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    Homogenizer Plant

    NK dairy is the leader & pioneer in manufacturing the superior-quality Homogenizer Plants in India. Our range of Homogenizer Machines is famous among the dairy farm owners because of the reliable and effective operation it can perform. The Homogenizer Plant can be used for Dairy, Ice-cream, Cosmetics, Chemical, Flavors, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and Textile industries.
    With the experience of many years, we have been on the top for last many years and giving our customers the advanced technology Homogenizer Plant India.

    What are the features of Homogenizer?

    • High-Pressure Triplex and with rugged & robust features.
    • Openable top for the crankcase and makes the maintenance easy.
    • Cooling mechanism & safety features.
    • Two-Stage Homogenizing Head. (Manual and Hydraulic operated)
    • Acid & Corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
    • Integrated Sanitary functionality for Cleaning.
    • Valve Assembly is made of Imported material like Alloy Steel, Stellite, or Tungsten Carbide
    • Special hardened steel used for plungers and have finished surface
    • Sanitary Design for CIP Cleaning.
    • Pressure Gauge has digital working with safety interlocking.
    • Smooth finished surface for the Plungers and made of hardened steel
    • Imported Digital type Pressure Gauge with safety interlocking features.
    • Plunger seals consist of single “V” ring packing and they are of superior material.

    Homogenizer Plant

    What are the various advantages the dairy industry can get?

    • Improve product stability
    • Subsides the cream layer
    • Richer Taste
    • Rapid Whipping
    • Enhances whiteness of the product
    • Increase product quality 
    • Smoothens the product texture
    • Lower curd tension
    • Improved Viscosity

    Application for Dairy Industry

    Milk, Evaporated Milk, Condensed Milk, Baby Foods, Chocolate Milk, Yoghurt, Creams, Cheese, Recombined Dairy Products, Flavoured Milk, Reconstituted Milk Products, Sterilized Cream, and Ice Cream.

    Application for Ice-Cream Industry

    Homogenizers help to make the ice-cream mix with better consistency and the results are exceptional. It makes the product taste better and of good quality. This is the reason, the ice-cream has an excellent texture.

    Application for Food & Beverage Industry

    Beverage-emulsion, Flavour-emulsion, Tomato products, Syrups, Colors, Juices Purees and pastes, Chocolate products, Fruit pulps, honey, Essential oil emulsions, Margarine, Sauces, and puddings.

    Additional Industry Benefits

    Considerable increase in surface areaEffective use of active agentsExcellent blending of additivesLow-cost production control of viscosityAccelerated chemical reaction uniformity of density improved stability