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    Milk & Dairy Cold Storage Room

    Milk & Dairy Cold Storage Room Manufacturers India, As we know, how quintessential is the coldness for the dairy industry? To escalate the shelf life of the milk and milk-based products, it is necessary to keep them in the cold temperature. NK Dairy has introduced Cold room for satisfying the shelf life aspect of the milk and various dairy products.

    Features-Cum Benefits of the Cold Room

    • Aids in avoid contamination

    We know the fact that milk is to be preserved at an ideal cool temperature which is customarily 4-degree celsius to make it fit to be consumed for a longer period. The production and processing of the milk are done in huge amounts in the dairy industry, but the whole of the processed milk doesn’t need to be sold in one day. Therefore, there is a requirement for an ideal solution that could intensify the shelf life of the milk and milk-based products.

    • No financial loss

    If the dairy owner decides to use the cold rooms, then it is guaranteed that he will not incur any kind of financial loss. Because if milk is preserved at the right temperature, it can survive in good quality for a long time. You can let out the milk stock whenever the demand is high, which will make you achieve profits in huge sums.

    • Helps in preserving all dairy foods

    No matter what kind of nature your dairy plant possesses and what type of dairy product it manufactures, cold rooms are always helpful. Still, we would like to mention some of the dairy products for which we have received good response as far as the cold room is concerned:

    • Pasteurised Milk
    • Whole milk
    • Skimmed milk
    • Sweet creams
    • Flavoured Milk Drinks
    • Sweetened milk
    • Condensed milk
    • Whipped topping
    • Yoghurt
    • Sour cream
    • Butter
    • Milk
    • Cultured milk
    • Soft custards
    • Milk puddings
    • Cream
    • Custard filling for cakes
    • Custard filling for pies
    • Natural hard cheese
    • Semi-hard cheese
    • Evaporated milk
    • Cheese spreads

    So let us get to know why you should buy the product from us.

    • Economical

    We know our potential customers would never bargain with us because they know how much effort we have put into bringing about the product. Besides, we have set an economical range that fits in the affordable range of dairy owners.

    • Available in different sizes

    All dairy plants do have different space availability. Some are available with a great deal of space for the installation of the machines while others are not. So if space is a constraint for you, then NK Dairy would like to put in your notice that we offer machines or equipment that are available in different sizes as per your requirement.

    • Temperature monitoring solution

    Every dairy product needs to be preserved in different temperatures. Depending upon their nature. Therefore we have a full-fledged system that would carry out temperature monitoring.

    • Maintenance and hygiene

    Since the milk and milk-based products are manufactured daily and so does there is a need to preserve them daily. So it is also required to maintain hygiene and maintenance..