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    Dairy Turnkey Projects

    Plant for Processing Milk (1kl and above)
    NK Dairy Equipments provides a dairy plant with a milk handling capacity of 1000LPD to 100,000LPD and small milk processing equipment. Many products can be produced, including ghee, butter, cream, toned milk, double-toned milk, and skim milk.

    The Best Dairy Turnkey Projects Manufacturers in India are NK Dairy equipment, thus you can get in touch with them to get this machine. Additionally, they have a Turnkey Dairy Plant and Dairy Turnkey Projects. You can get in touch with them for all of your requirements because great machine productivity is required to produce high earnings or high-quality work.

    The road milk tankers initially deliver milk to a disposal tank. It is then cooled to 4°C in a chilling unit. Following pasteurization in a milk pasteurizer, the cream is removed from the milk using a cream separator to produce skimmed milk. Depending on whether toned milk, double-toned milk, skim milk, or full cream milk is required, milk is standardized. To create ghee and butter, the separated cream is further processed. Pasteurized skim milk, toned milk, or double-toned milk is transferred to the packing machine to be packed in pouches of various sizes, such as 1/2 kg and 1 kg pouches. 20 hours a day will be dedicated to running the plant.

    Evaporator for milk
    Customers frequently want condensed milk for a variety of reasons, which is why NK Dairy Equipments offers distinctive and cutting-edge designs of multiple falling film evaporators. The feed is concentrated in Multiple Effects up to 45–48% solid concentration. Evaporator for Falling Films with Thermal Vapor Recompression System (T.V.R). Water evaporates when it is in a vacuum and at a very low temperature. A seven-effect plant with TVR over the fourth effect gives specific steam consumption of 0.09 kg/kg, which is equivalent to energy consumption in an MVR (mechanical vapor recompression) evaporator. A five-effect falling film evaporator with TVR over the third effect will have specific steam consumption of 0.12 kg/kg.

    Dairy Turnkey Projects Manufacturers’ evaporator benefits include:

    • Compact design and flexibility in operation;
    • Energy-efficient powder plant design;
    • Lower requirement for steam, power, and cooling water;
    • There is no scale buildup in the tubes, therefore cleaning simply requires CIP from the balancing tank. fewer breaks during the day.

    Powder Plant for Milk
    The spray dryer is crucial to the operation of the entire powder mill. Excess water that was in the free form between the dry solids’ particles is taken out throughout the process. Cyclone separators are used to process dried powder particles and moisture-filled exhaust air from the drying chamber. The instant powder is a highly soluble powder that is created by combining several effect evaporators, a fluid bed, and a spray dryer with a fines recirculation system.

    Clean In place line
    Tanks and the entire C.I.P. sector are available from us. Dairies have had PLC base C.I.P. sections if necessary. varies between 3 Kl and 30 Kl and above.