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What makes high-tech milking equipment the future of the dairy business?

The technological strike is difficult to hide from any scenario or area. Indeed! Technological advancement has allowed every business owner to put forward the best in everything. And same goes for the dairy business. As new and updated technologies enter the market, dairy farmers are in a better space. Suppose someone wants to set up the Milk Plant; they have a wide range of dairy equipment and machinery. Most importantly, the dairy business is growing, and how & the advancement do have an essential contribution to this.

Robotic milking machines allow control of everything

The world of automated milking equipment is ever-growing and evolving. The present working mechanism enables the dairy industry to be in a better headspace. Indeed! The world of technology will allow you to get hold of the renowned khoya machine manufacturer to set everything up better.

The technological approach brings the dairy farmers close to modern working. When you compare the working of traditional and contemporary dairy farms, the work is effective in modern dairy farms. So, whether you want to set up an entire dairy plant or add in new dairy machinery like Butter Churner, all that by seeking expert assistance from the dairy business. Indeed! The technological goal is to bring everyone together and allow the business to have productive & better functionality.

Automated post-dipping brings advancement

One of the significant areas of growth and advanced approach is automated post-dipping. The process might seem in the present space, but it will get greater attention and become a thing of daily use with time. The concept of automated technology reduces the need for labor and allows hygiene & milk quality to get much better. Automation limits the chances of contamination and other problems.

Automated function for cow logistics

Another big thing to look out for: Cow logistic. Automated functioning system is still new, and many people don’t know about the given area.

The critical factor is to bring effectiveness in every step and make the functioning as smooth and comfortable as possible. Additionally, one of the money-saving approaches is to include dairy plants in the present time.

NK Dairy Equipments – Brings you close to technology

The expertise and skills of our dairy equipment manufacturer are what you need to choose a better and more practical approach. It’s time to make a necessary change to ensure all your efforts are out to right use.

The present technological wave has a lot to do with the current time. If you want to add something latest and innovative to your dairy farm contact NK Dairy Equipments to analyze better what approach is required to make your dairy business functional in all possible manners. Discuss all your dairy equipment and machinery needs with the team to get started.

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Mawa making a vital part of daily business and Its benefits

Mawa (Khoya)- Provides several health benefits

Milk is one of the essential dairy products known for its different uses for various products. Milk as a dairy product is used in desserts because of the richness, creaminess, color, and moisture it offers. That’s not all; the increasing demand for males opens up an excellent opportunity for the dairy business owners to set up their own Mawa Machine at the dairy plant.

What is Mawa or Khoya?

For mawa preparation, there are given steps:

  • Milk needs to be boiled on a medium flame by using a wide-mouthed pan
  • It’s heated until the water evaporates and only solids are present.

The use of mawa making machine have a higher demand in the dairy sector because mawa in different food preparations like:

  • Gujia
  • Halwa
  • Kheer
  • Barfi
  • Gulab jamun
  • Kalakand
  • And much more!

Are you thinking of installing the maw machine or any other dairy machinery?

It would help to get hold of the leading dairy plant and Ghee Plant manufacturers to seek quality equipment and machinery for better results.

Nutritional value of Mawa

The given table breaks down the nutritional value of mawa to include in your daily life.





Measure (Daily Value)









Total fat



24 gm (37%)



Saturated fat



15 gm (75%)






84 mg (24%)






286 mg (12%)






1019 mg (29%)



Total carbohydrates



30 mg (10%)



Dietary fibre



0 gm






30 gm






20 gm



Vitamin A






Vitamin C 10%















 What are the potential benefits of mawa?

