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All Need To Know About Paneer Cutting And Paneer Pressing

NK Dairy Equipment is the leading company that manufactures easily operated dairy plant machines – including curd-making machines, milk pasteurizer machines, lassi machines, and paneer-making machines. NK technicians carefully design all machines. Without reliable machines, dairy plants may produce large amounts of dairy products. 

In this video, NK Dairy Equipment company presents the machines for paneer cutting and paneer pressing. These machines are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is safe for making canned food because it is hygienic and durable. When it comes to making dairy products, it is essential to maintain hygiene. NK Dairy carefully designed machines that are easy for the operator to operate.


Paneer cutting machines professionally cut the pieces in equal shapes and sizes without losing the product quality. Quality is essential for each product, which makes the product safe for consumption. 

Paneer pressing machines put the right pressure on the paneer to achieve the right texture. Pressing machines are easy for an operator to operate. In this video, a person uses a hand to pull the handle to put pressure that converts the paneer into the right texture, making it easy to cut. NK Dairy Equipment manufactures reliable machines that work perfectly for a long time and help to increase paneer production without damaging product quality.  

If you want reliable and durable paneer-making machines to establish the plant, contact NK Dairy Equipment.

paneer press machine

Let’s automate the process of paneer press for better quality

Paneer Press Machine: Improving work process

The automatic paneer press machine makes work much better and brings ease that you have been looking for at your dairy plant. The automatic and advanced Dairy equipments make the work more manageable and make the dairy business stand out. And that’s where the use of automatic paneer press machines offered by the leading manufacturers does the work in pipeline work in a feasible manner.

The Paneer Press Machine, manufactured with high-grade stainless steel and quality material, makes it stand out. Moreover, it’s essential to have advanced functionality to get quality paneer at the end-stage. The processes include updated and advanced methodology so that other important works get done or require utmost presence. Moreover, customized paneer presses improve the tendency to make everything more functional and feasible.

The business owner should get the well-known dairy manufacturer’s updated and advanced dairy equipment and machinery. Be it Khoya Machine, the entire dairy plant, or something else to be handled perfectly. By doing so, the business not just has better profits but is in a position to serve the customers with desired quality of the product that’s in demand.

Paneer press machine offers better pressure

The advanced paneer press machine begins the work by running the milk into the boiler machine. The milk requires heating at right temperature at right time. After that, the application of acid to separate the fat content from the milk.

The machine press removes and seperates the liquid and fat. Once solid, it’s cut to the desired size so that consumers can have it.

Made with quality elements and an advanced approach

Nk Dairy Equipment brings you the right instruments, dairy machinery, and equipment. Moreover, it’s about handling the food process business better and improving the curd and paneer process.

Our experienced team of dairy equipment manufacturers is the ones who have the technical expertise to serve the best quality.

Are you in search of quality and economical dairy machinery and equipment?

Nk Dairy Equipments provides the finest choices to ensure your dairy plant works effectively. The automated functionality improves the work process, boosts productivity, gives precise results, manages time, and reduces the effort made by the team members. Over time, it’s much easier to do other necessary work and it allows to do work perfectly.

Moreover, we even offer customized services if you search for something specific. Just let us know all about your requirements, and we will make sure that the results are according to the same. Feel free to get a quote and begin the necessary process depending on the same.

Just make sure to give all necessary information and specifications, so that there’s no problem at end results and chances of any errors are reduced significantly. It’s your one-stop destination to get quality dairy equipment and machinery.

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How do cheese packaging solutions play an imperative part?

The global Cheese market Is increasing

Under the given stats, it is seen that the global cheese market is expected to grow around $105.9 billion by 2026. All the effective working and how things are managed play a crucial role in managing the sales and taking the cheese industry to the next level. Most importantly, it’s all about managing the necessary demand and getting the production scale of the business taken to the next level. For the dairy business owner who has the necessary Milk Processing Equipment, it’s ideal to make it all manageable and seek the necessary results accordingly. Similarly, the cheese packaging business needs to make it stand out by all means.

Reap all the necessary benefits of flexible packaging

For the cheese brand and packagers, the ideal part is to have added value and offer the necessary convenience to get everything managed precisely. Being flexible with packing methods allows necessary products to have a proper demand-supply chain. There won’t be any damage, whether your dairy business has cheese packaging or khoya Making Machine.

