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How to look for a quality milking machine at an affordable price?

Find the best and top notch milk machine

The dairy business is flourishing at a fast pace. With that, it becomes essential for the business owner to select the equipment and machinery that stands out in terms of overall quality and is available at the right price. That’s the reason the selection of the best Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India is crucial in every sense. So, from the start, get the expertise of the skilled team to make a choice easily.

Choosing the modern based milking machine

Whether your preference is to get the Khoya Making Machine, milking machine, or any other latest equipment, then it’s essential to choose something that stands out in different ways. Selecting the right options to make everything go on the right track. No doubt, it’s easier to select everything on your own; therefore, you need to trust the expertise of the professionals who are known names in the field for the last so many years.

The modern milking machine is much better in terms of quality as compared to manual milking. No doubt, the options are endless but get the expertise of a renowned manufacturer and supplier to make the selection easier. The expert team assistance makes the selection much easier on a regular basis.

Look for different models and then ask the team

When you begin searching for the milking machine for the milk plant or any other machinery for Ghee Plant, explore the different models present over the net. Afterward, you need to choose the one that sticks to your business approach and will make a difference to overall dairy business productivity. So choose the selection of the milking machine through different factors like:

  • Latest model with advanced technique
  • Affordable price as you need to spend on other necessary chores
  • Tell the dairy equipment manufacturer and supplier about the specific requirements. So this will make it much easier to select the most appropriate choice.
  • Choose the technique that stands out as compared to all other models available in the market.

Are you confused about making the right selection?

No doubt, with affordability, comes the option of choosing something that stands out in terms of quality. If you are considerate about something and want to make an informed choice, then get the assistance of the renowned and skilled team of dairy equipment manufacturers to make the selection easier.

Nk Dairy Equipment manufacturers have years of expertise

The dairy business ever increasing demand gives the opportunity to the manufacturers and suppliers to up their game. Indeed! It’s an altogether different approach, and only the expert & skilled team can do it the right way.  Indeed! It’s a journey, so you better do things the right way. If there’s any confusion on your mind, then feel free to ask about the same to the team and get the machinery at an economical price under your budget.

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You should know 8 ways to prepare your milking routine for winter

Well, To make the change to a winter milking schedule as seamless as possible, work with your milk quality and hygiene specialist to get your parlor ready for the season.

You can contact NK Dairy Equipments to buy this machine because they are the best Dairy Equipment Manufacturers in India. They also have a Ghee plant and Khoya Making Machine. You can contact them to suit all of your needs because machine productivity is crucial for generating large earnings or high-quality work.

Winter has come, so break out the hand warmers, wool socks, and boot dryers. You should modify your routines in and around the parlor in the same way that you modify your winter routine to take care of your herd. Start the winter off well and make sure that underproduction, health, and operation efficiency don’t suffer.

The following eight steps will help you prepare your milking schedule and parlor routines for winter:

  1. Evaluate the vacuum, pulsation, and automatic takeoff settings

Teat-end health is more in danger when the weather is chilly and unreliable. You must make sure that your equipment is correctly configured and optimized.

  1. Protect the parlor’s entrance and departure points

Ice and frozen manure can cause cows and people to slip and fall at parlor entrance and exit points, which can also impede parlor flow and increase the risk of harm to cows and people.

  1. Start your winter teat dip routine

Starting using a post-dip with additional emollients will help to protect, heal, and soften teat skin in the early stages. As soon as the temperature outside approaches freezing, use a high-emollient post-dip.

  1. Look out for your employees

Make that milkers have the appropriate winter protective wear and equipment to maintain sanitary milkings, such as milking sleeves and gloves. Having a heater in the milking parlor area can also keep the workers cozy. Encourage your staff to be aware of extended drive times if they commute to the farm.

  1. Be mindful of your hoses

Your drop hoses should be filled with warm water and sanitizer to keep the parlor and milking machine clean. Watch out for those leaks as well.

  1. Maintain a warm supply room

If you keep teat dips and other ingredients for teat-scrubbing systems in your supply and equipment rooms, you should pay close attention to the temperature in those areas.

  1. Be careful when reheating teat dippers

If you warm up teat diapers in a bucket of hot water, make sure the water level is below where the container seals to avoid water from contaminating the teat dip.

  1. Check the temperature of the water

You can make sure your dairy has adequate hot water by monitoring wash cycles. In comparison to other seasons, hot water maybe 10 degrees or colder in the winter

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Why Are Dairy Plants Supposed To Be Meeting The Hygiene Standards?

