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    GEA Milking Parlors

    Milking Parlor Auto Tandem


    Gentle milking with higher throughput: AutoTandem milking parlor, NKdairyequipments and GEA meets the highest requirements of both cow comfort and efficiency.This milking parlor is completely different from other parlors:

    • Individual boxes provide you perfect view of the cow and makes the process easy.
    • Cows milked individually and on its own – which increases throughput.
    •  All boxes for cows can be arranged flexibly – suitable for all buildings.
    • Milking control units, milking arms and pulsators. (You can choose from a range components of modern milking parlor )
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    Herringbone Parlours


    EuroClass 800/850 and 800 RE– milking at its best!

    Great space-saving design
    With its time and space saving design, the EuroClass 800/850 herringbone milking parlour is simply unbeatable when it comes to efficiency. The short distances between cow positions (800/850 mm modular dimension) allow sufficent space for the animals to be monitored individually and for the cluster to be applied comfortably through the back legs. Result: More milking places in the same amount of space as a conventional parlour –giving lower construction costs!

    Simply unbeatable efficiency

    High efficiency level’s in a successful parlour are achieved where everything runs smoothly and without any stress.

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    Rotary Milking Systems



    The iDURO is a high performance entry level rotary platform, making it a perfect option for those with shorter operating times.
    Allowing for a seamless integration with all automation products and expert milking equipment the iDURO can grow with your business. A low maintenance cost effective system that will keep you running during your peak operating times.
    The solution starts with the platform and stalling to suit your needs, then the milking system and automation…

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    Side-by-Side Parlours


    The Global 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor from GEA is the best for medium-sized and larg dairies to incredibly convenient for milkers and increases throughput significantly.

    Advantages of the Global 90i Side-by-Side milking parlor:

    • High throughput with fast front exit and quick positioning of the animals
    • MultiLine operating panel is more convenient for the milker and protects sensitive components
    • Individual indexing with flexible front arm
    • Robust and durable construction
    • Open design and wide gangways for greater cow comfort
    • Milking stalls can be opened individually and independently of one another as needed
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    Milking Machine and its types with a Working Model

    Milking Machines are used for collecting milk from the cows and buffalo. These types of machinery are used in cow and buffalo forming sector where there are more than 100 animals. It is not possible to collecting milk manually from all the animals so we suggest to use  this machinery. There are mainly four types of Milking machines are used in this process. They are:

    • Parallel
    • Tandem
    • Herringbone
    • Rotary
    • In a Parallel milking, process animals are standing parallel then the machine starts the process. The timing of this process is 2 to 3 minutes for each one.
    • In a Tandem process animals are standing in the order of one by one then the machine starts the process.
    • In a Herringbone is just like the Parallel method but in this process, animals are standing at 45-degree angle
    • In a rotary process is completely different from the other machine. Animals can travel in the rotary plate enjoy themselves at the time the machine collecting milk.

    Milking Parlor Curd Plant Process and It’s technology

    Milking Parlor: Milking Parlor is the place of collecting milk from the cows by using the different milking machines some of the machines are mentioned below:

    • Parallel
    • Tandem
    • Herringbone
    • Rotary

    Each milking process Machine carries out a separate way of milking.

    Curd Plant: This plant is made for the Curd making process. It is widely used in dairy production and beverage industries. These types of plant have all the techniques to control the dairy process. Parts of the Plant are Continuous curd milk Pasteurization system, De-aerator and deodorizer, Homogenizers, Culture preparation and dosing system and Aseptic and non-aseptic curd cup filling. The main features involved in this process is PLC Controlled plant, Adjustable setting for temperature, high production capacity per hour, Require low maintenance, Installed with all the safety devices, Indicator Display. These are all the features and parts installed in Curd plant.  


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