Additionally, the cheese is sold in different packets, which allows the customers to seek the necessary product depending on what they wish for. Moreover, it allows the business to manage all things with ease, and necessary results are obtained to make the dairy business seek the best results. The packaging solution’s effectiveness plays an all-important consideration in keeping up with the transmission rate and allows the cheese moisture to not get affected until it’s not opened.

Increasing sustainability in cheese packaging

One of the imperative parts is taking up the Paneer Cutting Machine and packaging machines to a sustainable level to ensure effectiveness is higher in every case. Seeking the best of methods from start to end makes a lot of difference and allows precision in everything. Effective packaging plays a major role in getting everything done effectively. The right kind of packaging plays an imperative part in ensuring attributes and features are in the right space.

Did you know?

Choosing an approach of compostable and recyclable materials makes a difference in getting product value higher. No matter which material, the ideal approach is to reuse and repurpose everything to ensure the product is in the right space.

How does it benefit the consumers?

Consumers highly prefer those products packaged with perfection and those that offer high shelf life. The option of zippers and sliders allows to make it all efficient and let everything be managed in a safe space. This is why the top-rated dairy business owners make the most in terms of functionality and every step to be done with caution to ensure desired results are obtained without any problem.

paneer press machine

Paneer business: How can I start my paneer-making business in India?

If you are from India, then you will know that Paneer is one of the most consumed food items. Paneer or cheese can be made in different ways, which most people love to indulge on. If you are looking to start your own Paneer making business in India, then you need to make sure that you get it done correctly. Make sure that you go through every step carefully and plan for the business so that you get the benefits you are looking for. Whether you want to see fresh paneer or packaged paneer, you need to make sure that paneer is fresh and tasty.

Increased demand for Paneer

As we have said that, paneer is the most consumed food item all over the globe. Many people have opted for this option as they do not want to have fish and meat. You can buy it from any grocery store, departmental store, or supermarket. Moreover, Indian restaurants and hotels also buy it in bulk to make delectable dishes and serve the customers. In case, you are running your daily business, then you should opt for a paneer-making plant.

How much should be the production?

If you plan to make 40kg of paneer, then you need to get 500-liter milk. Eventually, as you increase your business scale, you need to get more milk daily. Make sure that you start on a smaller scale and understand the demand of consumers in your area.

Do I need to get my business registered?

Yes! You need to get your paneer manufacturing business registered, irrespective of what the business size is. The registration is like insurance coverage and if anything goes wrong in the future it will be easier to cover the expenses.

How much space do I need?

To start any business correctly, you need to have the right amount of space. On a minimal basis, you need to have 1000 square feet, as this will help to arrange everything. From the making to transport area, your business plant should have the space to carry out everything.

Do I need to get any type of raw material?

One of the basic and most important raw materials is milk. You need to have sodium hypochlorite or citric acid to add to the paneer. Once the paneer is manufactured, it can only last for around 3 days. So, make sure there is proper availability of a freezer to keep it safe.

What is the different machinery required?

All thanks to automated techniques, it allows the business owner to carry out the work with precision and less stress. You should use advanced technologies in your paneer-making business. Make sure that you choose the best dairy equipment, manufacturing team. Some of the essential items which you need are:

  • Aluminum cans for storing milk
  • Motor coolers
  • Fat remover
  • Pressing tank made of stainless steel
  • Boiler for heating milk
  • Milk analyzer
  • Deep freezer
  • Vacuum packing machine
  • Weighing machine
  • Labeling machine

Make sure that once the paneer is manufactured it should be packaged correctly. Till the time it is not consumed by the consumer its taste and quality should not be hampered.

paneer press machine

What are the measures to start your paneer-making business in India?

Paneer Making Business

Paneer is one of the most loved food items in India and even across the globe. It means, it is an opportunity for you to start your Paneer making business in India. Starting this business is profitable and lucrative because of the increased demand for paneer. Most of the Asian countries have high demand like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many more. Getting involved in paneer and cheese production is beneficial from different aspects.

The potential market of paneer production

As we have already said, Paneer is widely consumed in India. One of the reasons being, people prefer to have vegetarian food and mostly love to eat those things which are healthy. Not only vegetarians but non-vegetarians love to have paneer in their food. In many Indian households, paneer is made at home. Starting your paneer production business will prove beneficial in the long run.