Hygiene – The Rudiment of Dairy Industry

The place where the milk is to be obtained and processed, has to be properly cleaned, hygienic, and sanitized. Certain factors are to be kept in mind while considering the hygiene of the dairy plants like the anti-bacterial and acid proof nature of the floor. The milking machines should be cleaned and sanitized regularly. These machines could be an asset for you as these help you generate more revenue than price. So you need not worry about the milking machine price.

Guide To Hygienic Environment in the Diary Plants

Significance Of Hygiene

If hygiene and sanitization is not considered seriously, then it could lead to the emergence of harmful bacteria in the form of the following:


Campylobacter jejuni

Listeria monocyogenes

Yersinia enterocolitica

These kinds of bacterias are particularly harmful to children, pregnant women and those who are recovering from a specific illness.

Do you know?

It has become compulsory for the daily plants to comply with the hygiene standards as per laid by the following regulatory bodies:




Maintenance Of Hygiene in the Milk Factories

The milk factories ought to be working in a sanitize and hygienic environment. As far as hygiene is concerned, then it can primarily be divided into the following categories:

Business Hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Equipment Hygiene

Here are some aspects of hygiene in the milk factory:

Hygienic Floors

The floors of the milk factory are supposed to be equipped with the materials which are essential for the maintenance of food hygiene.

Have Proper Knowledge

You are required to have the proper knowledge about hygiene and sanitization. In case of a lack of knowledge, you may end up deteriorating the hygiene standards.

Use Of the Specific Detergents

You are supposed to be using those detergents and the disinfectants which are particularly approved for being used in the milking industries.

Proper Drainage System

It is required to have the appropriate drainage system in particular the area where milk processing activities are being carried out.

Automation In the Washing Devices

If possible then consider using the equipment or the devices which help in the washing and the maintenance of the sanitation. It will help you with the guaranteed cleaning.

Some Important Restrictions For The Employes

The employees at the workplace should be restricted from using jewellery and cosmetics. Also, they should be instructed to wear clean clothes and masks. Alongside, the covering of the head and the hands are the necessities.

Antacid Floor Applications

If you are considering the use of any of the floor applications, then make sure that it does not produce bacteria.

Why Is It Necessary To Take The Important Measures For The Production And The Storage?

As we all know, milk is a perishable product. It can easily approach microbial contamination and the escalated levels of the pH, which are not good for health. Keeping those crucial things in mind, you are supposed to take the required actions.

Want To Know More?

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How does the milking machine work? What are the benefits of automation?

Nowadays the dairy plants have started using milking machines to extract the milk from the cow’s teat. Whenever the traditional farmers are advised to carry out this approach, then their first question is regarding the milking machine price.

In today’s web post we shall be learning how the milking machines help to extract the milk from the teats of the cows and how they are designed to help to maintain the ideal blood circulation in the cow’s teats.

If you are eager to know how these milking machines are designed and how they operate in the milking farms, then today’s blog is surely going to be for you.

The teats of the cows and the milk hose are sealed with a tightened seal. The milk hose will then be used to transport the milk. The lines which are connected with the vacuum pump are operated by making use of the valve.

Do you know?
The section which is located between the liner and the oyer shell is known as the pulsator chamber.

Usually, this process requires the use of a constant vacuum. The pressure will be applied to the milk hose as they are quintessentially shorter in length.

Do you know?
When the pressure of the vacuum gets equalized between the chamber and the milk hose, then the liner gets opened.

Afterwards, the teats are exposed in such a way that a flow of the milk can get triggered when the vacuum is applied to the hose tube.

Once the pulsator has ended up releasing the vacuum, then the liner gets exposed to the air.

Do you know?
If the pressure inside the chamber gets increased, then a massaging motion will be encountered when the liner gets both collapsed and tightened.

A total of 60 cycles can be completed in a single minute.

The cups are connected to form the milk hoses. The joining together of these is known as the claw. This is the junction at which the milk from all four teats gets mixed up. This is considered one of the longest milk hoses. As long as the result of the vacuum is concerned, the entire line may become a path to draw the milk.

The jar receives the milk when the milk runs through the long milk hose. In case, the air gets trapped in the milk column, it is only the jar where it is supposed to get released. Also, this junction is responsible for mixing the milk obtained from the different cows.

No sooner than the jar gets filled, the pump commences pushing the milk into the main tank. This is where it can get immediately refrigerated.

Usually, the modern milking machines are designed in a way that they only stop when the udder of the cow gets emptied. Afterwards, these get switched off automatically.

Not only this but the efficient design of the cups gets automatically received from the cows.

How does the whole process end?
No sooner, the whole process gets ended, the iodine solution will be used to make the teats dipped. This helps to make sure that no infection is allowed to get spread. This is usually known as the sterilization process.

