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    Milk Storage Tank

    We are well  established company involves in the manufacturing and export of the milk storage tanks. We provide the best quality storage tanks that cool and maintain the milk quality at 4C.

    After the extraction of milk at 37C and continues to remain at the room temperature but this room temperature and bacterial growth will affect the quality of milk. These storage tanks cool the milk to 4C in the specific time. These tanks are available in the different shapes and sizes depending on the amount of milk.

    Storage tanks have various benefits for the dairy farmers as they can store the huge quantity of milk with the retained quality for longer time. It help the farmers to save their cost, maintenance and time without any worry about the milk storage and bacterial growth in the milk at the room temperature


    • These tanks have robust design with faster cooling owing to direct expansion
    • Specific durability
    • Occupy minimum space
    • Digital temperature controller
    • User friendly design
    • Energy conscious

     Types of storage milk tanks

    There are various types of tanks that differ in the size and shapes

    • Horizontal storage tanks
    • Vertical storage tanks

    On the basis of capacity there can be two types

    • Storage tank- 5000 LTR
    • Storage tank – 2000 LTR
    • Rated capacity- 5000 LTR
    • Construction material- AISI 304 SS
    • S. Thick Inner- 2 MM
    • S. Thick Outer- 2 MM
    • Milk Measuring Facility- Dip Stick
    • Thickness of Insulation- 100MM with thermo coal and puff.
    • Slope + Flat bottom
    • Conical top with 450mm manhole
    • Conical top outer + insulation
    • Shaft made from SS304 -60mm
    • Fan type mixing blade along with baffle plates made from SS30 -8 mm Flats
    • Gearbox- 3 H.P. side mounted with mechanical seal
    • Legs made from SS304 schedule 10-150NB
    • Legs with height adjustable Ball Feet
    • Rated capacity- 5000 LTR
    • Flange – Light and sight glass
    • Outer ladder SS304 – 1” dairy pipe
    • Inner Ladder SS304 – 12mm rod
    • Sampling valve, thermo well connections
    • Inlet, outlet union connections.
    • 2 nos of 2” spray CIP valve
    • 1 no. of 2” outlet SS304 plug valve
    • MS channel stiffeners between inner and outer shell for strength and support
    • High & Low level switch with alarm and hooter
    • Temperature transmitter + indicator
    • Level transmitter + indicator
    • Panel – S.S. 304
    • Motor starter for gearbox motor
    • Rated capacity- 2000 LTR
    • Construction material- AISI 304 SS
    • S. Thick Inner- 2.5 MM
    • S. Thick Outer- 2 MM
    • Milk Measuring Facility- Dip Stick
    • Thickness of Insulation- 2.5”
    • MOC – S.S. 304 (2 MM)
    • LID – Suitable Dimension with 1.5 MM foldable
    • Size – As per Client Choice
    • Outer Size – 38 MM with Butterfly Valve
    • Leg – S.S. Round Feet Adjustable


    These storage tanks have the different prices according to the capacity and size. In the industry, storage tanks are supplied at the different prices. We believe in long term relations with the clients so we offer the tanks at the affordable prices.

    We strive for the best quality as per the international standards but fix the lower prices so that clients can have durable designs with the cost advantage.


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