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What Is Sensor In The Dairy Industry And Its Different Types?

The dairy industry is one of the very high-processing food industries. Hence it requires a lot of accurate levels of monitoring of media.

In short, each and every FMCG industry has to have the highest standard of function and monitoring so that the products are healthier and more efficient for consumer use.

Today in this blog, we will discuss various sensors that the Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India install in the machines for the dairy industry.

Sensors In Dairy Industry

There are various products that dairy business owners manufacture in the dairy industry, including milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, and so much more. All these products require automated and precise control. They complete this with the help of the best available sensors.

In case the instruments, devices, or sensors are not fit or improper for operation. In such conditions, it can dilute the products.

Besides that, hygiene is one of the most critical factors, as inefficient standards and contamination can decrease the final output.

This is the reason why it is necessary to have adequate knowledge about sensors that dairy farmers use in the dairy machines, such as Khoya Making Machine.

Different Types Of Sensors For the Dairy Industry

  • Level transmitters or sensors

There are various purposes for using level transmitters or sensors.

Deaerating is basically a process in which you can notice the occurrence of foaming. In case you do not see any kind of foaming, in such a situation, it can lead to the overflow of the milk tank.

This is the reason why dairy farmers use some special level transmitters that they use to detect the foaming levels too. It allows for the maintenance of the correct flow of liquid.

Sticky cream or foam on the sensor’s tip can lead to an issue in giving the proper level of output. Hence, the level transmitters that you see here are special ones. They help you to identify between thin and thick foam. And based on the results, it gives proper and precise output to the PLC.

They also help in detecting any quick changes in liquid flow. This process allows giving the ideal level of output to the operator. The manufacturer also connects the pump to the milk tank in order to fill the liquid in the tank or suction the liquid from the tank.

This is why level transmitters play a significant role in controlling the level of the tank. Apart from that, it also protects the pump from running dry when it empties the tank.

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  • Flow And Temperature Sensors

It is a pasteurizing system that uses heat exchangers. In this process, the heating cycle plays a vital role in properly pasteurizing milk or other dairy products. In short, apart from the temperature of the liquid, you should also focus on measuring the flow of the liquid.

And in such a situation, flow and temperature sensors play a significant role. After the heating cycle, you must cool down the milk to avoid any development of micro-organisms.

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Registration Open For IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 Attendees

IDF World Dairy Summit 2022

The officials have not announced the IDF World Dairy summit for the last two years due to the COVID-19 breakout. Now they have officially announced the date and the place for the meeting. From 12 September 2022 to 15 September 2022, the IDF World dairy summit will take place in Greater Noida, India. IDF (International Dairy Federation) is very happy to declare the opening of the registration form to0day onwards for one of the most renowned and significant events organized for the Dairy Equipment Manufacturers.

IDF World Dairy Summit Attendants

It is one of the most unparalleled events for all the dairy experts, interested stakeholders, and leaders. People from around the world come together to connect with each other. They get to learn and exchange details and information about the dairy sector worldwide.

Apart from that, at the summit, there will be business leaders, technicians, scientists, nutritional and health experts, marketing professionals, and various other international audiences. The theme for the 2022 WDS program is “dairy for nutrition and livelihood,” which includes technical, different scientific, and marketing sessions.

Highlights Of IDF World Dairy Summit

The IDF in 222 will also introduce some new highlights in the form of the IDF Dairy Innovation Award and the Early Career Scientist Prize. The officials will present both these awards during the event with the other existing awards and rewards. Some of those acknowledgements include:

  • The IDF Award, which we give in recognition of the outstanding contribution to dairy farming globally.
  • IDF Prize Of Excellence, we present this to give rewards to a remarkable recent contribution to the Work Programme Of IDF.
  • Yves Boutonnat International Milk Promotion Trophy is a competition that the IMP group initiated in 1989.

Members Of IDF World Dairy Summit

Mr. Meenesh Shah, the Chairperson of NDDB and the Member Secretary INC-and IDF, stated some points about the whole summit:

  • In the year 1974, India hosted its last International Dairy Congress.
  • We were energetic enough to kick-start our determined plan to become self-sufficient one day in those years.
  • India has come a long way, and now it holds the 1st position as the largest milk-producing country in the world.
  • This feat was possible because of millions of marginal and small-scale dairy farmers. For them, dairy was an essential source of livelihood.
  • In the last 50 years, there has been a tremendous transformation in the Indian dairy sector. And it is one of those achievements that are worth seeing.

About IDF

IDF is basically a leading source of technical and scientific expertise for all the stakeholders in the dairy farming chain.