Final Comments
If you want absolutely detailed information on this topic, then make sure you are giving your feedback to us.

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How do milk meters help in effective monitoring and measuring of milk production?

Do you know how and why dairy farms are at ease? How are they able to manage the dairy plant?

Well! That is all because of the modern dairy farms which use advanced technology to boost effectiveness and productivity. Technological use stepped into the dairy sector through the milking parlors. The focus was on implementing consistent and proper milking methods to boost comfort, safety, and work productivity. Moreover, the milking machine price is fairly economical in India, and that too of the best quality. In addition, multiple cows can be milked simultaneously which helps in boosting dairy farm production.

What are milk meters?

Just imagine the scenario, where milking of multiple cows is done at one time. In such cases, it is important to measure milk production. Indeed it is essential to measure the total milk production of the entire farm and also calculating the yield per cow. To manage all this, milk meters were introduced in the milking parlors.

How do milk meters work?

Milk meters have sensors that help to understand the milk production per cow and for the entire unit. It is up to you whether you want to use it as a standalone tool or want to get it included in the larger herd & dairy management system.

NK Dairy manufactures the best type of AI-Based Milk meters which helps in checking the milk production by the yield indicators and flow sensors. Their installation is done outside so there is no way that these can affect the milk flow or block it.

Do milk meters affect the milking rate?

Their installation will not make any change to the milking rate. Their installation is easier on the milk lines and you can easily wash them. You can dismantle them from their place and you will be good to go.

Milk meters provide optimum data

With the milk meter, you will be able to get an accurate idea of the optimum milk production and also understand the profitability linked to it. Basically, with the smart milk meter it will be easier to check the following:

  • Assess the milk quality

  • Cow health because of the integrated milk sampler

Accurate information, Better work

There is no denying the fact that common dairy personnel cannot understand the data which the sensors have collected. Through AI machines, better decisions will be made.

Even in the case of less milk production by a particular cow, the alert will be triggered. This helps the dairy farmer to see what is wrong. The milk meters have the entire history of the average yield of the cow which makes it easier to compare whether the milk production is right or not.

Maintain the Milk Production

The dairy farmer will check the cow to make sure there is no problem. This way you will be managing the dairy farm productivity as all the time you can ensure that the herd health is right.

All in all, AI-based milk meters are advanced and their use can drastically change milk production to a great extent.

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Why should dairy equipment providers comply with the regulatory bodies?

According to the research carried out by the dairy processing equipment market, the dairy equipment provided should follow all the instructions, regulations and guidelines issued by several informative and regulatory bodies. By doing this the dairy plant can achieve the required growth. There have been several instructions passed for making the milking machine price considerably economical. If the equipment is modified based on the regulations, then the dairy plants can achieve huge success.


Which trend is going on in the dairy processing equipment market?

The trend is getting shifted towards HPP at an increasing rate. It is the latest and the major trend which is going on in the market. The modifications in the technologies are highly required as it helps to preserve the nutrients and the various vitamin contents. With this, we can highly contribute to ameliorating the quality of the food products.


What is the global milking market confident about?

The global milking market has faith that its demands will be quintessentially taken care of. The market research which is carried out in the year 2018 revealed that the global milking machine market is the right analysis done by the industry experts. The unparalleled domain knowledge has helped them to bring about an-in depth study for the trends going on in the market.


What is being composed in the milking machines?

The milking machines are teat-cups that get connected with the flexible tubes. This tube is supported by the vacuum pump and the pulsator on either side.


In which categories, the milking machines are divided?

The milking machines are divided into two categories which are as follow;

  • Automatic milking machine
  • Semi-Automatic milking machines


How can the escalated sales increase the share of the dairy equipment market?

The processed milk is usually extracted from equipment such as the pasteurizers

  • Homogenizers
  • Heat exchangers


The dairy processing companies are finding investment in the milk processing machinery as wholly useful as the shares of the dairy equipment market will escalate in the forecast period.


The fact

We all know, the consumer demands for milk, cream, yoghurt and the buyer will always be high. These are never going to come down as dairy products have become an important part of our daily dietary routine. So investment in these products will always be beneficial.


Bottom Line

The dairy field is continuously growing, as earlier it was limited to the production of the processing of the milk, But with the modernised needs the milk powder and other concentrates are also coming into existence.

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What all do you need to know about the modern robotic milk collection unit?

India is one of the biggest dairy producers. With each year, milk production is increasing with time. Dairy production and collection methods have also improved a lot with time. The use of modern and updated technologies helps in benefiting the milk and milk-products production in India. It makes it easier to check how the work is done, the way distribution should be carried out, and how everything is mixed.