So, it is clear that its popularity is all across India and it covers a large part of the Indian market.

Production capacity

In case you want to produce 40 kg of paneer, then you need at least 500 liters of milk daily. Gradually you can increase the pace which will prove beneficial to you as the profits will increase. Just make sure to use the right kind of machinery and equipment, to provide the customers with quality paneer.

Registration for paneer production business

No matter whether you want to start on a small scale or large scale, you need to get your business registered. It will act like insurance coverage for the business, so make sure you get it done in the first go. Along with that, the company name should be registered for validation. Some of the important steps which you need to follow are:

  • To begin with the business, you need to get the arrangement from the municipal corporation. Through this, you will get the space to start your business.
  • For a start-up business, it is necessary to apply for BIS certification.
  • Make sure all your food products are registered under FSSAI. Like with any other food product you need to follow a specific set of rules, the same goes with the paneer production. Like you need to be careful about the paneer composition, color, fat content, and moisture level.
  • In the end, the paneer should go through the quality detection test. Only if it passed then it should go to the next step.

Space requirement for paneer production business

It is important to have proper space to start the business. On a minimum basis, 1000 square feet is needed. In addition, you should have a processing, storage room, packing room, area to keep the finished product, and a transportation area. Along with that water and electricity supply is imperative.

Machinery for paneer production

You should never compromise on the quality of machinery you get. Make sure that you get in touch with the skilled team of dairy plant manufacturers to get good quality and cost-effective prices. Some of the essential machinery are:

  • Aluminum cans for storing milk
  • Motor coolers
  • Fat remover
  • Deep freezer
  • Vacuum packing machine
  • Pressing tank made of stainless steel
  • Boiler for heating milk
  • Milk analyzer
  • Weighing machine
  • Labeling machine
paneer press machine

Everything you need to know about the paneer manufacturing process for start-up

Paneer manufacturing process

Paneer is also known as Cottage cheese and one of the vital parts of dairy products. Its addition to the North Indian vegetarian cuisines helps to make the entire dish toothsome. This type of cheese has a sweet touch to it which goes with the Indian dishes.

One of the statistics has shown that paneer consumption has increased by 10% to 12%. Paneer is famous in many Asia Pacific countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and many other countries. It means you can open a paneer plant which is going to increase profits to a great extent. You must choose the dairy equipment which has advanced and latest features to ensure the work is done with perfection.

 Increased demand for paneer processing

Well, there are many reasons which have increased the demand for paneer processing along with consumption. People’s eating habits have changed to a great extent and they are more focused on having healthy yet tasty food.

The dairy sector in India is growing at a fast pace. This is one of the reasons paneer manufacturing is on the rise which is beneficial for small-scale and large-scale enterprises. In case, the dairy business owner wants to increase their business, then opting for paneer processing is of great help. For added profits, you should try this option. In case, you are looking for quality and dairy machinery then you should take professional help.

 How paneer manufacturing is carried out?

In India, traditionally, paneer is made from buffalo and cow milk. More preference is given to buffalo milk in the production process as solid content is high which makes the final product the best.

During processing, standardized milk is heated at 90 °C, and then it is cooled at around 76°C to coagulate the milk. After that, the vessel contents are poured on the Muslim cloth which helps in separating the whey. After straining, the coagulum which is obtained is pressed so that it helps in forming the paneer blocks. After that, the pressed block will be strengthened in the vacuum which comes after packing and sealing.

 How hiring professionals can help you get the best results?

Getting in touch with the expert means, every task will be done with perfection.

When you look for a skilled team of dairy equipment manufacturers you can rest assured that every machine you get will be perfect. They are going to ensure that every process is done on time, and quality should not be compromised. The processing is going to have the following equipment:

  • Paneer hoops
  • Paneer vat
  • Paneer press (it contains 1,2,4, and 8 heads)
  • Dicing machine or Paneer cubing
  • Paneer cold room
  • Packing machine and Vacuum sealing.
paneer press machine

What are the important tips to find the best paneer making machine manufacturers?

Finding a suitable Paneer Making Machine Manufacturers

Making paneer is a multifunction process. A paneer plant is sequence functional equipment that is built in one pack.

