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    Stainless Steel Milk Can Scrubber

    What is Stainless Steel Milk Can Scrubber? What are the features of it?

    Stainless Steel Milk Can Scrubber Manufacturer & Suppliers India, In the Dairy business, the can scrubbers are in increased demand because of the avant-garde technology. They are known by different names like milk can cleaner, can washer, milk can cleaning machine, and many more. The Stainless Steel Milk Can Scrubber has been of great benefit to the dairy business.

    Nk dairy has been serving customers for many years with updated and improved dairy equipment. Our adaptable and proficient team fulfills the needs of the customers to ensure the entire work is done with ease. The can scrubbers manufactured by our team are widely appreciated by the clients for the sturdiness and durability it offers.

    Customization and competitive price

    The products manufactured by NK dairy are offered at a competitive price and all the

    necessary specifications are fulfilled on time.

    Technical specifications

    The installation of a scrubber machine makes the best choice to scrub the interior and exterior surfaces mechanically. In this case, the bottom of stainless and aluminum milk cans are included. The milk can be sized in 40 liter which comes under the standard category. To wash them there is no need to make much effort and no limitation is included in it.

    What are the necessary features in it?

    • Low maintenance

    Being a business owner we all wish to look for something which is low maintenance or does not need much effort to keep its operation working in the right state. Just ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s suggestions and the product will be in the best state.

    • Easy operational mechanism

    Most importantly, the working mechanism of the milk can scrubber is easy to carry out. Even the dairy equipment manufacturer will let you know what needs to be done.

    • Hard-wearing construct

    As the material is of good quality and with the improved working method, it will last for a long time.

    What is the stainless steel composition?

    Steel is a combination of carbon and iron. Stainless steel is steel that contains 10.5% chromium, alloying element, and 1.2% carbon. Stainless steel contains mechanical properties and it is highly corrosion resistant which helps in increasing the features of other elements like niobium, manganese, titanium, nickel, molybdenum, and many other materials.

    How does the material react when it comes in contact with water, air, and humidity?

    When steel gets in contact with air, a chromium oxide layer is formed on the material surface. This layer helps in protecting it and it will be able to repair itself.

    Milk Can Bath Space

    The bath provides robust construction which has stainless steel around 2mm thick and rigid top edges which can hold around 425 liters.

    Drive Function

    With drive function, the one end has a tight removable cove and at the expanded end a crimped nylon bristle brush is present. This allows stopping the access of water to the drive unit which comes through the bath.