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You should know 8 ways to prepare your milking routine for winter

Well, To make the change to a winter milking schedule as seamless as possible, work with your milk quality and hygiene specialist to get your parlor ready for the season.

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Winter has come, so break out the hand warmers, wool socks, and boot dryers. You should modify your routines in and around the parlor in the same way that you modify your winter routine to take care of your herd. Start the winter off well and make sure that underproduction, health, and operation efficiency don’t suffer.

The following eight steps will help you prepare your milking schedule and parlor routines for winter:

  1. Evaluate the vacuum, pulsation, and automatic takeoff settings

Teat-end health is more in danger when the weather is chilly and unreliable. You must make sure that your equipment is correctly configured and optimized.

  1. Protect the parlor’s entrance and departure points

Ice and frozen manure can cause cows and people to slip and fall at parlor entrance and exit points, which can also impede parlor flow and increase the risk of harm to cows and people.

  1. Start your winter teat dip routine

Starting using a post-dip with additional emollients will help to protect, heal, and soften teat skin in the early stages. As soon as the temperature outside approaches freezing, use a high-emollient post-dip.

  1. Look out for your employees

Make that milkers have the appropriate winter protective wear and equipment to maintain sanitary milkings, such as milking sleeves and gloves. Having a heater in the milking parlor area can also keep the workers cozy. Encourage your staff to be aware of extended drive times if they commute to the farm.

  1. Be mindful of your hoses

Your drop hoses should be filled with warm water and sanitizer to keep the parlor and milking machine clean. Watch out for those leaks as well.

  1. Maintain a warm supply room

If you keep teat dips and other ingredients for teat-scrubbing systems in your supply and equipment rooms, you should pay close attention to the temperature in those areas.

  1. Be careful when reheating teat dippers

If you warm up teat diapers in a bucket of hot water, make sure the water level is below where the container seals to avoid water from contaminating the teat dip.

  1. Check the temperature of the water

You can make sure your dairy has adequate hot water by monitoring wash cycles. In comparison to other seasons, hot water maybe 10 degrees or colder in the winter

diary equipments - milking machine

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Modern Milking Machine For Dairy Farming?

In today’s time, we remain in the diverse agricultural cooperation that is committed to building our stability and financial strength. It also includes improving the economic diversity and vitality of the regional and rural communities. In this section, the dairy farmers secure a sustainable supply chain while also growing the partnership in the market.

To yield and safeguard the quality of products on their farm, it is necessary for the farmers who appreciate Dairy Equipment Manufacturers to use milking machines so that they would be able to serve their needs. 

Modern Dairy Equipment: A Smart Milking And Maintenance Solution

These are some of the equipment that would help the dairy farmers to produce high-quality milk in bulk for better profit and production of milk-related items. We are a reliable option that delivers advanced technology machines such as khoya making machine for better production. 

  • Automation

We combine the latest technology to make an automotive milking parlor to reach optimum productivity, efficiency, and milk quality. 

  • Pasteurization

With the help of a pasteurizer’s equipment, you will be able to pasteurize the process. The dairy farmers conduct this process so that the products’ heat treatment would reduce enzymatic activity and kill any bacteria. 

  • Milk separators

The dairy farmers ensure the texture and the quality of the products with the help of a milk separator that comes under the category of the milk processing unit. Apart from that, they also elevate the performance of the skimming milk as it stops the intake of destructive air. 

  • Standardization

This process helps the dairy farmers to serve each cartoon or bag of milk to their customers with constant fat consistency and content. It also ensures good quality yields. 

  • Milk testers

Milk testers allow the dairy farmer to tailor to the quality needs as per the requirements of the dairy and food industries. You can analyze milk to determine the impurity, toxins, and adulteration compounds. 

  • Bulk milk coolers

You should ensure that the milk cooler is fast enough for better results before buying the machine. It should hold a temperature so that it would be able to agitate the milk until and unless it leaves your farm for delivery. You will be able to get various advanced storage cooler units that have a number of plate coolers and also a chilling system. 

Prompting the complete ecosystem of Milk Processing

Nowadays, dairy equipment companies manufacture high technology machines with better functions. They develop the material based on the requirements of the farmers’ everyday needs. It is an excellent investment if a dairy farmer is interested in enhancing their profit.

Remember that milk harvesting does not stop with the process of removing milk from the animal; instead, it is the starting. After the removal, the dairy farmer has a life cycle of transporting the milk to the storage unit to keep it safe until and unless the farmer is ready to use it for further processing.

With modern dairy equipment, you will be catering to the requirements of modern-day industries. In fact, the milk processing unit plays a significant role in making the dairy industry one of the most effective food industries in the world.