Cordially Inviting All To Visit IDF World dairy Summit 2022

Now we are eagerly waiting for the IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 to welcome all the khoya machine manufacturers and stakeholders to visit India and make the whole event of IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 indeed a global occasion once again.

For All Intents And Purposes

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How can the milk production from the cows be increased during the winters?

According to the owner of the famous Milk Processing Plant, “The milk supply gets reduced considerably when the temperature starts going down. We have to lay-off many of the staff members owing to the reduced workload. But that does not surely mean that the demand for milk and other milk-based products have gotten affected. It remains the same or even increases during the winter season since people provide themselves heat by drinking warm milk and there are so many other winter sweets which incorporate the use of the milk.”


No sooner than the milk production decreases, the ghee plant also runs short of the ghee because of which the prices of the Ghee get greatly increased during the winter season.

Khoya, which is dried evaporated solids, is also prepared with milk. Along with milk, its production also decreases. The dairy equipment manufacturing industry also runs short of demand for the khoya making machine.

Anyways, these are just the consequences which can be curbed if the following tips will be followed:

Make New Inclusions In The Ration

To keep the internal system warm the cow does need a great number of calories. For that, you can discuss with the nutritionist which foodstuffs should be given to the cows so that they can consume an adequate amount of calories.

Cows Should Be Hydrated

The amount of water cows drink and the amount of milk they produce is directly proportional to each other.

For instance: If the cow drinks less water, then the milk production will be considerably low. On the other hand, if the cows drink a great amount of water, then the milk production will be high.

Did you know?

During the winters the cows prefer to drink water which is between 40 to 65 degrees celsius.

What’s Their Body Condition Score?

If the reduction is experienced in any of the following, then it signifies that adequate energy is not being provided to the cows. So you have to make sure that you are regularly monitoring the scores.

Are The Cows Dry?

The cow needs to rest and sleep in a hygienic atmosphere. So the dairy owners have to make sure that they provide greatly clean and dry bedding to the cattle so that they can rest and sleep comfortably. Also for providing the confit to the cows, it is to be made sure that the cow grooming brushes are being used.

Which Feed Activities Are Being Followed?

During the winter the ration need gets changed and the increment in the feed creates so many kinds of digestible challenges. So it is necessary to keep an eye on the feeding activities.

Final Comments!

If the above-mentioned points seem useful and effective to you, then please write your feedback and reviews to us.

If any of our readers want us to suggest something, then please feel free to offer your suggestions as we always keep a scope of modification for us.

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Why Nk Dairy team focuses on following the dairy industry hygiene standards?

Nk Dairy Guide: Practising The Basic Dairy Hygiene Standards

Talking about hygiene, then it is an important part of every industry and without this, things can turn out to be problematic for the business, client, and customer. Nk Dairy Team ensures that the best hygiene practices are followed even when they manufacture the dairy equipment and machinery. The same they tell their clients who are going to set up the Milk Processing Plant or already own one. For example: If we talk about the Khoya making machine then we give utmost consideration to quality management and doing all sorts of things which ensures the dairy business owner gets the product with the best of functioning. Even if you are planning to set up the Ghee Plant you need to be careful about the hygiene part, so that there are not any harmful pathogens present in those dairy products.

Why is it important to follow good hygiene in a dairy plant?

  • Reduce the risk of contamination and this way the milk will not be unhygienic when it reaches the end-user.

  • As per the regulatory practices mentioned for the dairy industry, there is mentioned about the highest standards of food safety.

  • As a dairy business owner, you need to only give the highest quality and safe dairy items.

Hygiene practices that a dairy business owner should follow

Hygiene practices to follow during milk production

In the dairy farm, there was a time when manual milking machines were used. Now! It has been replaced with automated machinery. Hygiene practices are important to follow so that there is not even a single chance of contamination.

  • Stand by with the dairy industry hygiene standards by using the latest and advanced machinery which ensures everything is well-managed.

  • Milking machinery use and avoiding over milking will eradicate the issue of mastitis.

  • At your dairy plant, you need to train everyone to follow the best dairy hygiene practices.

Hygiene practices follow in a dairy plant setup

Whether you talk about proper cleaning and sanitization, hygiene measures have to be taken in the dairy plant. Hygiene practices have to be followed in the processing, equipment, and personnel hygiene.

  • Proper training and insight about hygiene ensure better work performance. In addition, it prevents the chances of lubricant contamination.

  • Following every milking processing, cleaning & sterilization has to be followed at all costs.

  • You need to follow the right kind of drainage system and make sure there is enough water supply to clean everything.

  • Go for the automatic can washer as it reduces the risk of milk surface contamination.