We all know, with manual work the chances of error are higher and it would be difficult to carry out the work with precision. This is the reason, the dairy farmers need to use the robotic milk collection unit which makes the entire work go in a flow and that too on time. 

So, make sure that you use the advanced and modern technology which changes the way work is done at the dairy farm and with improved efficiency.

Robotic milk collection installation

Nk dairy manufacturer provides you with the latest and improved robotic milk collection installation. No matter which product or equipment we manufacture, it is aimed with one motto i.e. to reduce the burden of dairy farmers and help their business to flourish in the coming years. The automation system and working will help in the easy collection, distribution, packaging, checking, and managing of the workflow. In all, it will contribute to the overall growth of the dairy industry as it is an advanced technology that saves time, and reduces the chances of error.

How does the robotic collection work?

With the robotic milk collection, it makes it easier to measure the milk volume and fat content in the right amount. This is done with the help of RFID quotes. When the milk is poured, the small samples are taken and then the quality is checked. In case, the quality is not as per the standards then that batch of the milk is discarded.

The ones which are up to the mark and best in terms of human consumption are collected and then stored in the right manner. The entire process will get completed within a few minutes and then comes the method of scanning through the RFID code. The process is started, once the milk source is selected. Through the machine, all the necessary details are recorded. Once everything is done it can even provide the necessary results like the quantity and quality of milk. In addition, the fat content is checked and how much is the total amount. All the necessary details are printed

Why should you prefer the robotic milk collection unit?

Easy to use and an effective working system is what we need. Every sector is making use of the robotic system or automated technology, so why not dairy farming should get the benefit from it. As it functions on its own, it makes it easier to collect the milk, providing accurate and reliable data. It is definitely the future of milk collection and here are some of the reasons for that:

  • As a dairy business owner, there will be less need of hiring the staff who collect and measure the milk. You can save those expenses for future use.
  • It functions on its own, which means you can continue doing other necessary tasks. You need to give the orders and the work is done.
  • All the precise and necessary information is obtained about the pouring.
  • With the automated functioning, there is no way that work will be wrong or there will be a delay. The way you set the timer or turn on the machine, the work will get started. Once everything is done, you will get the signal.
  • Moreover, the quality is not compromised. In case, the milk is not of the best quality then it is discarded from the lot.
  • All the desired information is collected in the database which allows the workflow to be checked at any time. It makes it easier to check about the productivity carried in one day.

Get the best and improved techniques

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best quality, economical, and improved milk collection unit installed at your plant. Contact the Nk dairy expert and discuss the further details to make a wise decision for your dairy business.

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Everything you need to know about the milking machines and their usage

As we know, the mammary glands are accountable for producing the milk which is rich in the immuno-globulins which helps you to get prevented from the deadly disease. There are so many wonderful properties of milk that make it a star ingredient of all dairy products. Apart from all that, we cannot deny the role of hygienic milking which is important to check the spread of harmful toxins.


So today’s blog is going to be on that topic. So let us get started:




The fashion and the procedure of the milking machines to milk the cows never change and remain even untampered even if the individual who is operating the machine changes the following day. If we compare the machine milking with the in-hand milking, then we will come across the following differences:

Following things gets changed when the individuals accountable for milking keeps on getting changed:

  • Speed
  • Milking amount


An important fact to know

The milkers should not smoke and chew tobacco while milking since it affects the cow.


What is the benefit of installing a milking machine? Which machine should you consider?

The milking machines are operated through electricity. These machines milk the cows in the same rhythm which makes sure that the comfort level of the cows is not getting compromised.

If you are considering buying the milking machine, then you should surely go for the machine that does not require the oil to operate as it will cost you recurring expenses. So it’s better to avoid such machines.


How do the milking machines deal with the teats of the cows?

The pulsator which is present in the milking machines helps to press the teats of the cows. The incorporation of the feature of the alternate pulsation helps to make the cows comfortable and relaxed during the milking process as it carries out the following approach while milking:

  • 1st and 3rd
  • 2nd and 4th


Important tips for the hygienic milking

The following steps are to be considered:

  • The udder of the cow should be washed and minutely clean with water.
  • The cows should be stopped before commencing the milking process. This process will make the cows ready for letting the milk down.
  • You should consider having two towels. One clean towel for wiping the teats and another one to clean the cows. Do not use the same towel without washing consecutively two times. If you have a problem with washing, then you can consider using single teat wipes.


Important information

Every cow takes nearly 6 to 8 minutes to get milked wholly.