Mawa offers several benefits, just like milk consumption. It’s a good source of protein, calcium, and phosphorus. The nutritional value is exceptionally high, challenging to get from any other source. Some of the topmost benefits of mawa consumption are:

  • High in protein
  • High in calcium
  • May strengthen bones
  • Could prevent the formation of kidney stones
  • Good for bone health
  • Good for muscle development
  • It May benefit cardiovascular health
  • May boost brain health

Including maw into your daily life benefits your overall well-being better. And here are some of the reasons that point towards the same:

  • Mawa is an excellent source to boost cardiovascular health because of being a low-fat dairy product. Additionally, the presence of different nutrients in it, as mentioned in the table, plays an essential part in boosting overall strength.
  • Not just the bone and muscle strength get increased with mawa intake.

Are you ready to set up a mawa-making plant?

Considering all the given benefits, setting up the mawa-making plant is worth considering. Now, all you need is to manage the entire process. And begin your search for the top-rated dairy equipment and machinery for effective working. Reach out to the team of Nk Dairy Equipments to help you choose a reliable choice and get a quality product.

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Registration Open For IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 Attendees

IDF World Dairy Summit 2022

The officials have not announced the IDF World Dairy summit for the last two years due to the COVID-19 breakout. Now they have officially announced the date and the place for the meeting. From 12 September 2022 to 15 September 2022, the IDF World dairy summit will take place in Greater Noida, India. IDF (International Dairy Federation) is very happy to declare the opening of the registration form to0day onwards for one of the most renowned and significant events organized for the Dairy Equipment Manufacturers.

IDF World Dairy Summit Attendants

It is one of the most unparalleled events for all the dairy experts, interested stakeholders, and leaders. People from around the world come together to connect with each other. They get to learn and exchange details and information about the dairy sector worldwide.

Apart from that, at the summit, there will be business leaders, technicians, scientists, nutritional and health experts, marketing professionals, and various other international audiences. The theme for the 2022 WDS program is “dairy for nutrition and livelihood,” which includes technical, different scientific, and marketing sessions.

Highlights Of IDF World Dairy Summit

The IDF in 222 will also introduce some new highlights in the form of the IDF Dairy Innovation Award and the Early Career Scientist Prize. The officials will present both these awards during the event with the other existing awards and rewards. Some of those acknowledgements include:

  • The IDF Award, which we give in recognition of the outstanding contribution to dairy farming globally.
  • IDF Prize Of Excellence, we present this to give rewards to a remarkable recent contribution to the Work Programme Of IDF.
  • Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy is a competition that the IMP group initiated in 1989.

Members Of IDF World Dairy Summit

Mr. Meenesh Shah, the Chairperson of NDDB and the Member Secretary INC-and IDF, stated some points about the whole summit:

  • In the year 1974, India hosted its last International Dairy Congress.
  • We were energetic enough to kick-start our determined plan to become self-sufficient one day in those years.
  • India has come a long way, and now it holds the 1st position as the largest milk-producing country in the world.
  • This feat was possible because of millions of marginal and small-scale dairy farmers. For them, dairy was an essential source of livelihood.
  • In the last 50 years, there has been a tremendous transformation in the Indian dairy sector. And it is one of those achievements that are worth seeing.

About IDF

IDF is basically a leading source of technical and scientific expertise for all the stakeholders in the dairy farming chain.

Cordially Inviting All To Visit IDF World dairy Summit 2022

Now we are eagerly waiting for the IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 to welcome all the khoya machine manufacturers and stakeholders to visit India and make the whole event of IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 indeed a global occasion once again.

For All Intents And Purposes

NK Dairy Equipment, a leading dairy equipment company, has introduced revolutionary ideas to dairy farming throughout this year. If you are interested in purchasing any dairy plant or equipment, you can contact us to enhance the business.

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Reason Why Ghee Manufacturing Plant Is The Best Dairy Farming Business

Are you thinking of opening a ghee dairy plant in the future to expand your business? Then do read this blog for a better understanding of why you choose ghee plants over other forms of the dairy business.

You might be pretty aware of the importance of having a strategy before you open any kind of business, including dairy farming. The first step is to find a trustworthy and reliable Dairy Equipment Manufacturers who will give the best machine for your business. Without acquiring the required machines that will work with excellent productivity, you will not be able to increase the production level to the next extent, especially if you want to survive in this vast and competitive market.

