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क्या है डेयरी उद्योग में बीएमसी के महत्व, जिससे गांव के लोग कमा रहे है लाखों रुपए और कैसे कर सकते है शुरुआत ?

डेयरी फार्मिंग और पशुपालन के व्यवसाय से जुड़े किसानो को बीएमसी के बारे में शायद ही पता होगा | बीएमसी का मतलब है बल्क मिल्क कूलर जिसका  डेयरी उद्योग में दूध को ठंडा करने के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जाता है  | दरअसल यह एक तरह का सेंटर होता है, जिसे किसी भी ग्रामीण इलाके में इस प्लाट को स्थापित किया जाता है |

इस प्लांट में पशुपालक द्वारा दिए गए दूध को ठंडा किया जाता है और ख़राब होने से रोका जाता है | फिर एकत्रित  किये दूध को खपत हुए इलाके पर या फिर डेयरी प्लांट कंपनियों में बेचा जाता है | 

ऐसे में अगर आपको भी प्लांट लगाना है तो सबसे पहले अपने गावों वालो से दूध खरीदना पड़ेगा और फिर उससे शहर में या बड़ी डेयरी प्लांट वाली कंपनियों को बेचना पड़ेगा | बीएमसी का मतवपूर्ण कार्य भी यही होता है | आइये जानते है कैसे करे शुरुआत :- 

कैसे करे शुरुआत ? :- आप यह बिज़नेस किसी भी डेयरी कंपनी के साथ शुरुआत कर सकते है, जिसमे आप 50 प्रतिशत का निवेश डेयरी कंपनी से ले सकते है | बीएमसी में कम से कम 2000 लीटर तक का दूध एकत्रित हो सकता है. जिसको आप बाहर बेच सकते हो | 

बीएमसी मशीन काम कैसे करती है ?:- बीएमसी मशीन का तापमान 4 डिग्री तक होता है जो दूध को ठंडा करने का कार्य करता है और इससे बाहर निकालने के बाद भी दूध कई घंटों तक खराब नहीं होता | इस मशीन की सफाई भी आसानी से हो जाती है | 

इसके अलावा अगर बीएमसी मशीन लगवाना चाहते हो तो आप एनके डेयरी एकुप्मेंट से सहायता ले सकते है | यहाँ पर आपको बीएमसी मशीन के साथ-साथ और भी कई  डेयरी फार्मिंग और पशुपालन से जुड़े इक्विपमेंट उपलब्ध है |

bulk milk cooler

How Bulk Milk Cooling Units Revolutionize the Industry

The dairy business is vital in providing us with nutritious dairy products like milk, ghee, and khoya. The sector has seen considerable modifications as a result of technological improvements, one of which is the advent of bulk milk cooling equipment. These machines have transformed how milk is collected, stored, and preserved on dairy farms.

The Dairy sector is primed for additional growth and advancements as dairy equipment manufacturers in India continue to innovate and build improved cooling units.

In this blog, we will look at how bulk milk cooling units have changed the dairy business by assuring milk freshness and quality while optimizing the dairy farming process.

  1. Enhancing Milk Quality and Safety:

Bulk milk cooling systems have emerged as an essential solution for maintaining milk quality and safety from the farm to the processing facility. These devices are designed to fast cool milk to the right temperature, preventing bacteria growth and keeping it fresh.

Bulk milk chilling machines inhibit the multiplication of hazardous germs by guaranteeing rapid cooling, reducing the risk of deterioration and contamination. India’s dairy equipment producers have led the way in producing innovative cooling units that match industry requirements and regulations.

  1. Efficient Milk Collection and Storage:

Milk is no longer collected in small containers and transferred to dairy operations. Bulk milk cooling systems have simplified milk collection by allowing huge amounts of milk to be collected directly from the farm.

Farmers may now store milk in bulk tanks, avoiding the need for several containers and lowering the danger of contamination, thanks to the integration of efficient milk collection systems. This saves time while also increasing the overall efficiency of milk collection and storage processes.

