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    Dairy Air Compressor

    Dairy Air Compressor Manufacturers & Suppliers India, As we know, how quintessential it is to maintain hygiene in the dairy plants along with the milking parlours. For that NK Dairy has presented an air compressor. Its indispensability is far more than the hygiene aspect because it also helps to maintain the quality of the milk and make it safe for consumption.

    Features of the Air compressor

    • Cost-effective

    Earlier when there were no air compressors, a lot of man force was required to carry out the processing functions. But with the introduction of the air compressors by NK dairy, not only the processing is done with considerable effectiveness but it is also quintessentially cost-effective.

    • Incorporation of all the utilities

    As there is a need for electricity, gas & water in the dairy industry, NK Dairy has acknowledged this fact and has laid out the design which is considerably fitting all the requirements.

    • Versatile

    We all know the requirement of the air compressors is not only limited to carrying out a specific functional activity. Rather there are a bunch of things that are required to be carried out every day with compression.

    • Washes animal waste

    A visit to a dairy farm may be pleasant but as soon as the foul smell hits our nostrils, we are forced to leave it at once. Therefore, for effective and good cleaning of the animal waste, we have included a characteristic of an extremely powerful system for flushing with water with the intensity to clean thoroughly.

    • Milking machines

    The machines which help to milk the cows do use this compressor since it facilitates the generation of the vacuum suction which makes the milk reach the holding or storage tank before it can be used for processing.

    • Pneumatic cylinders

    The usability of the pneumatic cylinders increases when it incorporates the use of the air compressor for compression.

    • Boost profits for dairy farmers

    As the productivity of the farm is sure to rise if we take into account technological advancement, the profits are definite to rise because more energy can now be put on taking care of the activities that could make the farm incorporate new services.

    • Effective cheese production

    We know the complexity of the process that is strategized to produce the cheese, but at the same time, we know the vitality of effective washing of curds for reaching the eventual stage of production of cheese. This aspect also holds importance with health & safety regulations.

    • Cheese press

    As already mentioned, the compressors play a crucial role in the processing activities, so it has also introduced its usability with the cheese press technique.

    High standard packaging

    Whenever the packaging is to be done of the milk or the milk-based manufactured products, the role of the air compressors has been highly admired.