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What are the topmost tips to follow for milking equipment maintenance?


For the milk plant or any dairy business, it is mandatory to keep the equipment clean and running smoothly. With the modern approach, you are likely to find new places and you will be able to save money on the dairy. No doubt, we all want to get the maximum benefit, but regular maintenance of the dairy equipment is considered as the utmost thing.

  • Follow a maintenance schedule

You should create a master schedule for handling all the milking equipment and keep up with the maintenance needs. First of all, you need to start with the manufacturer’s recommendations on how often the maintenance is needed and keep up with the farm’s performance history.

The maintenance is required on the hours of run time. The dairy business which runs 24*7 needs more maintenance as compared to the one which runs for 12 hours. It would be best to maintain a log on who did the maintenance and at what time.

  • Make sure to check it daily

For a preventative maintenance schedule, you need to follow daily awareness. You need to be diligent, and it will help the equipment to last for a long time. Make sure to complete the following checks before every milking procedure:

  • Milking vacuum level
  • Claw, and/or liner vents are open
  • Air or vacuum leaks
  • Cuts or tears in air tubes
  • Milk temperature
  • No twisted lines or milk hoses
  • Listen for faulty pulsator

During washing, it is best to check all the milking units, sensors, and meters. Make sure there is no leak, and water is flowing to all the parts without any problem.

  • Make sure to follow in-between maintenance

In-between scheduled maintenance will allow the milking equipment dealer to check the vacuum, evaluate takeoffs, and graph pulsators during milking. With the performance date, the equipment function can be checked such as milk flow rate, and quality counts. Additionally, keep a check on the bacteria counts, laboratory pasteurization count. By doing so, the issue with the sanitization can be checked early.

  • Avoid emergency calls

Emergency calls are expensive, and they often result in a waste of money and time. It would be best if you spend time doing other things which can benefit you. It might seem tempting at first to hold back the maintenance part and keep on working without checking the performance of the machine and equipment.

With the maintenance, it helps you to save a lot of money, and the entire work is done with the highest quality products, and the performance of the dairy is also better. Your business will be able to deliver optimal service.


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What are the things you should consider while opening a milk plant?

Milk is one of the products which is consumed by most of the people in the whole world. Many companies reach heights and many fail due to the wrong strategies chosen by them. Before starting any business the person should do a market analysis and should have the proper knowledge of the business. He should also be aware of the strategies that his competitors are using to attract the customers towards them.

Before starting a milk plant the dairy equipment you need to buy mentioned below:

  • Milking machines
  • Separating
  • Pasteurizing
  • Milk storing
  • Homogenizing
  • Batch mixers
  • Batch freezers
  • Ice cream filling machines
  • CIP and washing
  • Butter and cheese processing

What are the benefits of milk processing plants?

  • It helps in increasing the quality of the product.
  • It helps in reducing the workload of the person.
  • You can make products such as curd, milk easily and fastly.
  • The machines are easy to operate and can do work for 24 hours without even getting stopped in between.
  • It will help you in getting the product more effectively and efficiently.
  • It will also help you in keeping the quality of the product the same.
  • Labor costs will be reduced.

How does a milk processing plant work on a daily basis?

The whole process is classified into various steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1:

First, a person will be collecting the milk from farms into containers and then he will check the quality and purity of the milk.

  • Step2:

The milk will be then transported into the huge tanks for the clarification and separation process. It is very important to take out all the bacteria from milk so that customers can consume it without having any health issues.

  • Step 3:

After the clarification and separation process the milk is again separated into full cream and toned milk because there are different types of people some loves to consume full cream and some loves to consume toned. Then the segregation process will take place after clarification and separation.

  • Step 4:

Then the pasteurization of milk will take place. You must be thinking about what is pasteurization right. In this, the milk is heated on high flames and kept for cooling to remove the bacteria.

  • Step 5:

Homogenization process takes place to remove the fat particles from the milk. After all the process is done. Then the person will pack the milk in different packets. After packaging the product it is ready to sell out.

Here are the things you should consider if you are going to open a dairy business. It is not as easy as it looks. You need patience, energy, money to run a dairy business.

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What are the topmost ways to clean the dairy equipment and containers properly?

If you are running a milk plant then cleaning of dairy equipment is as important as selling dairy products. You must be knowing the containers are more prone to dirt and the milk collected goes through many different containers as well as the same goes for the manufacturing and production process.

