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Everything you need to know about the milking machines and their usage

As we know, the mammary glands are accountable for producing the milk which is rich in the immuno-globulins which helps you to get prevented from the deadly disease. There are so many wonderful properties of milk that make it a star ingredient of all dairy products. Apart from all that, we cannot deny the role of hygienic milking which is important to check the spread of harmful toxins.


So today’s blog is going to be on that topic. So let us get started:




The fashion and the procedure of the milking machines to milk the cows never change and remain even untampered even if the individual who is operating the machine changes the following day. If we compare the machine milking with the in-hand milking, then we will come across the following differences:

Following things gets changed when the individuals accountable for milking keeps on getting changed:

  • Speed
  • Milking amount


An important fact to know

The milkers should not smoke and chew tobacco while milking since it affects the cow.


What is the benefit of installing a milking machine? Which machine should you consider?

The milking machines are operated through electricity. These machines milk the cows in the same rhythm which makes sure that the comfort level of the cows is not getting compromised.

If you are considering buying the milking machine, then you should surely go for the machine that does not require the oil to operate as it will cost you recurring expenses. So it’s better to avoid such machines.


How do the milking machines deal with the teats of the cows?

The pulsator which is present in the milking machines helps to press the teats of the cows. The incorporation of the feature of the alternate pulsation helps to make the cows comfortable and relaxed during the milking process as it carries out the following approach while milking:

  • 1st and 3rd
  • 2nd and 4th


Important tips for the hygienic milking

The following steps are to be considered:

  • The udder of the cow should be washed and minutely clean with water.
  • The cows should be stopped before commencing the milking process. This process will make the cows ready for letting the milk down.
  • You should consider having two towels. One clean towel for wiping the teats and another one to clean the cows. Do not use the same towel without washing consecutively two times. If you have a problem with washing, then you can consider using single teat wipes.


Important information

Every cow takes nearly 6 to 8 minutes to get milked wholly.


Bottom Line

If you want to buy the milking equipment for milking the cows then, you should consider taking the services of NK dairy equipment. They will not only make you purchase the right milking equipment as per your needs but they will also guide you with some of the tips which you will need when you will milk the cows.



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