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    P.H.E (Plate Heat Exchanger) – 300 LPH to 5000 LPH

    What are plate heat exchangers? What types are used in the dairy industry?

    Plate heat exchanger

    P.H.E( Plate Heat Exchanger) – 300 LPH to 5000 LPH manufacturer & suppliers India, The design plate of the heat exchanger is beneficial for the dairy industry. The different layers of plates help in transferring the heat. The plate is held at a fixed place and there is a loose pressure plate which makes the unit complete. With transfer plate, there is the availability of a gasket, along with 2 separate channels. Your dairy business can make the most out of P.H.E (Plate Heat Exchanger)- 300LPH to 5000 LPH product manufactured by the NK dairy team. The corrugated plates result in turbulence which helps everything flow in the right manner and heat transfer is coefficient.

    Milk Chiller

    NK dairy is a notable team of experts for delivering the best quality product to clients. Our quality of milk chillers is valuable in wide-range. From the able & proficient team of professionals, the heat exchangers are manufactured with perfection. Most importantly, the fine quality components are installed with each of the systems.

    Our team is highly acclaimed and serves the product which is highly functional and can be operated in any possible condition. The heat exchange through the plate is uniform. Furthermore, we deliver the product to the clients at an affordable rate.

    What are the features of a milk chiller?

    • Long operational life
    • No Space Constraint
    • Competitive Price
    • Low maintenance
    • Reduced Fouling
    • Heat Transfer Coefficients Is High
    • Expansion Provision
    • Liquid Hold-up is Minimal
    • Increase in Turbulence
    • Wide range of Duties
    • Optimum performance

    You can get them customized as per your needs. Just inform about the requirements which you are looking for.

    Double Section Miller Chiller

    NK dairy professionals acclaimed team in the dairy industry is offering the clients with best solutions for their dairy farm. All the products come with high-grade stainless steel which is going to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is going to help in increasing the shelf-life of the product and it helps to keep it fresh for a long time.

    What are the features of the Miller chiller?

    • Increased palatable
    • Better digestibility
    • Produces soft curd
    • The quality of milk is improved

    Dahi Chiller

    It is important to understand the ever-evolving requirements of the customers. We are offering the best of best service to the clients. Everything is hassle-free and the product will have all the necessary functionalities in it. It is going to help in making the product perform better. NK dairy team follows the industry standards which ensures that the dairy equipment and machinery are of the best use, no matter in which sector they are installed.

    Get in touch with the experts

    You should get in touch with the experts and they will get the product customized for you. We ensure that all the products you get are the best and before delivering it to your doorstep we make sure the quality is up to date and they should be free from any type of fault. For further information, get in touch with our team today only.