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What all do you need to know about the modern robotic milk collection unit?

India is one of the biggest dairy producers. With each year, milk production is increasing with time. Dairy production and collection methods have also improved a lot with time. The use of modern and updated technologies helps in benefiting the milk and milk-products production in India. It makes it easier to check how the work is done, the way distribution should be carried out, and how everything is mixed.

We all know, with manual work the chances of error are higher and it would be difficult to carry out the work with precision. This is the reason, the dairy farmers need to use the robotic milk collection unit which makes the entire work go in a flow and that too on time. 

So, make sure that you use the advanced and modern technology which changes the way work is done at the dairy farm and with improved efficiency.

Robotic milk collection installation

Nk dairy manufacturer provides you with the latest and improved robotic milk collection installation. No matter which product or equipment we manufacture, it is aimed with one motto i.e. to reduce the burden of dairy farmers and help their business to flourish in the coming years. The automation system and working will help in the easy collection, distribution, packaging, checking, and managing of the workflow. In all, it will contribute to the overall growth of the dairy industry as it is an advanced technology that saves time, and reduces the chances of error.

How does the robotic collection work?

With the robotic milk collection, it makes it easier to measure the milk volume and fat content in the right amount. This is done with the help of RFID quotes. When the milk is poured, the small samples are taken and then the quality is checked. In case, the quality is not as per the standards then that batch of the milk is discarded.

The ones which are up to the mark and best in terms of human consumption are collected and then stored in the right manner. The entire process will get completed within a few minutes and then comes the method of scanning through the RFID code. The process is started, once the milk source is selected. Through the machine, all the necessary details are recorded. Once everything is done it can even provide the necessary results like the quantity and quality of milk. In addition, the fat content is checked and how much is the total amount. All the necessary details are printed

Why should you prefer the robotic milk collection unit?

Easy to use and an effective working system is what we need. Every sector is making use of the robotic system or automated technology, so why not dairy farming should get the benefit from it. As it functions on its own, it makes it easier to collect the milk, providing accurate and reliable data. It is definitely the future of milk collection and here are some of the reasons for that:

  • As a dairy business owner, there will be less need of hiring the staff who collect and measure the milk. You can save those expenses for future use.
  • It functions on its own, which means you can continue doing other necessary tasks. You need to give the orders and the work is done.
  • All the precise and necessary information is obtained about the pouring.
  • With the automated functioning, there is no way that work will be wrong or there will be a delay. The way you set the timer or turn on the machine, the work will get started. Once everything is done, you will get the signal.
  • Moreover, the quality is not compromised. In case, the milk is not of the best quality then it is discarded from the lot.
  • All the desired information is collected in the database which allows the workflow to be checked at any time. It makes it easier to check about the productivity carried in one day.

Get the best and improved techniques

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best quality, economical, and improved milk collection unit installed at your plant. Contact the Nk dairy expert and discuss the further details to make a wise decision for your dairy business.

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