Lassi Machine

As we explore India’s tradition, we see that there are many food stuffs enjoyed by the citizens. These foods are also enjoyed by exotic individuals in restaurants or in the homes visited in India. Lassi is one of the traditional drinks that can be served with any meal in India. A Lassi making machine is used in homes and commercial places to achieve a better quality of Lassi.

NK Dairy Manufacturers and suppliers are one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of Lassi making machine in India. The machine is highly durable with various specifications for proper usage. Our machine is specifically designed to facilitate proper workflow and no disturbances during the process.

With perfectionism and specialty, NK dairy equipment provides a wide range of Lass Making Machines according to the client’s desires. The machine is excellently designed to perfectly suite in your kitchen or restaurant.

Benefits of using our Lassi Making machine

  • High quality Lassi
  • Can be used to make herbal Lassi
  • Fresh Lassi
  • Promoting better standards at your restaurant
  • Better hygiene
  • Saves time
  • 100% Efficient
  • User Friendly
  • Durable
  • Low maintenance

Our multipurpose machine can be used for any other activity regarding the production of soft drinks.

NK dairy equipment provides a wide range of Lassi machines that are approved to match the dairy and milk standards in India. The highly reliable machine has a strong stainless steel body which is durable and at the same time attractive.

The machine is capable of producing 4 litres of Lassi at once and consumes less power during the process. The highly sophisticated machine is ideal for all types of Lassi that you may require.

The machine is designed using hygienic alloys and stainless steel which are harmless to the human body. The machine is fully fastened to prevent any leakage. You don’t require more power to spin the substance while making the lassi due to the reduced efforts that our machine provides.

In the case of damage in the future, the machine is easily repaired at a low cost.

Why NK Dairy Equipment

NK dairy equipment has for so long specialized in making quality and standard dairy equipment for domestic and commercial purposes. The widely used machines and equipment in India are attained at a friendly cost or at what you may call a competitive price.

Our machines are manufactured in different models, each with its own capacity. With our specialty, we continue to manufacture and supply the best dairy machines in the whole of India.

We are a number one customer’s choice when it comes to milk machines and equipment. We continue to serve our clients with loyalty and dignity because of the trust they have shown NK dairy Equipment.

For that matter, we are more than willing to supply dairy machines manufactured using advanced technologies to keep India’s dairy sector at the peak. We import and utilize advanced techniques and that is why we have attained remarkable achievements in the dairy sector.