  • It’s not just about cleaning the dairy equipment and machinery, the staff working in your dairy plant need to follow the hygiene practices. For that, wear the right attire, sterilize the hands, wear face masks, hair caps, and gloves.

Hygiene practices everyone should follow personally

As we have mentioned above, the person doing the work in the dairy industry must been careful about the hygiene part. Dirt, dust, and contamination are the major reasons which can affect the safety and quality of the product. Some of the major guidelines which have to be followed are:

  • Make sure that all the clothing items are sterilized properly to prevent contamination.

  • Make sure that you wash your hands properly while trying to handle the products in milk processing & during the production unit.

  • Wear hand gloves, cut the fingernails.

Key parameters for following the hygiene standards

Quality, reliability, and effectiveness are possible religiously the hygiene standards are followed in the dairy plant.

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Why is pasteurization so important for the money and health market?

After the early 80s, processed milk has acquired its position in the market. Manufacturing of food products made up of milk are in high demand for which processed milk becomes a key ingredient like:

  • Cheese
  • Curd
  • Butter
  • Cream

For the making of dairy products and processing of milk, dairy equipment has become a necessity. The rise of dairy product demand has given a substantial rise to the jobs relating to dairy industries like hiring of employees who could operate the machinery in a paneer plant. It has created a labor force demand in the market. As the advent of machines is taking place related to processing and making, the cost of production is reducing.

What is the role of pasteurizing division?
The pasteurizing division equipment include the following:

  • Pasteurizers
  • Homogenizers
  • Mixers and Blenders
  • Separators, Evaporators & Dryers
  • Membrane filtration equipment

Since 2017 the market is ruled by the pasteurizing division. As the pasteurizing industry is growing, various appliances used in the process of pasteurization are climbing in high demand. It is deemed to be a very indispensable process that kills all the impurities and microorganisms which may bring many food-borne diseases. Pasteurization has been playing an important role in the market because it helps to alleviate the service life (shelf life) of food products. The process of pasteurization helps the shopkeepers to retain the milk for a long time so that the whole of the milk is sold without incurring any kind of losses.

 Into how many parts , the operation segment of pasteurization is divided?

There are two kinds of operating segments:

  • Automatic
  • Semi-Automatic

 Ultra Pasteurization process

In ultra-high pasteurization, there is an incorporation process of heating either milk or cream to almost 138 degrees to 150 degrees for merely one to two seconds. If the product on which the ultra-high pasteurization process is performed is kept in sterile and properly sealed containers or packets, they are fit for consumption for months. Sometimes because of less rigid packaging, there is a need to refrigerate it. After refrigeration, its shelf life is increased to 3 to 4 months.

There is also a pasteurization process known by the name of radiation pasteurization. In this process food items are exposed to beta or gamma rays that involve mild heat treatment and their storage time is considerably alleviated.

Bottom Line

Pasteurization is very important for the destruction of pathogens (micro organisms). If the microorganisms are not destroyed and are drunk as it is, they can lead us to the cage of many diseases that could weaken our immune system and may cause some serious allergies and infections. Moreover, pasteurization is quite essential to prevent the staling effect on the milk. In this century where everything is done to gain money, it becomes too difficult when the cost of production does not equalize with the revenue. To avoid that, there was an advent of the process which has now achieved considerable heights in the money and health market.

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What are the topmost strategies you need to know for Marketing dairy business?

Are you the one who is planning to open a dairy farm? If your family member is in this business and you want to continue or you are a beginner and don’t know where to start. To open a dairy farm you need land, workers, animals, types of equipment, electricity, food for animals, etc. First, search a place where you can open and if you are buying land out of town then arrange transportation also for you through that you will deliver your products to the people.

This article will tell you about dairy equipment you need to run a smooth business. All you need to do is a good marketing strategy if you are having one then nobody will stop you from earning a profit and if not then don’t worry. 

Strategies you should keep in mind are:

  • Make groups

Make contact with shops like sweet, bakery, etc which will take milk directly from you and this technique will help you in earning more profit. You can make dairy products at your place and can sell them to the shops. You can also contact to houses which can take milk from you.

  • Social Media

Social media is a platform where you can do selling and buying of products without investing a lot of money. All you need to do is be aware of the people that you are doing such types of business and they will approach you. Easiest means of making contacts with a larger number of audience.

  • Advertisement

For any kind of business, you need an advertisement to meet the goals. These days diary business is touching the success rate with the right kind of online advertisement strategy.

  • Equipment

If you are new to this business then make sure buying different types of equipment is a long term investment so buy a good quality of equipment such as aluminium cans, glassware, test tubes, measuring cylinders, lactometer, etc.