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Milk production in India is booming; Higher than the wheat and rice demand

Increasing demand for milk directly influences higher milk production

As per the current stats, the milk production in India is around Rs 8.5 Lakh Crore Annually. The milk production is even higher as compared to rice and wheat. The given state tells that the small farmers are the ones because of whom the dairy sector is seeing huge benefits in the present. Such a state also enlightens the fact that advanced and better working Milk Processing Equipment is used to handle the vital work of the dairy business.

Taking measures to strengthen the village economy

Most of the dairy business owners working in the present time in the industry are small farmers. The given opportunity is a perfect choice for the cooperative dairy sector to empower the dairy farmers and women to take work & earn a better livelihood. Additionally, making changes in the way business is done and bringing advanced technology to the dairy farming world allows obtaining better results. If the dairy farmer wishes to set up a khoya plant, then the use of the latest and most modern tech-based khoya Making Machine is required to get better results.

Dairy sectors beneficiary of small farmers

The results are much better when the dairy farm is compared to the wheat and rice business. The results and the opportunities are more in the present time that allows making a difference in working. The small dairy business owners are taking measures to make the business reach a higher stage than it already is.

The dairy farmers do not just manage the dairy processing and other necessary measures at the dairy farmers. But even take care of the cattle. Because their health is of utmost importance to ensure the dairy business production is manageable in all possible ways. So, the small farmers and even those planning to get into the sector have a better opportunity waiting in front of them.

Ease of working and production management

The small-scale dairy business farmers are benefited in different possible ways. Whether you talk about managing production or management of any particular step at the dairy farm, all that is possible in the dairy business. Over time the facilities of the dairy business are getting better, which is what makes a difference in the way work is carried out.

Additionally, the production steps are carried out through modern-based technology, which is the critical factor in taking the business one step ahead. It’s rightly said that making small changes in the dairy business is what is required in the present to see profits in the long run.

Are you in search of dairy equipment and machinery?

Quality. Economical. Result-Driven: Through Nk Dairy Equipments, you get what you are looking for to do the business in a manageable state. If there’s a specific requirement on your mind, then discuss with the team about the same to help you get familiar with the right choice. In the initial phase, the professional approach and understanding are what you do to see profitable results.

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What all do you have to know about the steam-heated mawa making machine?

The dairy business sector is getting huge attention and more business owners are planning to extend their milk processing plant. In India, people’s love for dairy food items is like having a bowl of cherries which makes their time even better. It would be right to say that trying your hands on the ghee plant is worth having additional benefits in a way that no one expected. One thing which has grabbed the attention of the dairy business owner is the Mawa making machine. The use of mawa is an important part of making Indian sweets and it is mostly used in everything.

Steam mawa making machine

With the steam mawa making machine it will include the triple wall and the innermost shell is made from the stainless steel plate which has a thickness of around 5mm and then the conical shell has milk, adjusting the spring pressure on the stirrer along with the spring cup.

With the T-3 phase electric motor there is a set rating of around Hp/440 V which is an effective choice for the stirrer cladding and it allows the covering for insulation material.

Modern and updated technology

At present, it is all about the use of the latest and best technology which changes the way work is done. In addition, the steam-heated mawa making machine is the best choice in the commercial area. Moreover, the latest machines provide with the exceptional facility which helps to save a lot of money on fuel and it can be a great choice for manpower. If we talk about the conventional method of making mawa then it was done in the Kadai (Bhatti) which takes a lot of time. It would be right to say that extra labor is needed to operate the same.

What is the need for modern mawa making machines?

In the present time, the steam-heated tilting type bottom comes along with khoya or mawa making machines. Primarily, the goal was to address the problem which came along with the conventional male-making machine.

The modern approach of mawa making machines is to come up with a method that has a non-tilting vessel and a top-driven stirrer. The modern approach has made the finished product removal much easier. To do this, the vessel has to be tilted and then a turning union is used. In addition, there is a need of something:

  • Fine features

  • Quick working

  • Easy to control

With the use of the modern mawa making machine, this choice is the ideal approach. To add to that:

  • Present machine for mawa making can help to save the fuel by around 40% to 50%

  • In addition, the machine is much better in terms of speed because of the fast-speed motor.

  • That’s not all, it is a great choice in terms of health and hygiene.

Final word!

With the latest approach, it is going to make it easier for the dairy farmer to have better control over the quality. If you would like to get your hands on the best and affordable mawa making machine, then get in touch with the NK Dairy team.

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What are the common myths about the opening of the dairy farming business?

Some people are there who love to purchase new technologies for their business and earn profits whereas some people use old techniques to run a business. You must be thinking why right. This is because of some myths they believe.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some myths which need to be debunked for the benefit of manufacturers.


  • Technologies are difficult to manage

This is the foremost myth that technology is difficult to control which is absolutely false. In fact, it is observed that people don’t experience any stoppages or gaps during production, unlike older machines. Older systems are difficult to manage. But the truth is after purchasing the latest dairy equipment the work of the farmer. It is easy to maintain and helps in producing good quality dairy products.