In the paneer preparation, the paneer contains 70% of moisture and more than 50% of dry material And milk fat is equal quantity. If you are going to start your milk plant and look to buy quality dairy equipment, make sure to find a reliable and skilled machine manufacturer.

In this blog, we are going to share the important tips to look for the best paneer making machine manufacturer.

  • Research till the time you are not satisfied

Research is extremely important when you look for the machine manufacturer for the paneer making machine. Without knowing about them you should not buy the machine right away. You can look for the experts by making recommendations and ask your loved ones if they are someone. You need to check for how long they are in this business. This way it is going to make the final choice much easier.

  • Check the experience

Experience is the key point that changes the way entire work is done. You should go through their website and check how long they are doing this business. An experienced team of manufacturers means the machine is made in the right manner and the final product will be the best. Moreover, experts can also suggest the best possible option for your business. Meeting the experts will help you get valuable insights.

  • Understanding the standards and regulations

Keep in mind, the dairy machines are made by following the dairy standards. It is done so that milk and dairy products are not affected. When the machines are made with the quality standards and under the strict regulations, the best & quality product will reach the customers.

  • Get answers for your concerns

Any experienced and skilled dairy machine manufacturer will ensure that the customer’s concerns are being addressed. If you ever come across a manufacturer who tries to avoid the questions or does not provide you suitable information then you should not buy the machine from them.

  • Latest technology

If the machine manufacturer provides you with the machine which does not have improved and the latest technology then you should not go with them. The best dairy machine manufacturer makes sure that whether you need to make paneer or any other dairy product you should be at ease when you buy the specific machine.


Paneer Plant Models

Coagulating Tank

The coagulating tank is used for milk tearing. The tank structure is made from a heavy stainless steel pipe. Additionally, it has a tilting facility. It has an attached collecting trolley which helps to collect the paneer and whey is removed.


Paneer Press Machine

With this machine the pneumatic cylinder is attached and an air pressure gauge for pressure regulation. From the best manufacturers, you can get quality machines at an affordable price.


paneer press machine

What is Paneer Press Machine and explain the work of paneer press?

It is difficult to think of Indian cuisine without paneer. While the non-vegetarians have their ever so flexible poultry, vegetarians take pleasure in their preferred paneer for a long period, which can be used with all dry or gravy preparations. Cheese is also a spot for too many of our sweets. Besides certain therapies, paneer may even render a nutritious meal. Even many people eat black pepper raw cottage cheese for its milky taste and various health benefits and apply it to their salads. Clean, sweet-flavored, cottage cheese is pure curd food.

Whey (resting liquid after curdling) is removed in the processing stand, but a certain volume of whey is not pressed. The curd is not pressed. If you have not grasped the various benefits of paneer, it is high time to learn what wonders your body will do. We are showing you all the benefits it has to include rich in protein, control blood sugar levels, and good for heart health.

These days, paneer is produced in dairy plants because these take less time. Let’s have a look at the paneer press machine.

Manufacturers of Automatic Paneer Press

We have a variety of Paneer Presses that fulfill dairy and milk industry requirements. Designed from the highest quality raw materials, this is rust-resistant, extremely robust, with very low maintenance specifications. With a superior quality range of Automatic Paneer Press Manufacturers, we have extended our company across the world. The press provided is assembled by our professional specialists using quality-approved materials and cutting-edge technologies. This device, renowned for its decreased care, is used in the manufacture of paneer, coagulated milk cheese.

The Automated Paneer Press Suppliers are powered by pneumatic strength and are available at reasonable rates for our loyal customers in a range of 35 kg.

Manufacturers for Pneumatic Paneer press

We are able to supply a wide selection of Hand Operated, pneumatic press manufacturers focused on the expertise of our talented specialists and hard-workers. We maintain dimensional accuracy and outstanding efficiency. The paneer press will then operate for long. Any of the characteristics of this product are good efficiency, long-endurance, power, and abrasion resistance. This Paneer Press Hand Controlled Paneer Press Hand can be purchased from us in marginal cost, available in different specifications.

