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    Paneer Plant

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    Paneer Plant

    • High Efficiency
    • Reliable Performance
    • Customizable Machinery
    • Copper wired motors
    • Lowest price
    • Best quality machines used

    If you are into offering paneer into the market, we have a solution for quick and easy paneer making. You will now not have to tackle the hassle of making paneer manually, but the machine will help make the entire process easy.

    Paneer or cheese is the most relished dairy product. It is in high demand in India and all over the world. Manufacturing of paneer involves curdling of the milk and straining it.

    Paneer equipment at various dairy plants uses various techniques to develop it. NK Dairy specializes in manufacturing paneer making plant.

    Here’s a detailed look at the equipment which is utilized in making paneer-

    • Milk coagulation VAT equipment:
      This the equipment is used to convert milk from one state to another. This equipment is used to convert the milk from liquid to solid or semi-solid state. The machine comes with various storage capacities and the corresponding price.
    • Paneer Cooling System: This equipment is used to maintain the quality of the paneer by cooling it. It acts as a refrigerator for the paneer and doesn’t let it spoil easily.
    • Paneer Pasteurizing System: This equipment helps in keeping the paneer pasteurized so that there is no bacteria formation in it. This process makes sure that the paneer remains fresh and doesn’t cause any infection on consumption.
    • Paneer Press Machine: This machine is used to press the paneer into shape.
    • Paneer Cutting machine: This machine is used to specifically cut the paneer into pieces of standard sizes. All the machines discussed above work in coordination to deliver fresh,  pasteurizedpaneer which has been cut according to various sizes. After packing, the product can be sold. The machines are available in different sizes to cater to the varying demand of the customers. The equipment has a low price as compared to the multitude of functions it provides. NK Dairy supplies paneer plant at really reasonable rates.

    The following equipment is included in the paneer making equipment

    • SS Plunger 2 Set.
    • E.T.P Plant
    • Electrical Panel ( Cable, Staters, Switches,Cable Tray & Lights )
    • RO Plant
    • Insulation of Pipeline & Fittings
    • Packing Material Store
    • Lab Equipment.
    • Milk Crates.
    • Milk Cans (SS/All)
    • Plungers
    • Raw Milk Storage Tank
    • Steam Boiler 100Kg

    Salient Features of paneer equipment

    The paneer equipment has the following advantages-

    1. They are quite easy to operate
    2. They have a rugged and sturdy design
    3. They require minimum maintenance

    NK dairy offers manufacturing, distribution, trading and supplying of premium quality Paneer Plant.Domestic owners, as well as dairy owners, can use it to manufacture paneer. We have been dealing with dairy products and services.


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