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    Ghee Clarifier Machine

    Ghee Clarifier machine Manufacturers & Suppliers India, Nk Dairy team supplies the Ghee clarifier which comprises a cast-iron frame and it is present in the lower part. You can get the ghee clarifier in different capacities which can range from different LPH. Through the quality ghee clarifier, it will ensure the product lasts for a long time. With the NK Dairy team, no matter which product you will get it is corrosion-resistant.

    Specifications of the Ghee Clarifier

    The design of the ghee clarifier is standard and it contains the outlet open flanged. The lubrication is possible through the gears and these are added to the oil bath. Before delivering it to the end-consumer, the ghee is clarified correctly. It is better that you should get all the necessary details from the experts. Be it price or Quantity, talk about all the factors which come to your mind.

    What is its working principle?

    Ghee from the settling tank is fed through the inlet placed on the ghee clarifier top. The separated material from the ghee residue will be shifted to the solid wall bowl which is present under the centrifugal force. The material is collected in the sludge space of the bowl and ghee starts reaching the clarifier outlet.

    What do you need to know about its Basic unit?

    • The machine comes with a cast-iron frame and the drive is present in the lower part. The bowl is affixed with the spindle top. The oil bath contains the worm gear.
    • Different parts are present along with the ghee distributor which includes discs, bowl hood, bowls hood, and many more which are made from stainless steel 304.
    • The machine is made with the set standards which ensure the functioning is proper. Also, all the spare parts are properly attached.

    Why you should choose NK Dairy?

    Nk dairy is the leader in dairy machine & equipment manufacturing. We have a customer base that is highly-valued and our quality service is what ensures all our clients are satisfied with the service.

    • Quick Response Time

    We are trusted for our services because of the response time. We ensure the client gets all the necessary information on time.

    • Star supplier

    We are the star supplier for the ghee clarifier product. As all the products are made from the best material.

    • Verified product

    No matter which product you can get from us have a trust seal verification. This makes it comfortable for them to trust us for every product.

    The years of experience have helped the customer to get a wide array of equipment. Each of our products is fabricated to be well-suited for the modern dairy plant. Most importantly, the high-tech performance is what makes a lot of difference in the final results.

    We are here to give you a wide range of quality products. Moreover, everything is available at an affordable price. For more information, you can reach out to our team and get all the necessary specifications.