Bottom Line

If you want to buy the milking equipment for milking the cows then, you should consider taking the services of NK dairy equipment. They will not only make you purchase the right milking equipment as per your needs but they will also guide you with some of the tips which you will need when you will milk the cows.



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From whom should you purchase the milking machine to avoid mastitis in cows?

Mastitis is a problem that can affect cows to a significant extent. This problem is caused when the milking process is carried out through the machines. But the machines are cleaned regularly or they have some fault in their functioning which is not getting to be known. It is a general tendency that the people choose it by keeping the milking machine price in mind But it is relevant to suggest that despite the price you should take the quality into account, which is more important than that.

So in today’s article, we shall be telling you about how you can prevent the problem of mastitis among the cows.

  • The dynamic or the wet test

We know how important the proper functioning of the pulsator is for the milking process. To know about the adequacy of the vacuum, the professionals always suggest taking the milking tests into account. These tests can either be dynamic or wet. If there arises the need to carry out detailed testing, then it may be because of the failure which is induced in any of the tests.

How can you check the rate and the ratio of the pulsation?

As far as the vacuum recorder is concerned, it can be the channels that can either be the single unit channel or the vacuum recorder. For the perfect testing of the pulsator, teats will be needed for more than 4 teat plugs.

It is because the pulsator tests are responsible for the inclusion of the vacuum level measurement option. Because of its features, the pulsator test can be used as the following:

  • Digital vacuum gauge
  • Vacuum stability
  • How should you be checking the pulsation system?

When all the milking units are internally connected, only then the efficient pulsator testing can be taken into account. The predominant objective of the pulsation system is to check whether the pulsator is operating according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

  • What do you think about the pulsation?

We are going to describe this concept through the American approach, which is to define the rest ratio of the milk through this which is customarily known as the touchpoint. I know that now you must be wondering about the meaning of the milk rest ratio. This is the milking phase which contributes to 60% and the massage phase which is contributing to 40%.

  • From where should you buy the milking machine?

You should be buying the milking machine from NK dairy equipment. The timely and guaranteed services are the main reason that their customer’s ad clients are getting increased with each passing day. The importance of the building of the machines by taking the sanitation and hygiene standards into account have increased. So they try to take each factor into account So that you do not face any difficulty in maintaining hygiene. So do not think twice to count on NK Dairy equipment.

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What should we know about the basic construction of the milking machine?

If we talk about the fundamental layout, then it is the same with all the milking machines. A pump, a vacuum regulator and a container are found almost in all the milking machines. But milking machine prices may vary from shop to shop and from company to company.

Let’s get to know about the basic construction of the milking machine first

The machine is so well designed for the extraction of the milk. The functioning involves the application of the vacuum to the teats with periodic squeezes. The pipework of the milking machine involves the joining of the various elements in a way that there is no hindrance in the flowing of the air and the milk paths. The diversification of the milking machine has come to origin owing to the development. From the bucket, the milk is transferred to the milk tubes.

Relation of vacuum and milk flow

The raising of the milk to the pipeline helps in the reduction of the vacuum at the teats. For the good functioning of the vacuum, the pump is responsible for the extraction of the air through compression that can be discharged to the atmosphere.

What should we know about vacuum measurement?

As we all know that vacuum is the pressure that is below the atmospheric pressure. The measurement can be done by taking pressure difference into account with the mercury manometer. There are a variety of units that can be measured with the vacuum.

What is the action of the milking machine in each of the pulsation cycles?

The pulsator is responsible for the connection of the vacuum with the pulsation chamber. The predominant function of the pulsator is the connection of the pulsation chamber to the atmosphere.

What about the milking rate?

The flow of the milk increases by taking the following into account:

  • If we increase the vacuum, the strippings will also increase.
  • An increment of the pulsation rate also increases the air that is ought to be pumped from the machine.
  • The widening of the pulsation ratio also helps in the opening of the liner collapse time.

What are vacuum fluctuations?

There are two types of fluctuations that are responsible for causing the significant impact on mastitis and the milk flow:

  • Irregular fluctuations

Whenever the liner of the teacup gets displaced then the air is supposed to enter when the milking units are being changed carelessly.

  • Cyclic fluctuations

Each pulsation cycle involves different cyclic movements. Sometimes these movements get increased while other times, these get decreased.

What should we know about vacuum pumps?

  • Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pumps are accountable for drawing the air through the inlet port. After being compressed, it is ejected into the atmosphere.

  • Interceptor

The trap which is fitted in the vacuum line is able to prevent the liquid and dust that is being sucked into the vacuum pump.

Final Thoughts

So if you are willing to purchase the milking machine, then you can contact us. We provide the best machinery and our customers never encounter the equipment sold by us.