Technologies are expensive

This is another myth that people think that purchasing technologies are out of their budget. Only rich people and big companies can afford it. But this is false. Anyone can afford it as it is observed that the latest technologies increase productivity and help you in earning profits. You can open your business by selling milk and with the time you can expand your business by selling multiple dairy products. It will not make a big hole in your pockets.


Robots & Artificial Intelligence

AI and robotics is a hot topic in town. This is new for many people but let us tell you this is the perfect solution to your problem. Everyone is brand conscious. They want the best dairy product for themselves as it will help them in staying fit and healthy. So for that AI and robotics will come in handy. With just one click consumers will come to know everything. This will also help you in maintaining relationships with your customers.


Technologies are not studied properly

Some people are scared that what if they will end up buying the technology but their competitors will not. Then who will help them in solving the problems? But you are forgetting that innovative technologies provide the best technology to their consumer. Also, they will help you in guiding the technology properly because they want their consumer to use the technology properly.


It is too late to understand the technology

It’s never too late to learn how to use new technology. If you will not upgrade yourself with time, then how will you be able to satisfy the needs of customers. Customers are getting ahead with time. So it is better you should open your doors for new opportunities as it will help you in successful production.

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What are the topmost ways to clean the dairy equipment and containers properly?

If you are running a milk plant then cleaning of dairy equipment is as important as selling dairy products. You must be knowing the containers are more prone to dirt and the milk collected goes through many different containers as well as the same goes for the manufacturing and production process.

Cleaning methods involved the factors mentioned below.

  • Physical cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Bacteriological cleaning
  • Sterile cleaning

What are the things which need to be cleaned from dairy products?

  • Dirt

Dirt needs to be cleaned properly from the containers of machinery used in the process. Dirt will be having bacteria in it which causes many types of infections, diseases. So to protect you and your customers, clean the dirt before using dairy equipment.

  • Heated surface

Milk is heated at 60 degrees and milk fouling starts to form which is a deposit of calcium, magnesium, phosphate, proteins, etc. It changes its colour from white to brown residues after 8 hours.

  • Cold surface

You should start cleaning immediately after the system is emptied. Otherwise, the white form will dry and it will be difficult for you to remove. For cleansing, you should use brushes which are meant for such types of milking machine cleaning brushes.

What is the process of cleaning?

Still, some people use the old technique of cleaning equipment with the help of detergent and scrubbing. But they are not understanding that this method is not effective as well as it is time-consuming. Instead of using this method use the CIP method to clean the equipment.

What is the Cleaning-in-place (CIP) method?

Step1: Pre-rinse

  • Pre-rinsing the equipment will help you to remove the residue.
  • You should do it after the run of a production.
  • To remove the milk fats you should put warm water inside it and it will be washed easily.
  • You should continue pre-rinsing until the existing system becomes transparent.

Step 2: Clean it with detergent

  • To remove the dirt from hot surfaces use acidic detergent.
  • If the residue is gathered on cold surfaces then also use the alkaline to remove it properly.
  • You can use teepol also.

Step 3: Clean with water again

  • After cleaning it with the detergent you should clean the machinery with water properly so that no detergent will be left on it.
  • You can add citric or phosphoric acid to prevent overnight bacteria formation.

Step 4: Disinfecting

  • After cleaning the equipment physically, bacterially, chemically cleaned then the disinfecting process will start.
  • There are two ways of disinfecting it such as
  • Thermal disinfection

This person will be using hot water to clean.

  1. There is a disinfectant solution available in the market where you can thoroughly wash out with water.
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Explain the cleaning and sanitation methods for Dairy Equipments

Let’s start with the introduction.

How do I clean milking appliances?

As we stated above, cleaning milk processes is an essential part of the manufacturing of milk. The milk obtained by the cooperatives is transferred via several tanks, such that both bacterial and soil pollutants are extremely susceptible. The same refers to production and processing. Milk machinery manufacturers, therefore, recommend that dairy equipment is regularly cleaned.

Objectives of cleaning

The cleaning of milk machinery involves four degrees:

  • Cleaning physical

  • Cleaning of chemicals

  • Cleaning of bacteriology

  • Cleaning of steriles

The manufacturing machinery is then subject to chemical cleaning and instead to the disinfecting process as cleaning methods are meant to accomplish both bacteriological and chemical cleaning along with the physical and sterile cleaning.

There are types of contaminants that must be removed from the milk machines.

Dirt: Dirt in dairy products is residues of milk products that settle on the base of the appliance and are subject to bacteria.

Heated surfaces: By boiling milk at or above 60 degrees, stone such as a layer composed of calcium, phosphates, fats, and proteins formed. It is usually white and switches after 8 to 9 hours to brownish color.

