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    Milk Overhead Tank – 100 LTR to 2000 LTR

    Why is milk overhead tank used? What are the various predominant features?

    Milk Overhead Tank – 100 LTR to 2000 LTR manufacturer and suppliers India, A variegated storage solution is taken into account for containing and storing the milk. Milk overhead tank-100 LTR to 200 LTR is the preferable choice of the dairy industry owners. For this reason, we have outlined the design of the storage taken to facilitate maximum storage. Besides the storage aspect, there are tons of other features which catches the interest regarding the usability of many potential dairy owners. So let us get to know about this product in detail:

    Features of the Milk overhead tank

    • Stainless steel – ‘The hero’

    There is no other material which can provide as many features like stainless steel. Keeping in mind the quality and everlasting nature of the product, NK dairy has decided to make the maximum use of stainless steel in the dairy equipment. Aluminium and other materials are not even present in the race of those features.

    As it is made up of aluminium, you will experience the ensuing bonus features:

    • You will never experience even a tint of corrosion.
    • It will serve not only you but your generations as well, as it is everlasting.
    • You can never consider it trash because you can enjoy the benefit of reusability and recyclability.
    • Tons of facilities in one tank

    If you are thinking that the storage tanks are only designed keeping in mind that these have to perform the storage functions. Then you are going to experience bonus benefits along with that. These storage tanks will carry out the following operations additionally:

    • Mixing
    • Ripening
    • Culturing
    • Ageing
    • Insulated

    The feature of insulation in the storage tanks is most wanted in the dairy industry. Sometimes, the extremely hot milk is stored in the storage tanks, so while handling them from outside one may get restricted in performing certain activities.

    • Inner shell

    Along with the exterior insulated covering, the interior covering is also made up of the insulated and stainless steel material which supports the handy maintenance and extremely good hygiene.

    • Space Requirements

    Based on the space requirements of the individual dairy industry, we make these tanks available in both customisable aspects:

    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Drainage from the lowest point

    NK Dairy is very specific while designing the products. So bearing in mind the ease of operation, we have made sure the drainage system is supported at the lowest point only.

    • Other Openings

    The structure of the milk storage tank is outlined to make the openings like:

    • Agitator opening
    • Non-foaming milk inlet
    • Air outlet
    • Incorporation of fittings

    These Tanks include the following fittings as well:

    • Sight Glass
    • Light Glass

    These fittings are done to facilitate the following:

    • Inside Level measurement
    • Proper cleaning of the interior
    • Capacity

    The capacity and load-bearing capability are much more than that of the other storage tanks.

    • Adjustable

    The legs of the storage container are kept in the required numbers. An adjustable ball feature is also provided with that.

    Final Thoughts

    It is accepted that variegated storage tanks are available in the market. But we assure you that you will never get to find the above-mentioned features in those tanks.Since NK dairy takes care of your all needs and has incorporated such features.