Cleaning methods involved the factors mentioned below.

  • Physical cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Bacteriological cleaning
  • Sterile cleaning

What are the things which need to be cleaned from dairy products?

  • Dirt

Dirt needs to be cleaned properly from the containers of machinery used in the process. Dirt will be having bacteria in it which causes many types of infections, diseases. So to protect you and your customers, clean the dirt before using dairy equipment.

  • Heated surface

Milk is heated at 60 degrees and milk fouling starts to form which is a deposit of calcium, magnesium, phosphate, proteins, etc. It changes its colour from white to brown residues after 8 hours.

  • Cold surface

You should start cleaning immediately after the system is emptied. Otherwise, the white form will dry and it will be difficult for you to remove. For cleansing, you should use brushes which are meant for such types of milking machine cleaning brushes.

What is the process of cleaning?

Still, some people use the old technique of cleaning equipment with the help of detergent and scrubbing. But they are not understanding that this method is not effective as well as it is time-consuming. Instead of using this method use the CIP method to clean the equipment.

What is the Cleaning-in-place (CIP) method?

Step1: Pre-rinse

  • Pre-rinsing the equipment will help you to remove the residue.
  • You should do it after the run of a production.
  • To remove the milk fats you should put warm water inside it and it will be washed easily.
  • You should continue pre-rinsing until the existing system becomes transparent.

Step 2: Clean it with detergent

  • To remove the dirt from hot surfaces use acidic detergent.
  • If the residue is gathered on cold surfaces then also use the alkaline to remove it properly.
  • You can use teepol also.

Step 3: Clean with water again

  • After cleaning it with the detergent you should clean the machinery with water properly so that no detergent will be left on it.
  • You can add citric or phosphoric acid to prevent overnight bacteria formation.

Step 4: Disinfecting

  • After cleaning the equipment physically, bacterially, chemically cleaned then the disinfecting process will start.
  • There are two ways of disinfecting it such as
  • Thermal disinfection

This person will be using hot water to clean.

  1. There is a disinfectant solution available in the market where you can thoroughly wash out with water.
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How can a modern and improved mild testing machine help the Milk industry?


Milk is considered as the main source for the body to have the essential nutrients especially calcium. This is important for the body to make it strong. India is a country that is more reliant on agriculture as compared to any other industry. It has been more than 70 years and still, the agriculture sector is given the main priority along with dairy farming. With time, the milk production is also increasing as the technology is improving and getting better with time. The milk plant in India contains modern technology and techniques to do dairy farming which benefits their business in a great manner.

 The journey of the Dairy Industry

In the starting stage, the results of the dairy industry were rough but with time the whole scenario changed. But have you ever thought how the imperfect journey of the dairy industry changed into a successful one?

All this credit goes to the latest technology machines like milk testing and fat measuring machines which check the graveness to the white industry. The entire scenario changed the perspective of the dairy business in India. With time, it has now become the introduction of technologies and improved techniques which helped to intensify the milk quality and it was guaranteed for fair proceedings.

With milk testing equipment and ultrasonic milk analyzer testing equipment has been revolutionized and the milk quality has been improved.


How fat measuring and ultrasonic milk analyzer changed the process?

Earlier, when questions were asked for checking the milk quality, there was not a specific answer to that. The milk contamination and low quality signified the need for advancement. When modern technology came into the market, complete results were changed and it resulted in a positive side.

An ultrasonic milk analyzer is a machine that helps to measure the milk FAT & SNF and checks water proportion which checks the milk density. With the Fatomatic farmers had the help to calculate the milk fat. It helps to check the milk measurement along with calculating fat content in the milk.


What are the features of the best milk testing machine?

Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer

  • Calculates Fat content

The machine checks the presence of milk fat content. The measurement scale varies as per the variation which can occur in the milk type.

  • Milk Solid Non-Fat (SNF)

The machine helps to measure the SNF content in milk. The milk-fat testing equipment gives correct data of Solid non-fat in the milk.

  • Water Proportion

These machines check the water amount in the milk. It helps to check the water content in the milk which is between 0 percent to 60 percent.

  • Milk Density

The machine tells about the actual milk density which is based on the milk variations.

  • Smooth Operation

Using this machine is easy and smooth. Additionally, the set-up is extremely smooth along with cleaning and doing all the important work.


