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    Mini Dairy Processing Plant


    Dairy products are an important part of our life. From morning to night, we use lots of dairy products. Our morning starts with a milk tea and ends with warm milk at night.Throughout the day, we need other dairy products also. In India, we love eating sweets, paneer and ghee, but do we ever know how these delicious dairy products are made? Now, India is moving towards development, and industrialization is also increasing. Lots of fields of production also develop themselves with this fast-moving world.In this era of development, NK DAIRY EQUIPMENT is your reliable friend. They can provide you with the best Mini Dairy Processing Plant machines.Now you must be thinking about what Mini dairy process plant.

    What is a Mini Dairy Processing Plant in India?

    India is the largest manufacturer of milk and dairy products. So, it is required to establish dairy processing plants in a large number. Yes, we have lots of brands that have large dairy processing plants. But that’s not enough to fulfil the requirements of all the consumers. Even lots of consumers are not able to buy their products. Then, it became necessary to establish a Mini Dairy Processing Plant in India the small milk factories. Large areas are not required to be set up. This mini dairy processing plant can be on a farm

    What kind of products are made by Mini Dairy Processing Plant manufacturers:

    Let’s guess, with the name, what kind of product will be manufactured in the Mini Dairy Processing Plant. They are milk, curd, cheese, paneer, condensed milk, cream and ghee.Let’s check out the products and process of making those items


    First, let’s know how many types of milk we can produce. Variety of Pasteurized milk, standardized milk, skimmed milk, reconstituted milk, ultra-high temperature milk(UHT) and fortified milk. Worldwide, people don’t prefer to drink unprocessed or Raw milk. So, it is necessary to meet the demand of consumers. Milk is very important for us Indians


    First, heat the milk till it gets pasteurized. Then we must let it cool; we need lime juice, vinegar or fruit acid to coagulate the milk. After this, we must set the coagulated milk aside until it becomes curd. Curd is one of the delicious products that is made with milk.


    First, we need to heat the milk. After that, we need to add lemon juice or vinegar. Then we have to wait till whey and curd start separating. Curd is the main ingredient for making paneer. When the whey and curd both separated, we needed a muslin to drain the whey from the curd. Then, we have to set our paneer by putting weight on it to drain excess water from the paneer. When excess water drains out, and curd becomes harder, the paneer is ready.


     Cheese is somehow like paneer, but a few steps are different for making cheese, giving it a different flavour and texture. For making cheese, first, we need to choose a type of milk. Different types of milk have different flavours and textures to it. Then, what type of coagulating agent are we using? It also helps the cheese to get its flavour. After milk gets coagulated, we must separate the whey from the curd and keep it in a separate place to dry and age. Ageing is an important step in making cheese. During the ageing process, cheese achieves its most strong flavour.

    Condensed milk:

    Condensed milk is one of the favourite products of sweet lovers. It is also easy to make condensed milk. First, you need sugar-mixed milk. You need to boil the mixture, but after, you should let it cook on a low flame until it is reduced. After that,we should add butter to give it a creamy texture. After that we need to transfer the mixture and let cool for some time

    How to set up a Mini Dairy Processing Plant:

    To set up a Mini Dairy Processing Plant, first, we need to be concerned about the sanitized and clean place. Contamination can happen in water dairy plants. Secondly, we require high-quality equipment which is made up of steel. This equipment should be easy to clean and durable. For this type of equipment, you can trust NK DAIRY EQUIPMENT. They are the best Mini Dairy Processing Plant manufacturers.
    Let’s develop our country with the help of trustworthy companies like NK DAIRY EQUIPMENTS, who are committed to them and provide the best products.