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    Stainless Steel Milk Can

    What are the variegated characteristics of stainless steel milk cans?

    Stainless Steel Milk Can manufacturer and suppliers in India, When the cattle are milked, the dominant problem rises or to store them in the vessels or containers that support their shelf life before processing. So NK dairy has taken over the charge to make the dairy industry available with the best milk cans and that too should be made up of stainless steel. Besides, after processing there is a need to store the milk before they are packaged, for that situation itself, milk can stainless steel acquires much importance. So let us get to know variegated features and benefits of milk cans made up of stainless steel.

    • Corrosion resistance

    Mostly dairy owners come up with the problem of corrosion with their existing milk cans. But NK dairy has taken care of this aspect and thus we have incorporated the material which supports the feature of corrosion resistance.

    • Stainless steel

    The material which we have used in the build-up of the milk cans is stainless steel. It is because of the following reasons, that stainless steel has remained our first choice to make dairy equipment:

    • Durable & Long-Lasting
    • Recyclable & Reusable
    • Environment friendly
    • Handy fabrication
    • Appealing appearance
    • Heat resistance
    • Fire resistance
    • Manufacturing

    These cans are generated by making use of the following;

    • Spinning technology
    • Deep drawing

    Because these cans are made using the above-mentioned factors, it enhances the following:

    • Hardened body
    • Rough Handling
    • Lids

    The lids of the cans are brought about by incorporating seam welding and that too circumferentially.

    • Handles

    Handles of the cans are having the following features:

    • Properly bent
    • Riveted
    • Spot welded

    Handles are properly gripped with the milk can so that they do not get disconnected when a can is loaded with the milk.

    • Polish

    Both the milk can & lid are so perfectly polished that it induces the following benefits:

    • Hygiene

    Hygiene is vital when it concerns milk and storage. If the milk can not be hygienic then the milk will create severe problems for health for those who consume the same.

    • Easy maintenance cleaning

    As it is polished with three to four layers, it really becomes easy to clean it after every use. If it was not polished, the drops of milk were sure to get hidden in the various pores of the unpolished can which after messing with the fresh milk spoils that too.

    The milk cans are polished at each possible stage which brings about the following:

    • Superior look and strength
    • Smooth finish
    • Bright appearance

    One final word

    An ideal milk can should have all the above-mentioned features cum benefits. The milk can should not only serve the present generation but the coming ones also. After getting to know all the features and benefits of the milk cans manufactured by NK dairy, a potential dairy business owner will be desiring to buy the same. If that is so, then please contact us and place your order.