  1. Preserving Nutritional Value:

Milk is an excellent source of important nutrients, and keeping its nutritious content is critical. By reducing exposure to temperature variations, bulk milk cooling devices help to maintain the freshness and nutritional value of milk. This guarantees that consumers receive milk with the most nutritional value.

The preservation of these valuable components, which range from vitamins and minerals to proteins and enzymes, contributes to the overall health advantages associated with dairy consumption.

  1. Increased Dairy Farm Profitability:

Bulk milk cooling systems have significantly increased dairy farm profitability. Farmers can anticipate higher rates for their items if they work on the quality and security of their milk. Besides, viable milk assortment and capacity techniques reduce the probability of milk ruining, bringing about lower monetary misfortunes.

Experience the convenience of making khoya with a great Khoya Machine. Farmers can also explore value-added dairy products such as ghee and khoya with improved milk preservation, expanding their product range and diversifying revenue streams.


Bulk milk cooling units have caused a tremendous shift in the dairy business, revolutionizing the way milk is collected, stored, and preserved. These devices have transformed the dairy farming process by boosting milk quality, storage efficiency, nutritional value preservation, profitability, and sustainability.

Nkdairyequipments offers cutting-edge machinery, including Ghee Plant, for the effective and quality creation of ghee in the dairy business. Dairy farms can reap various benefits by implementing bulk milk cooling units, thereby ensuring the supply of high-quality and safe dairy products for consumers.

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Customized Service For Bulk Milk Cooler and Khoya Making Machine

As the dairy farming business is on the rise, the business owners are stepping up their approach towards the business. From buying modern and inventive dairy items this is what all the dairy business owners want. This is the reason, you need to choose the best option which is right and made with all the latest techniques. To get in the right direction, better select one of the best dairy equipment and machinery manufacturing companies. Being a wave of modern methods, the customers are trusting towards the customized service in all ways and this especially includes the 2 most important things:

  • Bulk Milk Cooler

  • Khoya Making Machine

Customized service from one of the known dairy equipment manufacturing company

Kanam Bisht

Being fascinated by the inventive dairy equipment methodology I wanted to get the Bulk Milk Cooler for the same. The major reason to get them was the better & improved performance. I did some research and came across NK Dairy Equipment. I looked at their website & came across the quality coolers. Moreover, it’s made using high-quality stainless steel which makes the maintenance and usage way easier.

What made me more attracted towards them was having the coolers with different capacities & variegated configurations. It had all the necessary features I was looking for whether you talk about the low maintenance, tow milking tank design, digital temperature display, maintaining the hygiene level, and most importantly the availability of different types.

Paranv Sehgal

I wanted to widen the scale of my dairy business. After the lockdown, I started to look for one of the leading Khoya Machine Manufacturer . I kept on trying for months and then I came across NK Dairy Equipments. I was awestruck with the service quality and how they ensure every customer gets trouble-free service every time. I reached out to the team and told them about my requirements. They told me the specific product is not available at the moment but they can get it customized for me. They made sure to get the service done through the custom varying capacities and everything was prepared as quickly as it needed to be. It’s all about getting the functional service and at the end that is what I got from the team.

Considering the dairy business requirements

Not every person has the same liking or approach towards a certain situation and this is where getting the customized service will make a lot of difference. Moreover, the manufacturing will be carried out as per the necessary size and functionality you are looking for. Whether it is a simple or unique design, you can get anything as per your own choice.

Reach out to the team of Nk Dairy Equipments

No matter what sort of dairy equipment or machinery needs you have got in touch with Nk Dairy Equipment to get the dairy products with modern yet inventive technology. In case, you have any queries then better tell the team about the same beforehand. This way all your specific needs will be addressed to effectively carry out the working of your business.

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How are milk coolers the modern way to preserve milk in the best manner?