After that, you must know which dairy farming business you want to open. If you are thinking of opening a ghee plant, contact a Ghee Plant manufacturer and book the equipment. P.S: We also provide Khoya Machine.

Let us now delve into some series of questions one might have regarding ghee production and how valid it could be from the business perspective.

 Is Ghee Production A Legit Business

Ghee is one of the most used dairy products that people use in south Asia. The production of Ghee is not only used for cooking purposes in households and the industry for food manufacturing. But it is also extensively used for the purpose of creating ailments for cosmetic or medical purposes. Apart from that, there are varieties of Ghee available in the market depending on the demand of the people. There is a variety of cow milk ghee and non-cow milk ghee. There is also an availability of different kinds of Ghee in the market.

You can build your business by researching which type of Ghee will be the most suitable for your production value and which type of Ghee is in more demand in that particular area.

Given below are some reasons why Ghee will be the best product for your dairy farming. 

Health Benefits Of Ghee

It is known for having various health benefits in them. They are the primary source of healthy fat-soluble vitamins, including vitamins A, D, E, and K. People use them to promote their brain and bone health. Apart from that, it is also famous among people for boosting their immune system. If you want to gain animal fat in the vegetarian diet, then Ghee is one of the highest sources of it.

In addition to that, Ghee also converts fiber into butyric acid. This conversion is very valuable for intestinal bacteria.

Did you know Ghee is also a perfect solution to losing weight?

Yes, it does; apart from maintaining good health and increasing appetite, people also use it to lose weight.

This is because the ghee manufacturer cooks it at a higher temperature point which is more than any other form of oil. This is the reason why it would not break into free radicals like the other form of fat. And free radicals are a possibility to harm one’s good health.

ghee plant

How is the advanced and traditional ghee manufacturing process different?

Ghee manufacturing process

The ghee manufacturing process is an intricate way to manage the business under all possible considerations. Whether you wish to set up your business on a small scale or large scale, you need assistance from the well-known Dairy Equipment Suppliers to make everything come to a successful stage.

As time has passed by everything has evolved: Be it methodology, technique, approach, or work ethics. The biggest factor is installation of latest and advanced machinery as it brings convenience to dairy farmers.

The milk fat concentration is in the milk cream form or milk butter, the primary raw ingredient. For fat-rich clarification, use the right amount of heat. Additionally, boiling purpose allows the water percentage to reduce and be at the desired level to make the process smooth. Most importantly, the Ghee Plant manufacturers are the ones you need to trust to seek the most functional and practical machinery to make the manufacturing process go properly.

Why is the advanced ghee-making process better than the traditional one?

When you talk about traditional one: Be it time, effort, or work, all things take effort. The working is manual, so speed gets down with a continuous approach. Once the product is made, keep it in a safe environment until it reaches the end consumer.

The advanced ghee-making process is the trusted option and makes a difference in “How is everything done?”

The most significant factor is that the ghee quality is top-notch because of advanced and innovative machinery & technology. Under the advanced ghee manufacturing process, there are four primary methods used, mentioned below:

Depending on your business’s nature, you can choose a specific type of method. If you would like to set the ghee-making machinery from the start at your dairy plant, talk to the professionals regarding the milk processing plant cost to better understand how to handle everything effectively.

Long-term benefits of ghee making advanced process

Let’s discuss some of the critical benefits of the opting advanced ghee manufacturing process are:

  • Makes the quality top-notch

Inventive techniques allow control over every step, and most importantly, product quality gets better. So, the advanced approach is the most significant factor in quality products are available to the end consumer

  • Contamination of the products is less

All the steps of ghee manufacturing are performed in a close and proper setting. So, this factor makes sure there is no problem of contamination. The steps of ghee manufacturing are performed carefully because of advanced technique. The latest techniques allow us to check the product and discard the ones that are not up to the mark.