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Why do India’s largest dairy farmers purchase GEA’s first butter-making machine?

With the advancement in technology, the dairy business is growing day-by-day. Several farmers start doing dairy business because of the high demand for milking products. Dairy plants include several machines such as ghee plant, butter churner, milking parlor, and so on. In this article, we are going to give you information on the butter churner.

The system is designed in conjunction with Fritz processes to proceed to make butter from sweet or sour cream. The butter made in this unit fits the high demands for food. The three liquid additives dosing method enables lactic or salted butter to be made, along with the honey and sour cream oil.

The development of butter

This cream is correctly heated and choked to butter in cylinder 1 at a steady temperature. In-cylinder 2, the granules are refrozen in a cold buttermilk bath prior to the conglomeration butter lumps being removed from the buttermilk.

The butter is kneaded to remove some of the buttermilk in textured 1. Then sugar, buttermilk, cheese, salt, or other liquids may be dosed and all ingredients are equally mixed together with a multiple-stage mixer. The air is drained from the vacuum container. The butter is vigorously kneaded and combined once again in the textured 2 and maintains a steady discharge with the incorporated butter device.

We are committed to the production, procurement, and export of butter machines. The Butter Making Unit is constructed of high-quality SS 304 steel and guarantees sturdy design and corrosion resistance. We sell our products all over India, several dairy farmers get benefits from GEA milk making, ghee making, and butter making machines.

Largest dairy milking units purchase butter making machines.

Yes, it is true that the Largest Indian dairy producer has purchased GEA’s first Model BUE butter-making machine. In February 2019, the BUE 6000 System and all associated hardware will be introduced.

A company that purchased Gea’s first butter making machine is Creamy Foods Ltd. It is one of the largest international ghee producers that is used in Indian households as the main food ingredient. They revealed in an interview that GEA machinery would make it possible to meet the highest global quality levels to produce quality ghee and other milk fat goods to serve people well.

Key features:

  • The cream storage tank is built of content SS 304, requiring less repair.

  • Use a window for viewing on the other hand such as sight glass is used to view on the opposite side.

  • Interior end sprayed with sand

  • Iron Angel Powdered foundation structure


  • User-friendliness

  • Easy to use

  • High durability or Strong resistance

  • Lightweight and compact architecture

  • Low maintenance

  • Minimum labor cost

  • Robust construction

  • Smooth operation


  • Electric motor supply

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How to start and run a milk processing plant effectively and on-time?

Milk is consumed in the highest demand all over India. With the increased demand it becomes essential to supply it in the right amount. If you are planning to start your milk plant then it can prove helpful to get increased profits.

Setting up the milk plant

All over the world, you can find many dairy processing plants. You need to have cattle like goats, cows, and buffalos for milking purposes.


What about the capacity of milk processing plants?

Milk plants are big, medium, and small. Different types of milk processing equipment can be used to increase milk capacity every day. You can also get many dairy products like toned milk, butter, cream, ghee, double toned milk, yogurt, and skimmed milk.

In the starting stage, the milk is put in the tank from the milk tankers once it has been chilled at the right temperature in the chilling unit. The chilled milk is pasteurized in the pasteurizer and cream is separated from the cream separator which gets the skimmed milk. Milk is dependent on the requirement of skimmed milk, toned milk, double toned milk, or full cream milk.

What is the process of milk processing plants?

Starting process

Proper milk production is extremely essential in the dairy farm. In a day, the dairy cows are milked 2 times. If the farms are on a larger scale, then there is the use of equipment to carry out the processing method properly. Once that is done, the milk is taken to the refrigerated milk tanks.

The milk tanks are collected by big trucks that take the final product to the milk processing plants. Before the milk or any dairy product is transported it is vital to check the taste and temperature to make sure it is safe for human consumption. If there is any issue then that specific product will be discarded right away. There are special tanks to needed at the milk processing plants

Separate the bacteria

In the milk processing plants, the next step is to separate the bacteria which is best for the final use. This method is perfect for clarification. Every step of the milk processing needs to be done correctly. The bacteria are destroyed with the heat so that the milk is safe for human consumption.

After that comes the homogenization which means fat is eliminated from the product.