Milk Coolers: Modern method to preserve milk

Milk Coolers: Good health is extremely important and for that, we need to make sure that we eat the right kind of food. One of the important parts of the Indian diet is milk which provides essential nutrients, vitamins, and protein to the body. So, the one glass of milk which we add to our diet mustn’t be adulterated in any sense.

Although, the growing impurities and pollution in the environment have made it difficult to ensure the process is not affected.  Milk’s nutritional value mustn’t be affected and from the extraction to consumption, the process should go safely.


Milk Coolers (BMC): Modern format of doing work

To reduce the risk of adulteration and mishandling in dairy products, milk coolers (BMC) are the best choice. Their use in the dairy industry will be one-of-a-kind. Through their use, the nutrition and quality of milk will be maintained to perfection. In addition, the processing and packaging will be maintained. Through its use, there will be proper cooling and everything is stored in the right manner free from bacteria or anything harmful.


What are the necessary accessories of BMC?

To make sure a full-proof bulk milk cooling system is there, certain basic accessories are needed. All these things are necessary during the installation in the milk collection units or the dairy farm. Some of the important ones are mentioned below.


Data Loggers

Data loggers are a sensor-based state-of-the-art supervisory method that makes it easier to monitor everything. There is a need of:

  • Milk Volume
  • Milk Temperature
  • Agitation Status
  • CIP Status
  • Auxiliary Power Status
  • Milk Unloading Parameters

The sensors are attached to the output system and there are different power taps along with the display system or it can be installed depending on your needs. All the desired information can be obtained with the dashboard method and it can be viewed on any device which has the internet attached to it. In addition, there can be access control methods depending on the client’s need.


CIP method

CIP stands for Cleaning-in-Place system. These are an automated cleaning system which makes it easier to control the milk equipment and machinery. The human intervention is less which improves effectiveness. From pre-rinse to post-rinse, the cleaning is done with perfection and all the chemicals are washed away from the equipment. The errors are less and it makes it easier to operate it.



We all know there is a high risk of global warming all over the world. So, it is of utmost importance that we reduce wastage. With the use of HRU, all this can be done with ease. It will save additional energy which is needed to clean the milk cooling tanks. With these, the milk chilling methods are done in the best manner as everything is in line. All in all, it will increase the energy efficiency with these systems.


Simple, easy, and organized! All this is possible with BMC accessories. Through this, it makes it easier to store the milk in the right approach, and then it can be given to the final user which is safe for consumption.

bulk milk cooler dairy equipments

What are the common mistakes you need to avoid while launching the dairy product?

While looking for dairy products it can be confusing for the customers what they should get. Well, there are so many dairy brands and each of them comes with different advantages. Some of the products are high in protein, gluten-free, and low in sugar. So, how do you make sure when you get the new product it should stand out and it should translate to sales. For the business owner, it is essential to have the best dairy equipment and machinery which ensures the product is of good quality.

 Avoiding to take a position

It is difficult to believe but the food producers do not believe that their food tastes the best, and it needs to be the healthiest. Well, there is no doubt that the best dairy brands produce quality food. But, they do not focus on creating a brand voice.


If your business does not pay attention then there are high chances that the person above you will get the benefit. Your business should give the customers a reason to opt for your product as compared to others.

If your brand is offering tasty and healthy ice-cream and has the proper evidence, then your product is going to be noticed by the customers. So, make a difference and your business will be on the top.


  • The packaging is not in regards to the brand value

The customers are going to look at the packaging and their decision will depend on whether to buy the product or not. Once you have created an impact on the customers, you need to focus on creativity.


You need to choose the best design elements so that your product packaging looks great. Make sure it is not all confusing, otherwise the customer won’t be able to make the final choice.


Do not go with the low-print packaging sheets as the customers will not feel the urge to buy the product. To get success on the launch, make sure you put a slight portion of the marketing to have innovative packaging. Studies have shown that striking packaging helps the product line to be better and it creates a different impact on the customers.


