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    Gas Steam Boiler in India

    All About the Gas Steam Boilers–Diverse Application, Types, Parts and More


    Steam boilers are one of the most important components in many industries.  Gas Steam Boiler in India from NK Dairy Equipments has many uses in the commercial and industrial sectors. There are many residential uses of gas steam boilers. The main purpose of a gas steam boiler is to provide the power of pressurized steam, which can be utilized for various purposes in different sectors. 

    Primary Use of Boiler:

    The main work assigned to the boiler is to convert steam from the water. But the steam heating the water to its boiling point is pressurized. Multiple combustible fuel sources are utilized to convert the steam from water. The heating process differs for different kinds of boilers. There are two kinds of boilers: one is a firetube boiler, and the other is a watertube boiler. 

    Firetube Boiler : 

    In a firetube boiler, the combustible fuel source is enclosed, and the water surrounds the tube. As the temperature inside the tube increases, the water temperature increases, too. And this heating process is continued until the water transforms into steam. 

    WaterTube Boiler:

    In water boilers, there are multiple tubes, and inside these tubes, water flows continuously. In water tube boilers, the heat source is outside the tube. Water Tube boilers are used where high pressure and high efficiency are required. 

    Pressure Vessel: 

    Steel, like high-strength material, is used to manufacture pressure vessels because they are applied to hold the steam inside at very high temperatures and pressure. 


    You can say the fuel source is a burner for providing heat to the boiler. Burning fuels such as gas, coal and natural oil are burnt to produce the high temperature. 


    Leading Gas Steam Boiler Manufacturers like NK Dairy Equipments Suggest that Tubes should be made from strong and rigid material because these tubes play a crucial role in holding water inside a water boiler and holding the high temperature with combustible fuel in a firetube boiler. 


    Economizer plays a crucial role in preheating the incoming water. It simply captures the heat from the boiler’s exhaust gases and uses them for preheating purposes to enhance the boiler’s efficiency. 

    Deaerator Tank: 

    This tank plays a crucial role in preventing corrosion in boilers. In this tank, the water’s oxygen and other dissolved gases are removed. 

    Heat Exchanger

    The heat exchanger transfers the heat energy from the hot gases to water, increasing the boiler’s overall steam production. 

    Control Panel: 

    This panel allows the operator to gain proper insight into the boiler, and according to that insight, the operator can also adjust the temperature and pressure from this panel. 

    Feedwater Tank: 

    This tank serves the purpose of water treatment and water collection. Chemical for preventing corrosion inside the boiler tank is also poured into this tank. 

    Combustion system: 

    Responsible for efficient combustion by providing the true air-fuel ratio. 

    Reverse Osmosis System: 

    This system removes the impurities from the water before entering it into the boiler.


    The boilers made by NK dairy equipment are made by strictly following the safety guidelines. Because a minor safety mistake can destroy the whole industry, you need to buy quality Gas Steam Boiler Machines from Nk Dairy Equipments to avoid this catastrophic failure, which could take your life.