Cold surfaces: The next move will be cleaning after emptying a device. If not, white particles are developed at the base as well as can settle and solidify, rendering it more difficult to clean.

A specific form of milking machine cleaning brushes is used for the physical cleaning of surfaces.

The Washing Method

Some milk processing manufacturers do use the manual washing and scrubbing method of machinery. This technique is not completely successful because of the presence of dairy residues. Furthermore, the method needs time and a great deal of effort. Therefore, manufacturers of dairy machinery recommend a clean-in-place or CIP cleaning process.

Here is some CIP method of cleaning.

Recovery of Processes Residues

Residues from the processing machines need to be removed to minimize product contamination, assist in the cleaning cycle, and reduce the waste generated.

Pre Water clean.

Pre-rinsing is the second phase in the cleaning cycle which requires to be performed directly after the output. Milk fat stains of moist pre-rinsing water may be quickly washed off. But precaution is required not to reach a temperature of 55 degrees Celsius as this will allow the protein elements in the residue to coagulate.

Detergent Cleaning

If the dirt collected on hot surfaces, it is necessary to clean it with detergent for better as well as quality dairy products.

A further Cleaning Process

The equipment surfaces must be properly wiped with water after the detergent is removed in order to eliminate the detergent.


Equipment is mechanically, chemically, and bacterially sterile when correctly washed with acid and alkaline solutions.

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Some Myths About Innovative Dairy Technologies

This is true that every day something new and innovative is coming in the market which blows away everybody’s mind. Also, the use of the latest technology and methods help in getting better output. However, there are a few myths which people have related to the dairy technology which we have mentioned below.

When a new technology comes in there are many business owners who want to use it right away. But, yes few people are afraid that using old ones is the best choice. The truth is that using the latest and innovative technology can help in giving the customers a better quality product. In case, you are not sure whether to get the new technology or not, then we have debunked some of the myths about dairy technology.

Myth: Controlling them is very difficult

This is the most common myth that we will not be able to control the new methods and technologies. But, the fact is that these systems are made so that your work becomes easy. It helps in making the dairy farm owner manage the work in a better and easy manner.

Myth: The cost of new technology is very high

Some companies brag about their latest and high-end technology. This actually makes it feel like only rich and top dairy farm owners can use them and get benefit from it. Reality is that small companies are also offering such technologies and new methods to the dairy industry. The need is to hear their voice. Also, if any change is made then it won’t be done at once. So, investing money won’t be an issue. So, you can also get new dairy machinery on your dairy farm.

Myth: Proper study is not done on new technology

Some people think that when new technology comes into the market proper study is not done it and they might have to face problems. But the fact is that when customers are given new technology proper research is done so that you get the best of everything.

Myth: It just about Robots and AI

No doubt, now and then these topics are discussed, so it might seem that upgradations are just about this. No doubt, its use is going to make the entire system better. Indeed new technology is focusing more on data exchange and communication. With a click of a button, many of the tasks will be completed which need several minutes or someone has to stay by the machinery to stop it.

Well, if you think it’s too late then you’re wrong. You need to try something new so that you can easily stay in the market. Get the help of our team and they will tell you the new upgradations in the dairy farm technology. This way, you can make the right decision.

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Automated Milking Machines – More in Future That Awaits Dairy Industry

We see too much change in dairy farming and milking plants. Because in the previous year’s farmers usually do all the task with the hands which were too time-consuming. And they need so many days in order to complete one task but these days it is possible only in minutes with the help of modern technologies. A recent study reveals that we will see a drastic change in the next 10 years.

Now, there are various dairy equipments and other products are present which are useful to increase productivity and profit as well. In addition, you can simply buy according to your choice and requirements in order to cut down the cost of labor. These will not only offer you safe or effective environment but also offer you many other benefits such as time savings and you do not need any type of human labor.

Let’s understand the working of advanced milking machines.

Milking Machines

In this modern era, milking machines are designed to milk the various cows or buffalos at one time so that you can save your time. Milking machine is the invention of modern technology which works with the help of sensors and detectors. In addition, these milking machines include milking cups which can fix to cow’s teats with the goal of milking. These will also give warning signs if they find any type of problem in fixing.

Automated Post-dipping

No doubt this is the invention of the modern era or technology, which is designed to make the quality milk. We all know this is new for dairy farmers these days but it will too popular in coming years for them. This automated post dipping offers you hygienic, clean, and quality milk which saves you from various health conditions.

Automated Cow Logistics

This is useful to bring cows from their housing for the milking process. This is the technology which is too useful but the majority of people do not aware of it. They think it is an unnecessary thing in the milking plant. But require a big area to install because this helps the farmers to bring animals to the milking parlor and return them to their house in well mannered.

Everyone praise that these technologies give new life to dairy farming and farmers too because these all are time savvy. In the meantime, they can also do any other dairy farming work which will save the cost of labor too.