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    Ghee Boiler

    Ghee Boiler Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers India, As we know ghee is obtained from the butter. To obtain the Ghee, there is a need to boil it at a specified temperature which is facilitated by the ghee boiler. To ensure that the ghee with proper characteristics is manufactured, there is a need for the proper equipment that could contain and boil the butter at the appropriate temperature.

    Features of the Ghee Boiler

    • Complementary accessories

    Following complimentary accessories are offered for the maximum benefit of the customer:

    • Geared Motor
    • Removable Semi Circular Cover
    • Steam Inlet
    • Float Type Steam Trap
    • Condensate Outlet
    • Bypass Arrangement
    • Jacket Safety Valve
    • Flexible ball Feet
    • Recyclable

    With the introduction of environment-related reforms, every business owner is trying to contribute somehow to the sustenance of the environment and so do we. The ghee boiler presence by NK Dairy is made with the material that does not cause harm to the environment because it is completely recyclable and because of that if you don’t feel like using it anymore you can mould it to get the maximum benefit.

    • No space issues

    The size of the equipment is so compact that you can easily shift it from one location to another if you are not deeming its location comfortable at one place.

    • Corrosion resistance

    The resistance from corrosion is the much-wanted feature that every dairy owner is seeking for. Most of the equipment providers claim to provide the benefit of resistance from corrosion, but the equipment which they present does not support those preponderant advantages. But our machine designers have focused even on the minutest detail to make sure that we are coming up with something that is needed by our clients.

    • Good look

    No doubt, the look has nothing to do with the productivity of the equipment. But still, it creates an impact. For instance, if someone comes to the dairy plant to inspect the hygiene standards, then he will make the first impression that you are not keeping up with the good standards of cleanliness.

    • Serves you for years and years

    Only that equipment is considered ideal which has the potential to serve you till your last time. If you are buying the Ghee boiler from NK dairy then you can surely expect that. You will get bored with its use, but it won’t serve you up.

    • Insulative properties

    Insulation is the main feature that is a necessity in dairy equipment. For this reason, we have quintessentially taken care of incorporating the material that could support the maximum insulation. Insulation is a necessity because the butter is boiled at a higher temperature to obtain a good quality of ghee. To prevent that the outer layer of the equipment does not get that much heated that it becomes difficult to deal with the huge quantity of the ghee.

    • Suitable

    We consider the vertical orientation to be the best fitted and suitable in this regard. Because it does not consume much space and at the same time it is the best orientation for the ghee to become boiled.

    If you want to know more about the product or enquire about its price then please contact us.