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    Milk Crate

    Nk Dairy: Trusted name in the manufacturing & quality Dairy machinery

    Milk Crate manufacturer and suppliers in India. With years of know-how and the maven team of manufacturers have helped NK dairy to be on the top. The improved technology with the best state-of-the-art method has allowed us to serve the dairy business owners with a kind product. From the milk pasteurizing machine to boilers, we have everything you are looking for. Not only that but you can even get the Milk Crate which is made of fine quality material.

    Strongest industry quality milk crates

    NK dairy is produced by manufacturing the equipment with avant-garde technology. The use of the strongest industrial quality milk crates has helped the business owner to manage the process with ease.
    In the market, we aim to provide the clients with nothing but the best. The material is engineered with the use of heavy-duty plastic. This allows to increase the product longevity and the heaviest products can be stacked and stored, till the time it is not ready to go to further steps.
    We assure you to give you the best kind of product which is tested through various processes to ensure that the milk crates are perfect.

    Able to hold different pressure

    With the heavy-duty industrial dairy crates, it becomes easier to withstand an excessive amount of pressure. These are some of the strongest which you can get from the market.
    At NK dairy, we create the perfect solution which can benefit every customer. Moreover, you can get them at an economical price and we assure you that there is no one else who can beat the price we provide.

    Able to multiple time

    With these milk crates, multiple items can be held in the milk crate. These help in organizing the stuff in a better manner. There is the steel ring reinforcement which is made of industrial-grade plastic and they are going to last for a lifetime. With their use, the product is going to be easy to stack one above the other.

    Product Information

    Nk dairy provides the customers with nothing but the product is authentic and all the money you have invested should not get wasted. We are here to cater to all your needs of the dairy business so that the work goes smoothly & effectively.
    We make sure to test the product so that the consumer can buy them and make use of them to the maximum.

    • The experts manufacture the strongest product as it is made through the use of high-density polyethylene.
    • It contains the cut-out handles
    • The interior of each Authentic Milk Crate measures 12″ sq. x 10-3/8″ h

    If you want to buy any of the milking equipment or machinery then get in touch with our team to get all the information you need. They will ensure that before the product is delivered to you, it needs to be checked on different parameters. By doing so, it will allow the businesses to make the most out of these products. Get a hold of our team to get the premium quality dairy product to boost your business.