  • Cleaning and maintenance get better.

Cleaning every part of the dairy and ghee-making machine is much better and more effective. So, doing so allows for the correct usage of everything, and the results are much better by all means.

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Dairy Farming: Its Advantages, Limitations, And Selection Of Land

What Is Dairy Farming?

Dairy farming is a type of industry related to agri-business that involves the production of milk from domestic animals. A dairy plant or dairy is typically a plant that involves processing milk and then producing some milk products like khoya with the help of a khoya making machine. At the same time, the domestic animals used in the dairy farm are called dairy animals. In India, the most popular dairy animals involve she-buffaloes, cows, and female goats for milk production for dairy farming.

Many factors dictate the success of dairy farming. Given below is some information about it.

What Are The Advantages Of Dairy Farming?

Here are some advantages of dairy farming if you think of opening one to grow your farming business.

  • Compared to other businesses, the initial investment in dairy farming is low. Thus you would not have to shed a lot of money before your business starts booming.
  • Another factor that is great not only for you but for the environment too is that it is environment-friendly. The risk of pollution from the dairy farming business is very low comparatively.
  • The demand for milk products would never decrease no matter the situation.
  • Cow dung is an excellent source of manure as it increases soil fertility.
  • Cow dung is also very beneficial in producing biogas. People use the slurry from biogas for vermicomposting.
  • You can reduce the risk of animal death by ensuring cows in the dairy farming business.

What Are The Limitations Of the Dairy Farming Business?

As we have already discussed the advantages of dairy farming, let us begin with the limitations of dairy farming.

  • Milk is a perishable product that requires early preservation or marketing.
  • You would require to hire trained and skilled managers for the management department. The initial success of dairy farming mostly depends on promising strategies for early heat detection, proper feeding, timely breeding, and disease control, which could be controlled by a good manager.
  • Due to the increase in the price of the feed ingredients, the cost of milk production is also escalating in recent times.
  • To keep the animals free from any diseases, you should install proper biosecurity measures.

How To Select A Land For Your Dairy Farming?

The selection of land is an essential factor that you must keep in mind before installing your dairy farming business.

  • You should select land for your dairy farming business that is upraised from its surroundings.
  • You should avoid any land which is low and is in the water logging area.
  • The soil of the opted land should be fertile for a significant part of the land as you can use it for fodder cultivation.
  • You should check if there is a good supply of fresh, soft5a and clean water.
  • Good communication with the farm is also a necessary point.
  • You should search for land nearby a veterinary hospital or artificial insemination center.
  • The authorized must supply the electricity to the proposed dairy farm site.

I hope this will help you gather as much information about the dairy farming business as possible.

Final Comments

If you are starting your dairy farming business, contact NK Dairy Equipments for your dairy production equipment manufacturing. A reliable source for your growth.

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Milk production in India is booming; Higher than the wheat and rice demand

Increasing demand for milk directly influences higher milk production

As per the current stats, the milk production in India is around Rs 8.5 Lakh Crore Annually. The milk production is even higher as compared to rice and wheat. The given state tells that the small farmers are the ones because of whom the dairy sector is seeing huge benefits in the present. Such a state also enlightens the fact that advanced and better working Milk Processing Equipment is used to handle the vital work of the dairy business.

Taking measures to strengthen the village economy

Most of the dairy business owners working in the present time in the industry are small farmers. The given opportunity is a perfect choice for the cooperative dairy sector to empower the dairy farmers and women to take work & earn a better livelihood. Additionally, making changes in the way business is done and bringing advanced technology to the dairy farming world allows obtaining better results. If the dairy farmer wishes to set up a khoya plant, then the use of the latest and most modern tech-based khoya Making Machine is required to get better results.

Dairy sectors beneficiary of small farmers

The results are much better when the dairy farm is compared to the wheat and rice business. The results and the opportunities are more in the present time that allows making a difference in working. The small dairy business owners are taking measures to make the business reach a higher stage than it already is.