We sell a broad variety of Tofu or Paneer Press Machines for our customers. Pneumatic Panel Press Suppliers are widely sought after in agro-industries and are sold according to customers’ requirements in various production capacities, sizes, weights, and styles. We also provide our clients with consulting facilities anytime they require them. It can be purchased at our clients’ leading prices. To buy the machine, you need to talk to our experts, first visit your place and then manufacture the machine accordingly.

paneer press machine

Different Methods to Manufacture Paneer

With the advancements in technology, dairy farmers usually use machines not only for milking process but also for several other dairy tasks. If you are planning to start paneer making business, then you must get a piece of information first, so that you won’t face any problem in the future.

The manufacturing of paneer involves several ways such as-:

  • Standardization of milk
  • Heat treatment
  • Coagulation
  • Draining of whey
  • Pressing
  • Dipping in chilled water
  • Packaging.

These are the important factors to be considered while making paneer. If we talk about previous years, then dairy farmers manufacture paneer manually with hands. However, these days, with the advancements in technology, dairy farmers go with paneer plant and paneer press machine as well. Both tools are valuable to make paneer within few minutes, also offer you a quality product.

Different Ways to make paneer

Buffalo Milk Paneer

Buffalo milk is an ideal raw material to make good quality paneer. In order to make paneer from Buffalo milk, you need to heat it on a high temperature and then you must add the citric acid solution. This solution is valuable to make the paneer. After adding it you have to wait for some time and let it sit down. In addition to this, after the whole process, you must drain the whey with the help of a stainless steel strainer. The temperature of the content is not allowed to drop below 63oC until this stage. You must drain the paneer into a soft cotton cloth and then press it for at least 20 minutes.

At last, packing is done by paneer to deliver to different areas.

Cow Milk Paneer

Cow’s milk is valuable for human health because it contains several nutrients. To make paneer, you must heat the milk at high temperature and then add to the milk calcium chloride. In addition to this, you must heat the milk at 90oC without holding. The rest of the process of making paneer is similar to the process of buffalo milk paneer.

Recombined Milk Paneer

This type of paneer is made with skim milk powder and raw milk as well. You need to add milk powder into the liquid milk and then stir it well. After stirring put the utensil on the stove for boiling. Then you must add the citric acid and then leave it for some time. You must stir it continuously till whey is separated out. After that, let it sit down and then drain it in a fine cotton cloth, also press the paneer to give it a shape.

These are the methods of making paneer manually, if you want to go with machines then you must visit us once so that we can guide you properly about everything.

paneer press machine

Major Steps to Succeed in Cheese Making business

The world really relishes cheese. Some might think that it is an easy business to make it, but the dairy owners and cheese makers know better. It’s not about just rearing some cattle and getting the profits without putting in hard work. As milk plant owners will tell you, it requires a lot of labor to come out with the fine quality cheese. Well, we are not here to preach about the harsh truth about the cheese-making process. We are here to tell you about the tips which will ensure that you make great cheese with the minimum hassle-

1. Select your business model

We usually associate financial returns as the sole purpose of business. While nobody wants to settle for a loss-making proposition, there are other criteria to define the success of a business model. It is successful if it creates employment and shows growth besides earning profits. You must work out the expenditures incurred and the profits made. What you want to do with the business in the future –grow it, sell it or continue with it should also be planned.

2. Select your product footprint

It defines the market you are choosing for your product. Many paneer plant owners aim for the local market. Some others may eye distant markets where people willingly pay more for fine quality cheese. In either case, you will have to maintain the consistency in quality. In the regional market, building contacts and encouraging brand loyalty from chefs, restaurants and local retailers will help. One more option is there –you can approach the high-end grocery stores. It will help in creating big markets for your product.

3. Clearly define your product line

You could choose your product to follow a focused product line which proposes that only a few kinds of cheeses are made. The other approach is a broad product line which aims at producing different kinds of cheeses and other dairy products. While the focused approach is good for creating a regional market, the broad one will help in creating the market at far off places. One has to be careful while following this line as people may suggest products which will have little market value. One has to carefully consider the choices of products before launching any new variation. If the new venture asks for minimum investment, little marketing, and less production load for the milk plant, it is a safe choice.

4. Choose your farm visibility model

As a milk plant owner , you can either let the farm be completely closed to the outside world or be available to it. In the closed model, you have more privacy and focus on basic work. In the open model, you can throw the doors open to the common people and let them peak into your work schedule. It is a good publicity tool. What we suggest is that you can opt for the open model once in a while and let the world know how well you manage your business. It is likely to get you more admirers and buyers.