  • Not using market research to increase brand value

Most of the time, business owners say that their product is different and the customers are going to love it. But, when they are told to point the finger at that one particular thing they are not able to do it. This is where market research is important. It is important to research in-depth what the customers think about the product. This way the business can include a strategy that benefits the business. Doing market research will give you ideas on what to change or how to make the product unique.


bulk milk cooler

Get the up to date milking equipment

They can handle large milking and as well as storing the milk for a required period of time. With expertise, bulk milk coolers are manufactured in different sizes, i.e. the IBT model and the DX model. All the milking equipment is designed to match the standard quality and expectations of consumers. The equipment is CFC free and handles two milking with optimum energy efficiency.

The milking equipment promotes hygiene and cleanliness at the farm or the dairy

Different coolers with a capacity of 500 to 5000 litres are manufactured and supplied NK dairy equipment. The coolers are affordable and can be designed as per the consumer’s requirement. They include;

  • Bulk milk coolers
  • Rapid milk coolers
  • Milk chillers
  • Homogenizers
  • Rapid milk coolers

With the use of advanced technology, bulk milk coolers are designed with an agitator for uniform heat transfer. They can cool the milk from ambient 4 degrees C. All the equipment is manufactured using the best quality of stainless steel and they are log lasting.

The equipment increases the milk life and protects the milk from bacterial infestation. The machines allow easy transfer of milk from one container to another and different equipment are available that are used to transport milk from one place to the final destination.

Microprocessor based temperature controllers are also embedded in the milk processing equipment

The machines can be washed easily

They do not consume a lot of energy

bulk milk cooler

The Significance of Bulk Milk Coolers in the present day India

We have seen a favorable revolution in the milk industry, especially in the rural areas. Modernization and extending power plants in the rural regions have helped dairy farmers attain bigger profits than in the past. The system has also provided a bigger profit to the retailers and the farm owners.

Milk is used in many ways that are as a hot drink, cold drink, used to make sweets like Mawa, used to make curd, and so on. It is even one of the most required ingredients in bakery and in addition, milk is added in many other foods and beverages consumed on a daily basis.

With that, milk consumption has greatly risen and farmers or suppliers are happy with their jobs due to the high profit margin realized on a single basis. This is also facilitated with the use of Bulk Milk Coolers a modern way of preserving milk in a hygienic manner with its nutrients. The major aim now stands to be supplying milk at a relatively cheaper rate

These bulk milk coolers always range from 1000 litres to 10,000 litres and preserve the milk at the degrees of 4 Celsius. This temperature is able to keep away all harmful bacteria and microorganisms that may contaminate the milk or destroy it

How the change is significant?

Milking is normally performed twice in a day and in the old days; each person had to get the milk immediately after milking. Further delay renders the milk to wastage and huge losses since it would get spoilt. Dairy farmers were always alert and quick to supply the milk to milk plants that had the better machines (bulk milk coolers). Today, a bulk milk cooler can be purchased by a dairy farmer at a lot of ease and a friendly cost.

Advantages a bulk milk cooler at a farm

There is no haste

Dairy farmers can take their time before delivering the milk at collection centres. This is because the milk is stored at a favorable temperature that prevents spoilage.

Huge profits

A person producing 800 litres of milk per day is assured of a good profit since no micro-organisms will destroy the milk

It is a good investment

There is no need for purchasing of storage cans and so on. Owning a bulk milk cooler can also help society and in return, they may pay you for the services

Delivering high-quality milk

Cases of sour milk are rare these days

The above-mentioned benefits have made dairy farming enjoyable and profitable. The new developments are absolutely cost-effective and will render further developments in the Indian milk sector.

Manufacturing and supplying of bulk milk coolers is also taking a diverse path. The latest milk coolers are designed in different sizes with a good capacity and solar-based chilling is also taking a new course.

There is more flexibility due to the innovation that is being made with time. This has made milk businesses emerge as premium services and much recognizable in India.