The last and final step is the packaging. The packing is done in plastic bags and cartons. On the cartons, there is a stamped date to tell about the shelf life of the product. Make sure you do not use it after that. Once the milk is packaged, it is transported to different places.

If you are looking to set up your business then you should choose the right Dairy machinery and equipment by taking help from the professionals.

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Dairy farming: Do you want to start a Milk Processing Unit business?

India is the world’s largest producer and buyer of milk, while there are several greater countries in the world, and India tends to lead the world’s milk markets. 

According to the National Milk Quality survey by FSSAI, it is one of the items that India should be proud of. And this survey also revealed that almost 50% of the milk samples checked as per rules of FSSAI to know the quality of the milk. And they find some problems, or low-quality milk, which is a worrying condition.

As we all know, almost more than half of the Indian population consume milk, because it contains several nutrients along with protein. But they do not know anything about the quality of the milk. So, it is the responsibility of the dairy farmer to produce quality milk to serve the nation well. 

If you are planning to start a dairy business, then you need to buy the dairy plant machines from the best dairy equipment manufacturers, so that they can produce quality milk products. And keep these things in mind before setup a fairly processing unit.

Low Yield due to Poor Nutrition for Cattle

It is one of the biggest challenges for dairy farmers. If you want to produce high-quality dairy products, then, you need to take care of your cattle and nutrition as well. You must understand that the need for every cattle varies according to body weight. So you have to offer them a correct balance of necessary nutrients, dry fodder, and green fodder. Because of poor nutrition, your cattle are unable to produce healthy and quality milk. So, this is the first factor in which you have to think deeply.

Proper treatment for diseases.

This is another factor that you need to keep in mind, if you are planning to establish a dairy business. If your animals are in good health, only then they can produce high-quality milk. If you notice any type of problem, then you need to call a veterinary doctor as soon as possible, because only he can treat them. You need to call a veterinary doctor time-to-time for better production. 

Clean Milk Production

To produce quality milk and other dairy products, you have to check your milk processing units daily. If these are not cleaned properly, then you do not delay the cleaning process. You immediately start cleaning, in fact you have to clean the milk processing unit twice a day before and after using it. Only then you will be able to produce healthy, hygiene, and quality milk products. 

Storage systems

Along with dairy plants, you also need to buy storage units to store dairy products. You also need to buy delivery vans with chilled areas, so that you can deliver the quality products which offer you great health. Storage systems are also useful to store extra milk products so that you can use them the next day to produce other dairy products. 

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Tips to Adapt Farm for Better Milk Quality in Future

Dairy farming is growing day by day due to advancements in technology. If you are thinking to start a dairy business. Then you need to understand what factors are valuable to produce quality milk to grow your business. Or you must read this article at the end for detailed information.

The dairy industry is not only growing in India but also across the world. If you are planning to start a dairy business, then you need to understand what factors affect the quality of milk. In an interview with Dr. James husband, we get to know how he works in the dairy industry with advance trends. He told us that he first understand the role of the customer in the dairy industry, only then he bought so many cows that are famous for quality milk. In addition to this, he also told us about key points to make the dairy industry for new trends and advancements. He usually focuses on certain changes include-:


  • Diagnostic tools


  • Data analysis



  • The reduction in the usage of antibiotics in favor of vaccination.

He said milking machinery makes easy to produce healthy and quality milk for the consumer. No doubt, the Milk machine takes only a few minutes to milk the cow but it gives quality milk.

Tips to Adapt Farm for better milk quality in the future.

The significance of consumer demands in dairy farming

The significance of consumer demands in dairy farming is one of the biggest changes that we have seen in past years. Well, there are so many large farms which have numerous animals instead of a smaller number of animals. In this modern era, consumer changes play an important role in the dairy industry. Well, it is true that we have a huge number of animals however we have only some farms.

The importance of vaccination against bovine mastitis

These days, dairy farmers focus on how to produce healthy and quality milk with any type of antibiotics and Somatic Cell Counts. These are too harmful to cattle and milk as well. You must go with diagnostic tools because these are important to measure the quality of milk. Or you must start using vaccination against bovine mastitis as it plays an imperative role in the growth of the dairy industry.

Focus on how to produce quality milk without antibiotics

You must focus on how to produce quality milk without antibiotics because these lead to many problems. You must try to provide quality grass and other food to cattle so that they can produce healthy milk. In addition to this, proper hygiene also matters a lot.

