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You should know 8 ways to prepare your milking routine for winter

Well, To make the change to a winter milking schedule as seamless as possible, work with your milk quality and hygiene specialist to get your parlor ready for the season.

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Winter has come, so break out the hand warmers, wool socks, and boot dryers. You should modify your routines in and around the parlor in the same way that you modify your winter routine to take care of your herd. Start the winter off well and make sure that underproduction, health, and operation efficiency don’t suffer.

The following eight steps will help you prepare your milking schedule and parlor routines for winter:

  1. Evaluate the vacuum, pulsation, and automatic takeoff settings

Teat-end health is more in danger when the weather is chilly and unreliable. You must make sure that your equipment is correctly configured and optimized.

  1. Protect the parlor’s entrance and departure points

Ice and frozen manure can cause cows and people to slip and fall at parlor entrance and exit points, which can also impede parlor flow and increase the risk of harm to cows and people.

  1. Start your winter teat dip routine

Starting using a post-dip with additional emollients will help to protect, heal, and soften teat skin in the early stages. As soon as the temperature outside approaches freezing, use a high-emollient post-dip.

  1. Look out for your employees

Make that milkers have the appropriate winter protective wear and equipment to maintain sanitary milkings, such as milking sleeves and gloves. Having a heater in the milking parlor area can also keep the workers cozy. Encourage your staff to be aware of extended drive times if they commute to the farm.

  1. Be mindful of your hoses

Your drop hoses should be filled with warm water and sanitizer to keep the parlor and milking machine clean. Watch out for those leaks as well.

  1. Maintain a warm supply room

If you keep teat dips and other ingredients for teat-scrubbing systems in your supply and equipment rooms, you should pay close attention to the temperature in those areas.

  1. Be careful when reheating teat dippers

If you warm up teat diapers in a bucket of hot water, make sure the water level is below where the container seals to avoid water from contaminating the teat dip.

  1. Check the temperature of the water

You can make sure your dairy has adequate hot water by monitoring wash cycles. In comparison to other seasons, hot water maybe 10 degrees or colder in the winter

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