment operation
    • It can work under  100 °C temperature atmospheric pressure
    • It has a digital temperature controller with sensor
    • Immersion heaters are provided for heating which means that a separate boiler is not required.
    • It comes with a Prewired control panel box
    • It has a freestanding, stand-alone design
    • It requires a power supply of 415 VAC 3 Phase

    Grade Standard Food Grade, Medicine Grade
    Packaging Size 50 ml to 20 liter
    Packaging Type Plastic bottles or carboys
    Usage Clinical, Personal