These are the tips to grow your dairy farming well.

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Understanding Dairy Milk machinery

The milking process has evolved a lot in the past years. One of the changes which improved the dairy farming business is automated milking machines. These milking machines first came into the market in the 20th century. In this guide, we have shared information about the dairy machinery.

History behind milking machines

Dairy farming has changed a lot and for the better. Well, a lot of factors need to consider to choose the right kind of dairy machinery so that milk of good quality is produced. With technological advancement, many things came into existence which proved very beneficial. The milking tubes were very helpful for dairy farming. The machines proved very helpful in drawing milk from the cows.

Process of Automation

Until the 20th century, a lot of labor was there to use the milking machines. But once the automatic and semi-automated machines came into existence it helped the dairy owners a lot. This advancement included the introduction of teat spraying, cleaning, clutter removal, and milk extraction.

What are the various types of milking?

Different farms have different milk machines, according to the animal they have the machines are kept. Some of the machines are manual and some of them are automated. The machines are specially designed to milk sheep and goats. The machines include:

  • Dairy machines with a bucket system
  • In milking parlor, there is a dairy cow milking machine with pipe
  • Barrow type
  • Mobile milking machine

Milking Machine With Bucket System

This is the most used system from last many years. The farmer who has 100 to 150 animals use this system. In this case, the investment is very low and if you have a low number of animals then this option is best. The machine has:

  • Trap protection
  • Vacuum regulator
  • The bucket
  • Vacuum pipeline
  • The Vacuum pump

Barrow Type

The machine sits on the frame which has 2 to 4 wheels but it does not have a vacuum pipe. This type of machines can milk around 80 animals and this performance is better in comparison to bucket milking. In this, there is no need to get fixed equipment which makes it a great choice for extensive and semi-extensive farming.

Milking Parlor: Dairy Milking Machine With Pipe

With these types of machines, several cows can be milked which are from the specific parlor. Normally, their classification is according to the position of milker or into the parlor what is the method of entrance.

Mobile Dairy Cow Milking Machines

Mobility feature is very important which fixed machines cannot fulfill at some point. With this, the need for mobile equipment triggered which means it becomes easy to attend flocks in different parts.

To know about the machines in better manner contact our team and they will guide you properly.

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Rules of Dairy Grazing You Must know About

In India the business of dairy farming is growing a lot because the milk consumption is the necessity for many people. But, to make it run in the best way it is essential that dairy grazing is done properly. In this guide, we have shared the dairy grazing rules which everyone should know.

Well, a lot of advancement has been made in the dairy industry which helped many dairy farm owners to increase their business on a large scale. For the dairy farm to run properly you must understand the process of dairy grazing. Well, for your understanding we have mentioned the various rules of dairy grazing which you should know.


  • Pasture vegetative and increasing


The growth of pasture vegetative is very essential and it should be between 4 to 14 inches. If the grazing is less then plants will regrow on the roots assets. To grow from 1 inch to 4 inches it needs time. The rising point for milk processing plant is around 4 inches. But, once they are 4 inches the plant growth is very quick which is possible because of the sun. Eventually, when they grow 12 inches to 14 inches the plant development starts which helps in the growth of the seeds.


  • Fast pasture


To keep the search quality it is essential to have 12-hour break in the milking herds. This means grazing the pastures is very essential, otherwise, the roots will get depleted. The dairy owners got to know about this through the special research knowledge. In the dairy scheme, the low to no grain programs are not present. The preservative cost is high where is milk production low. But, if the herds are higher than it helps in generating around 50 to 100% extra.


  • Maintaining the length of Sward


In the Springtime, the regrowth time is around 12 to 18 days whereas in summer it takes around 30 to 45 days. In summer, the late rest time is very important as it helps in keeping the sward health and also helps in decreasing the opposition of weed seed.


  • Grazing should be flexible


Keep in mind every glazing occasion should be different along with each period. The wrong dimensions are the reason for the problem with grazing period in the eternal fixed paddock system. You should get the provision of the fencing on the dairy farm. Make sure in the milk plant, dairy machinery should be bought from the trusted source which will make the grazing even better.


  • Feeding the cows


In the dairy plant, dairy cows should be fed properly. To increase the growth of your business it is essential that cows are fed on time. Giving them even extra 5 pounds can help to increase the value of nutrients in the milk.