  • Workers

You need 2 to 3 workers for cleaning the space and taking care of the animal from animal baths to feeding them. They will take care of it in front of you or your absence also. It will be difficult for you handling all the things on your own. So you need workers for your help.

  • Delivering on time

If any kind of orders you are getting make sure you will deliver it on time because it will help you in building your reputation in the market and building trust among your customers. Once you make it, nobody can stop you from expanding your dairy business.

  • Bundling

Bundling is based on discounts, customers pay less in buying a bundle rather than purchasing the product separately. You can also buy things needed in bulk so that you will get a discount and will pay less to the shopkeeper.

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What are the various methods to improve Dairy Process Efficiency

Here, at our NK dairy Equipments, you will find the quality products and we offer milk plant for your dairy business. We also provide you dairy process efficiency and mechanical processes directly in order to increase process performance, and are ready for disruption utilizing Industry 4.0 technology.

Here you can see the main processes adding importance to raw milk:

That of these procedures needs machines and facilities that are labor expensive which both include a certain sort of packing line to stock which plans for shipping the finished product. Through the method of processing raw milk products provides the possibility of enhancing process performance with our Analytics software such as Worximity.

Unloading whole milk

When raw milk is obtained from the dairy, any tanker truck is usually removed from the carrier. The unloading cycle requires a generator, usually a constructive rubber device. Upon unloading the car is sprayed into the nozzle installed up to the top of the tank by pumping hot water and sanitizing water which directs water on the entire inner side of the tank. As the trucks from farms that take raw milk are enclosed and not cooled, unloading is important when necessary.

Despite product degradation, you can not get trucks lined up in the yard for longer hours. These trucks appear to be big, and any prolonged pause in waste raw materials will contribute to substantial costs. For vehicles to reach the plant and liquid milk to become tanks or processing processes, the reliability of the truck loading bay is important.

Clarification and cooling of milk

Raw milk is also sent to eliminate particulate contaminants via a centrifuge for Clarification to be cooled by a heat exchanger as it is collected or eventually refined. The manufacturing of milk goods also faces one challenge: heat exchangers are also foul. The energy to transfer liquid through the heat exchanger rises, flow declines prolongs the cycle period, eliminates operations, and lowers the performance of the device as the heat exchanger is squeezed. It ensures the heat exchanger systems will become causes of bottlenecks as they have to be washed due to sluggish processings or downtimes.


The milk is typically ‘standardized’ to normalize the fat and nonfat components as required in order to better refine the finished product. Milk is typically divided by a centrifugal separator into skims and cream goods. The milk should be measured and the fat is then separated to accomplish the intended goal, and the milk can be divided into the two elements.

Pasteurization, Steam Generation & Co-Generation

‘Pasteurized’ is used as a heat treatment method for the bulk of milk items. Pumps are used to transfer the commodity and heat exchangers are used again in this processing step.

Certain other processes to improve efficiency.

  • Homogenization

  • Cooking and Fermentation

  • Mechanical Work

  • Freezing, Hardening & Evaporation

  • Packaging

  • Cleaning

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Tips to choose right modular Pasteurizer System

With the rise in demand for dairy products, almost millions of farmers start doing dairy business. It only happens because all the dairy works are done with the help of dairy machines and plants. In this article, you will see how dairy machines work properly to produce quality milk products.

Due to the growing demand for milk and dairy products, several dairy farmers start producing a ton of milk in a day. Well, all the dairy works are done with the help of dairy machines, because it is too difficult to produce a lot of milk and products by hand or with the help of human labor. Dairy plant includes several machines that are useful to produce quality milk all the time.

It is necessary to produce quality milk so that everyone can drink it simply without any problem. In this article, we are going to talk about pasteurization.

What is milk pasteurization?

Pasteurization is carried out by way of dairy goods to kill the microorganisms found in it and to get it fit for packaging purposes. You need to study this post to get information about the various methods for pasteurization. Pasteurization is performed to destroy microorganisms found in dairy goods to produce quality milk and keep it fresh for a long time. This process is an important stage in the delivery of such products for packaging. Below are the various devices that are used for compact pasteurizers that have a particular function connected with them.

Vat Pasteurization

This compact pasteurization framework is also known as batch pasteurization. In this process, raw milk is heated in a specially built vessel for at least 30 to 40 minutes. Throughout the case that the fat content of the substance is determined to be greater than ten percent or that the solids included in the food amount for 18 percent or greater, or if there are sweeteners included in it, the temperature is raised by three degrees. This process is beneficial to make fresh dairy products.