The dairy farmers do not just manage the dairy processing and other necessary measures at the dairy farmers. But even take care of the cattle. Because their health is of utmost importance to ensure the dairy business production is manageable in all possible ways. So, the small farmers and even those planning to get into the sector have a better opportunity waiting in front of them.

Ease of working and production management

The small-scale dairy business farmers are benefited in different possible ways. Whether you talk about managing production or management of any particular step at the dairy farm, all that is possible in the dairy business. Over time the facilities of the dairy business are getting better, which is what makes a difference in the way work is carried out.

Additionally, the production steps are carried out through modern-based technology, which is the critical factor in taking the business one step ahead. It’s rightly said that making small changes in the dairy business is what is required in the present to see profits in the long run.

Are you in search of dairy equipment and machinery?

Quality. Economical. Result-Driven: Through Nk Dairy Equipments, you get what you are looking for to do the business in a manageable state. If there’s a specific requirement on your mind, then discuss with the team about the same to help you get familiar with the right choice. In the initial phase, the professional approach and understanding are what you do to see profitable results.

Packing machine paneer press machine

How do cheese packaging solutions play an imperative part?

The global Cheese market Is increasing

Under the given stats, it is seen that the global cheese market is expected to grow around $105.9 billion by 2026. All the effective working and how things are managed play a crucial role in managing the sales and taking the cheese industry to the next level. Most importantly, it’s all about managing the necessary demand and getting the production scale of the business taken to the next level. For the dairy business owner who has the necessary Milk Processing Equipment, it’s ideal to make it all manageable and seek the necessary results accordingly. Similarly, the cheese packaging business needs to make it stand out by all means.

Reap all the necessary benefits of flexible packaging

For the cheese brand and packagers, the ideal part is to have added value and offer the necessary convenience to get everything managed precisely. Being flexible with packing methods allows necessary products to have a proper demand-supply chain. There won’t be any damage, whether your dairy business has cheese packaging or khoya Making Machine.

Additionally, the cheese is sold in different packets, which allows the customers to seek the necessary product depending on what they wish for. Moreover, it allows the business to manage all things with ease, and necessary results are obtained to make the dairy business seek the best results. The packaging solution’s effectiveness plays an all-important consideration in keeping up with the transmission rate and allows the cheese moisture to not get affected until it’s not opened.

Increasing sustainability in cheese packaging

One of the imperative parts is taking up the Paneer Cutting Machine and packaging machines to a sustainable level to ensure effectiveness is higher in every case. Seeking the best of methods from start to end makes a lot of difference and allows precision in everything. Effective packaging plays a major role in getting everything done effectively. The right kind of packaging plays an imperative part in ensuring attributes and features are in the right space.

Did you know?

Choosing an approach of compostable and recyclable materials makes a difference in getting product value higher. No matter which material, the ideal approach is to reuse and repurpose everything to ensure the product is in the right space.

How does it benefit the consumers?

Consumers highly prefer those products packaged with perfection and those that offer high shelf life. The option of zippers and sliders allows to make it all efficient and let everything be managed in a safe space. This is why the top-rated dairy business owners make the most in terms of functionality and every step to be done with caution to ensure desired results are obtained without any problem.

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What’s the difference between skimmed milk and full-fat milk?

Skimmed Vs. Full-Mat Milk

The dairy industry is filled with all different dairy products. Under the said approach, it is difficult for individuals to figure out which sort of product to get. One of the most talked-about dairy items is skim and whole milk. The customer often gets confused about what to opt for. If you consider the difference from the business point of view, you have to know which type of  Milk Processing Equipment to ensure the work is carried out most reliably. Let’s make you understand better about both options.

Do you wish to take your business to a larger scale?

In that case, seek the right kind of khoya Making Machine, paneer making machine, cheese cutting and pressing machine, and all the other machinery to manage the dairy business in all the right ways. The business approach is all different when everything is carried out smoothly.

