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    Ice Building Tank (IBT)

    Dairy ice building tank (IBT) manufacturers & suppliers in India, There is a need to contain energy in some form of articulately in the dairy industry. For this reason, NK Dairy has proposed the design of an ice building tank (IBT) which is supposed to deposit the energy in the form of ice. We recognize the indispensability of considering the vital features as far as the dairy industry is concerned.

    Fabrication work

    The predominant advantage of an ice building tank is that there is specifically no requirement to carry out either the civil or fabrication work at the customer site. NK Dairy has proposed this feature keeping into consideration the value of time and the productivity to be induced per day. Because the labour keeps on getting tangled with the fabrication work, then surely the time which would have satisfied the.

    Skimpy lifting and shifting

    The space problem has always remained a matter of concern in the dairy industry. Because a sundry variety of equipment is required in a specific dairy farm. So it needs the ultimate space management, that it could obstruct or create any hindrance in the working of all other machines. For this, NK Dairy has particularly focused on incorporating the feature that could assist in smooth and easy lifting and shifting. New technological equipment keeps on making a mark in the market, and sometimes the dairy owner is so stunned by the working of a certain machine that he wants to be involved in obtaining the ultimate product. But because of space restrictions, he will refrain from that.

    Energy Efficient

    At this age, people are concerned about the bills for electricity. Therefore, they want to get equipped with a machine that can help them acquire the optimum by not causing an escalation in the energy bills. NK diary has induced it with technology that can help you with the effectiveness in work and efficiency usage of energy as well.

    Refined insulation

    When the insulation aspect is introduced, the particular thing which immediately clicks to mind is how good the insulation will be. Then NK Dairy can assure you on certain grounds that the insulation is that much better than it you would not be able to feel the minimal coldness of ice.

    Not Risky

    Dairy owners are always concerned about whether the use of the ice building tanks will cause any significant effect on the quality of the product or not. Well! Then we would like to mention a suitable thing to this point of time that we are recognized and acclaimed of the quality we provide in all our products. But we shall be very glad to put it forward that our product will not cause any adverse and insignificant effect on your dairy products.