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    Milk Receiving Filter – Low & High Pressure

    Milk receiving filter

    Milk Receiving Filter – Low & High pressure manufacturer & suppliers India, With our professionally qualified and highly-trained team, each of the product designs is managed with perfection. The experts are here to do proper designing, research, testing and committed to giving you aesthetically pleasing results. We ensure that the quality is given utmost importance in all regards. With our Milk Receiving Filter– Low & High pressure, the dairy farm business is helped to the most. It is important to understand that its installation is important in the dairy farm. Some of the benefits of milk receiving filters are mentioned properly:

    • Making sure the clients get high-quality milk.
    • Looking for mastitis and other potential health issues.
    • Check the environment which is not clean or get it corrected on time.
    • Making sure that the coolers are clean, there should not be any dust and everything should be functional.

    Filtering milk need in different regulations

    It is important to understand that filtering milk is needed under different regulations.

    Regulation 761 under the Milk Act

    The procedure is not allowed to offer or sell milk that has not been filtered through the means of stainless steel mesh-type filter or single-service filter. Its basic aim is to separate the solid particles which are present in the milk before it gets into the bulk tank.

    What is it working?

    When the raw milk is pumped on the porous surface of the milk filter it helps in putting pressure on both sides of the filter which starts putting force and it is smaller as compared to the milk filter.

    The size of the milk filter pore is from 100 to 250 micrometers. In comparison to pore size, the particles are lagers which help to be caught in the filtration method when they enter the bulk tank.

    Milk Filter Location

    Milk filter installation is done on the discharged side of the milk pump which is in the pipeline between the bulk tank and milk pump. The filtration with warm milk is much easier as compared to cold milk as it can block the filtering system.

    Moreover, the milk filter’s materials are great as it offers sturdy seam, high-wet strength, reliable filtration, and pores are distributed with consistency.

    Milk Filter Types

    When milking is done, there is the use of the filters and pipeline method. Permanent filters are made through the use of fine stainless mesh or screens which need to get approval before they can be used. Their blue colored filter helps in giving an upper hand. It is also said that the white filter can even help in detecting the issues on time.

    Sizing the Milk Filters

    You can get the filters in different sizes and weights. Make sure that you get the one that fits perfectly with the system. When the product is manufactured, the needs of the clients are kept in mind, and then only the further steps are carried out.

    NK Dairy offers a spectrum of dairy equipment

    If you are looking for high-quality milk filters, then we have the availability of all range of filters to suit your parlor needs. For optimum efficiency, it is best to use such products and carry out the entire process with ease to get quality milk.