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    Ghee Making: Pre Stratification Method

    Ghee making: pre stratification method machine manufacturers & suppliers, Pre-stratification is an important process for making the ghee. This is the main reason that NK Dairy has taken into account to bring about something which could help the dairy owners to make the maximum profit from the equipment produced.

    Features and mechanism of the PRE STRATIFICATION

    • In this stratagem, the effort is induced to produce 38 to 40% fat butter, which comes about by perpetually following the steps which either butter-making machine or batch churning machine takes into account. After this, the butter is supposed to be mixed with the melted butter and both are made to melt at 80 degrees celsius.
    • The next step follows to contain the melted butter for about 30 minutes particularly either in the boiler or the ghee kettle.
    • The potential reader might be wondering about what will happen when the butter is to be placed in the ghee kettle. Then it is relevant to mention here that the mass is supposed to get satisfied at this stage and the three layers of the stratified product come to origin.
    • When this happens, then the protein elements on their own along with the variegated impurities come up floating.
    • There are two layers – the middle layer and the bottom layer which are made up of the clear fat and the buttermilk serum respectively.
    • The last stage involves the termination of the bottom layer without disturbing or causing hindrance to either or both of the top and the middle layers.
    • Fat is contained in the middle layer which is then heated 2-degree celsius. The indispensability of this step falls in the fact that it helps to bring about the nieces to the aroma.
    • If one wants to come up with the best mid-flavored ghee before encountering the final temperature, the curd content should be removed.

    Characteristics of the Pre Stratification Tank

    Subsequent characteristics of the Ghee settling tanks makes it one of the popular and most-selling items from the NK Dairy equipment

    • Corrosion Resistant

    The ultimate properties of Stainless steel facilitate our clients with the most-needed property which is Corrosion Resistance.

    • Long-lasting

    We acknowledge the fact that this tank will be used on the daily basis in dairy plants. Keeping that in mind we have made sure that the nature of the product should be long-lasting.

    • Economical Range

    We have always tried our best that cost could never become a concern for the purchasers. No doubt, we never compromise with the quality but still, we want the dairy plants to flourish in the best way. For this our price range is always affordable.

    • Vertical Orientation

    Because of the prominent feature of the vertical orientation, space will never become a concern for such a kind of equipment.

    • Easy to clean and maintain

    Most of the dairy owners complain that the equipment which they have purchased from other equipment manufacturers is very difficult to clean and maintain. We have quintessentially taken into account the feedback and made sure that we present the equipment which is easy to clean and maintain simultaneously.