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    Dairy Plant

    Dairy products are loved and needed the world over. They are an essential part of our diet. They also form necessary ingredients of many products like cakes, and other eatables. Dairy plant, officially speaking is a place where the milk is extracted from the various sources and processed into other forms like cheese, condensed milk, butter, etc. The milk is extracted from various animals like horse, goat , buffalo, sheep , and camel.

    The plant then processes various products like fat-free milk, cheese, butter, paneer, condensed milk, milk powder, and other dairy products.

    The extraction of milk is done in different ways using different types of equipment. Various layouts are used which include Herringbone, Rotary and Swing Over. These layouts are necessary for large industries related to dairy products where the requirement is such that a large number of cows need to be milked within a few hours. This mechanism is faster and more efficient than the manual method of milking the cows. Machines are used to convert milk into different types of milk products.

    The system is a huge asset to farmers and dairy owners. It provides a solution to problems related to dairy and is beneficial to farmers. And all this comes at a reasonable rate!

    Following are the benefits of the dairy plant –

    Long life –It provides consistent service through many years as it is manufactured with long term benefits and durability in mind.

    Maintenance free –It requires minimum maintenance as nothing much is required to maintain it.

    Leak proof-The plant is literally free of all leakage concerns as it is made up of sturdy material.

    Sturdy built

    The plant is quite sturdy as it is made up of high-grade stainless steel.

    Easy to install and operate –The installation is easy and the operation of the machine is quite simple. This way, the installation and operation process becomes easier and convenient for the user.