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    Dairy Lab Testing Equipment

    Dairy Lab Testing Equipment manufacturer and suppliers in India, NK Dairy is committed to providing a huge variety of equipment that is required for testing. The Dairy Lab Testing Equipment is particularly required to test the following:

    • Antibiotic content
    • Fat content
    • Viscosity Content
    • Protein Content
    • Moisture content

    General hygiene is also quintessential as far as the crucial testing is concerned. So we are going to tell you why we are recognized in the field of providing dairy farm equipment.

    Ultimate Assistance

    We are recognized for providing the equipment that is particularly designed to assist the farmer & the herd by facilitating them with the lab testing.

    Simple to Use

    The equipment which is used for testing is not only loved because of its easy functioning aspects. It is also admired because it is extremely skimpy to be used. The technology which is incorporated in the process of testing is adored because it precisely gives the results after each testing.

    Rapid Testing

    In this era, where everyone is busy with tight schedules. It becomes quite challenging to bring about the equipment which could help yielding better and refined results at a faster pace. But NK dairy has decided to undertake this challenge and make its owners available with the best equipment. So we are here with the testing equipment that not only yields precise results but it also helps in getting tested rapidly.

    Accurate Results

    The accuracy of the results is quintessential because, in the absence of accuracy, the dairy owners would not be able to take into account the actual quality of the milk.

    Insurance of Standard

    NK dairy is also acclaimed for manufacturing antibiotic testing equipment. We know how indispensable it is to do antibiotic testing because ultimately the testing will help to ensure whether the milk is matching the laid standards. Insurance of standards is quintessential to check whether any of the harmful chemical or toxin product has not entered the food chain. We are committed to providing the following which assists in monitoring the variegated antibiotic level found in milk:

    • Immune receptors
    • Microbial Inhibitor test

    Enhanced profit

    It is quite evident that if the milk will be of significant quality then it would help the dairy owners to retain the highest level of profit. So we are committed to making your business as profitable as it is necessary to rank higher in the competition.

    Detection of the somatic cells

    Detection of the somatic cells and white cells is also quintessential to detect whether the cow is suffering from an infection and that too is induced in the milk or not.

    What We Offer

    • Pasteurization & phosphatase testing
    • Hygiene & microbial detection
    • Texture testing
    • Viscosity testing
    • Protein testing
    • Moisture testing
    • Shelf-life testing