HTST Pasteurization

HTST is the acronym, which is additionally known as short-term high-temperature pasteurization. It is a commonly used method these days to pasteurize the milk, which is referred to as quick pasteurization or continuous pasteurization. This pasteurization system is known to be a continuous mechanism that guarantees that the microorganisms found in the milk products are eliminated quickly and effectively.

Advantages of pasteurizers

  • These procedures are extremely energy-intensive
  • There is a small risk that the milk commodity would be contaminated.
  • These devices may be completely utilized for recycling.
  • The machinery used with these systems may be quickly washed and sterilized
  • Thermophiles that are used in the HTST method can cause fewer issues.
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Opportunities in The Indian Dairy Industry

India is the largest milk producer and consumer of milk and milk products. The dairy products are full of nutritious value. The production of dairy products has helped many people in rural areas to get employment opportunities. This guide will help you understand the opportunities in the Indian Dairy industry.


Dairy products are the major of nutrients and proteins. The dairy sector has played a major role in alleviating poverty. Additionally, the use of the latest dairy machines will make the entire work of dairy processing easier and effective. The progress in the dairy sector will help the economy to work in a better manner.

Milk Processing

The milk processing industry is small as compared to the entire milk produced every year. The co-operative milk processors have around 60% market share, the liquid milk is sold at around 20% and other dairy products are around 80%.

The latest and modern dairy machinery has helped the business to work effectively and increase milk production. If you are looking to install the latest and updated machines then you should take help from the experts to get a better understanding of which type of machinery you need for your business.

Domestic Consumption

The huge amount of milk produced in India is consumed by the Indian population itself in the urban and non-urban areas. Also, the consumer of dairy products is increasing as there are many different products available in the market


India started exporting different dairy products like butter, ghee, and other essential dairy products. All over the world, milk products and desserts are becoming very popular. This is the reason, the demand for these products is increasing which is great for exports.

But, after the trade liberalization, the import of dairy products has seen a sharp decrease.

Major concern Areas in the Dairy sector

  • The demand for quality dairy products is increasing in developing countries. The low cost of production will make everything much easier. The competitiveness of the dairy industry will reduce the production cost, increase productivity, and the animal’s health care is managed effectively. The dairy business owners are using a comprehensive strategy to make sure the milk and dairy products are of the best quality.
  • The dairy industry is focusing on buffalo milk in large proportions. Mozzarella cheese is one of the most special buffalo -based products that have been in very high demand among the customers.

Interestingly, the demand for milk is growing to increase at a steady pace in urban and rural families who have a high demand for elasticity. This will also help to increase the economic environment. If you are planning to set-up your dairy farm then contact the experts and they will let you understand what you need to make sure your business runs smoothly.

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Some Myths about dairy farming

To understand the concept of dairy farming in a better way, you must talk to the experts. They will take you one step closer to reality like understanding the marketing, food corporation, and media sensationalism skills. This guide will help you learn the topmost myths about dairy farming.

Given below are some of the topmost myth about dairy farming:


  • Organic milk is better for us and cows


The dairy farmers care about the cows to make sure the consumer gets the best quality milk. This is true that the cows are treated with the utmost care and they make sure the cows are the healthiest so that they can produce the best quality milk. So, even if the milk is organic or not, the milk is full of nutrients.

The dairy farmers make sure that the best quality dairy machines are used on the farm. The use of the latest dairy machinery helps to make the entire process go smoothly and effectively.


  • Milk is full of hormones


Growth hormones are not used in dairy cows, especially because they are used for milk and not meat. The cow will not be fatten up which needs to be used in the market. The cows naturally produce the BST hormone to produce milk. The synthetic hormone is used in 10% of the dairy cows which is rBST. Even the cows which are treated synthetically do not have nutritional differences and they eat naturally to produce a safe amount of hormones.


  • Cows are full of antibiotics


With the current rules and regulations, the authorities are not allowed to stock a large number of antibiotics unless there is a medical necessity and only if you have the vet prescription.

Treating sick animals is difficult and it needs to be done in the right manner. The milk supply should not have medicine. The dairy farmer makes sure the milk and dairy products should not have the antibiotics. The milk is tested several times before it is available for the final consumption.


  • Milk contains pus or blood


This is false. Milk is tested several times to make sure it is of the best quality, in its pure form and free from antibiotics. The farmers keep a proper track of the cow’s health and there is no way that the milk can be gross, contain blood, or pus in it.


  • Dairy causes health issues


In the world, around 1% of the population is lactose intolerant. Apart from that, dairy products are full of nutritional value which means it is a great source of minerals and vitamins.

If you are planning to get any type of machinery for your dairy farm then you need to consult the experts.