What are the benefits of skim milk?

One of the studies highlighted that saturated fat, and heart disease severity became more apparent with time. And this is where skim milk got a lot of attention. With ever-increasing cases of obesity, getting healthy options started gaining a lot of attention. That’s not all. The choice of a lower-fat diet gained a lot of attention to ensure the health is not compromised in any sense. If you choose to shift the intake from full cream to skim milk, it’s pretty evident that the calorie intake is limited.

That’s not all! Skim milk is filled with all the best vitamins and minerals that are effective for the overall body. There’s the right amount of Vitamin A & Vitamin D, which are all important for the body. Whether you talk about bone or teeth health, skim milk does help in many ways.

Is there anything negative about skimmed milk?

The milk intake needs to be equivalent to the rest of the diet. If skim milk is substituted, then all the unwanted bad nutritional choices must be taken out of the diet. This way, the necessary improvements are made to make it all likely to stand apart.

There might be few who say full fat is the best choice as skim milk can taste not the best. Moreover, some children prefer high-fat milk in all possible ways, and they have seen weight gain because of having increased saturated fat calories daily.

More likely, it’s because of the fat contribution present in the same in terms of making it all effective and helping to make the overall energy levels go higher and higher with time.

Milk is an important part of the daily diet

One cannot neglect the fact milk is a vital part of the daily diet. The presence of all essential protein and minerals in the daily diet makes a difference in making sure nutritional quality is higher. No matter what you wish to add to the diet, it will make a difference.


What are the necessary tips to stay on top of dairy equipment maintenance?

Maintenance is the key factor in our daily life. Just the way we make every tiny effort to keep ourselves fit and maintain. Similarly, as a business owner, maintaining the premises and every working equipment is essential. Especially for the dairy business owner, the upkeep of all the Milk Processing Equipment is crucial to make the functionality better and just like the normal way. Now, let’s make you better understand the dairy equipment maintenance tips that are all essential to follow to ensure equipment investment is worth it in every sense.


What are the topmost dairy equipment maintenance tips?

Whether you talk about khoya Making Machine, paneer making machine, cheese cutting machine, or any other dairy machinery & equipment, maintenance is the way to make the workflow with ease and perfection. Let’s talk you through some of the essential tips one by one.


Tip 1: Don’t miss on maintenance schedule & make it proper

The dairy maintenance schedule is essential to be followed every time. It’s best done when you prepare the necessary documents and keep a check on everything. If you are not sure about what to do, then better take into account the maintenance schedule given by the manufacturer to prepare for everything. Make sure that you add on the number of total equipment you have and when was the last time certain equipment was checked.


Tip 2: Equipment cleaning is necessary

Even if the high demand makes it tough to keep on everything, you have to keep all the equipment clean. Clean equipment is the first step towards delivering quality products to the customers. If the hygiene part is affected, the final product is not what the customers want. It won’t be possible for you to keep checking everything. Better ask someone to supervise everything and let you know if something is wrong.


Tip 3: Maintenance should not be kept backseat

As the present time indicates that dairy products are in high demand, there is no way that you should keep maintenance on the backseat. Maintenance should not be ignored at any cost, and it’s something that should be the top priority to get all things done correctly. If maintenance is avoided at any step of the dairy business work, then the final results are affected.

Tip 4: Rapidly modify the maintenance record

You have to be sure about keeping a check over the maintenance records. Most importantly, you need to check the electrical system and lubricating gearboxes & after checking, note down the present state to keep reminding yourself that everything is well-inspected and you know what was the state earlier. No matter what things you check in the maintenance, it requires to be lodged in a file to keep yourself know what is right and wrong.


Are you looking for dairy machinery?

If you are looking for dairy machinery or any sort of equipment, then reach out to the team of NK Dairy Equipments to know all about the right maintenance tips and what sort of machinery you need.